October Happy Highlights

November is here, and October is over. But wait, before it’s gone, I want to remember some of the cool stuff that happened during these 31 days. So I have created an illustration to celebrate my 10 best moments from the month…


  1. Opened my Etsy shop.
  2. Started this blog!
  3. Reminisced over our holiday to Croatia.
  4. Had a lovely day out with Fraz: to the zoo, then across Bristol suspension bridge and through Ashton Court.
  5. Watched ‘Miss Peregrine…’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ at the cinema.
  6. Sent some cute parcels to our family, with souvenirs and birthday presents!
  7. Received some sweet post from my sister and Lucky Dip Club.
  8. Remembered the joy of clothes warmed up on the radiator.
  9. Hot chocolates with piles of marshmallows.
  10. Discovered Gilmore Girls on Netflix – I’m now at Season 2!

What are your happy highlights from October? I’d love to know! And what are you looking forward to in November?

If you are enjoying my illustrated posts, I am currently open for commissions, so please let me know and we can discuss the details further. I am interested in creating personalised portraits, to include illustrations of treasured items as well. Use the comment section below, the contact details in the menu at the top of the page, or social media.


I drew the illustration for this post by hand, scanned it into my computer, then traced over it using my Wacom tablet. I am still getting used to drawing digitally, but it’s fun to experiment!

Next up on the blog will be the second installment of ‘Playtime’ on Friday, and for this one I’m going back in time a bit to share some of my classic favourites. In the meantime you can still catch the first playlist of my favourite current tunes. Have a lovely week everyone!

Peace and love

Rachel x


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