Behind the Scenes: Dolls and Brooches

Welcome back sisters! Today I want to share a little behind-the-scenes look at a couple of projects I will be working on this week. These projects will lead to new products for my Etsy shop, and *possibly* for actual real-life craft markets! Let’s take a look..


First up, some more wooden hearts arrived in the post, ready to get painted! You can still find my first four hand-painted wooden heart brooches in my Etsy shop, for £6 each. They come on a hand-painted card back, with my hand carved logo stamp, inside a sweet and sparkly organza bag, a perfect present for a loved one (or for yourself)!


So I ordered a pack of 50 wooden hearts, but received 48. Then I re-read the listing and it says ‘aprox. 50’… ha! But 48 is better than none I guess!

I will probably work in batches of 10 at a time, painting up each heart layer by layer. I am also planning to use some different colour combinations this time, but still stick with the same face design. Each brooch is then finished with varnish, and a brooch pin is glued to the back.


I am also making some long awaited progress on my next batch of rag dolls! There are five which I am currently working on. The two shown here both have motivational messages embroidered into their bodies, similar to the messages on my fabric brooches. I think I am going to skip the clothes, and add a pretty bow at the neck instead, as well as yarn hair on their heads.

Two more will be available for personalisation! They will be listed in my shop with the option to ‘add your own message’, which means they will take a few extra days to get shipped to you. But I know how much people love commissions and personalisation, so I’m going to give it a go!


The fifth doll will be reserved for a giveaway! I have noticed a lot of other artists and makers using giveaways as a great way to reach a much wider audience. At the moment I think I still need to build up my current followers, with a focus on Instagram, before launching the giveaway.


Of course my to-do list is absolutely bursting at the seams with countless other tasks; from ordering my first ever business cards (!) to attending a local Etsy sellers meet-up, (which I am pretty nervous about!)… Wish me luck!

What’s on your to-do list for this week? And what are your tips for getting it all done?! 

See you again next Sunday for another ‘News’ post, when I will hopefully have a few new things in my shop. Before then I will be sharing a little walk in the woods photo gallery this Tuesday! Have a lovely start to your week.


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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