See Inside My Sketchbook #1: Holiday and Inktober

Hello sisters! Today I would like to share something extra special with you all – a look inside one of my recent sketchbooks. This one begins on our holiday to Dubrovnik in September, then goes into some surreal doodles and finishes with some drawings and paintings that I did for a daily challenge on Instagram, which I am still trying to keep up with! I used an Eco Seawhite A5 Sketchbook, which has a soft cover and is very thin. I’ve never used such a short sketchbook, so it was fun to get through it so quickly!

This is all my own, personal work, so please respect it and if you want to share it, please include my name and a link back to this post. Enjoy!


I tried to do at least one double page spread for each day of our holiday!


I love to add ephemera and cute stickers/tape to my journal pages.


I can spend hours drawing in galleries and museums. I made notes of the colours and added them later, as well as all of the artists so I can look them up.


The final day! I drew this picture of us using a selfie as reference.


Back home, drawing some surreal pictures. I really like this style and want to create more finished pieces soon.


These paintings were for a spooky Halloween Instagram challenge: #mabsdrawlloweenclub


Suzy from Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

What’s in your latest sketchbook? I would love to see inside! I think sketchbooks and studios are my favourite things to see, as you get a glimpse of the process and person behind the finished work.

My next blog post will be up this Friday – another illustrated list, but not songs this time. Have a lovely week; I will be working on new items to put in my Etsy shop, hopefully including some Christmas cards!

Peace and love

Rachel x


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