Playtime #2: featuring Björk and Pink Floyd

Welcome to episode 2 of my music playlist feature here on the Sunray Sister blog! This week has been a bit strange, so I’ve chosen some old emotional favourites, which will get you feeling all soft and blubbery…! As with last time, I have created a handwritten and illustrated list, and provided a YouTube link to the playlist, so that you can simply hit play and relax…



Let me know what you would include on your emotional playlist, I would love to find out, either in the comments below, or via social media.

Coming up next on the blog will be a little Sunray Sister shop update/news post this Sunday, following on from ‘What’s next for Sunray Sister’. You can get a headstart if you follow me on Instagram, and check out my ‘stories’ for all the hot behind the scenes pictures! What have you got planned for the weekend?


Peace and love

Rachel x


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