27…Things that make me happy!

Here’s a little fact about me: my lucky number is 27! And today I thought it would be fun to share an illustrated list of 27 things that make me happy…


I drew each image separately, scanned them onto my computer, combined them in ‘Sketchbook Express’ and added a little digital colour. I am not experienced in creating or editing my art digitally, so the quality has been lost in places. Still I am super proud of the whole composition, and am eager to make more work like this.

Below is the written list of the 27 things illustrated above.

  1. Drawing
  2. Collaging
  3. Cute stickers and washi tape!
  4. Crafting sweet things with buttons, beads and thread
  5. Trips to museums, galleries and libraries
  6. Long walks in the woods
  7. Cleaning…!
  8. Organising my life in lists
  9. Organising my stuff in boxes
  10. Receiving letters
  11. Quirky craft magazines and art books
  12. Great films – such as ‘Labyrinth’
  13. Studio Ghibli
  14. Cartoons – including ‘Adventure Time’
  15. Cute animals – especially cats (and bunnies, dogs, goats, pandas…)
  16. Teddy bears
  17. Juicy apples
  18. Chocolate
  19. Smoothies (without raw carrot, as I’m slightly allergic!)
  20. Huge sweet candles
  21. Tea – preferably green, camomile or rooibois
  22. Flowers
  23. Singing
  24. Listening to music
  25. …but sometimes I just need quiet
  26. Naps
  27. …and most of all, hugs with Fraz!


What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!

I will be back here on Tuesday with my October favourites, which I will be calling Happy Highlights, as I want to try focusing on events and experiences, rather than objects (although there will be a couple of those). I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Peace and love

Rachel x


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