Shop Update: New Dolls!

Hello sisters! How has your weekend been? I have been busy finishing my second batch of rag dolls and making a few exciting plans. Let’s get into my weekly Sunray Sister news…

First of all four new handmade dolls are now available in my Etsy shop! I am so proud to have finally finished these lovely ladies; you can see them as works-in-progress in my previous news post.

Beatrix has a sweet bow in her hair, ribbon around her neck and tells you ‘Dreams come true’!


Briana reminds you that ‘you are strong’, and wears some snazzy jewels on her ears and around her neck.


The next two dolls are available for your own personal message!

Blair has pink and purple hair, and she doesn’t care! But she does want to hold your personal message.


Barb is looking thoughtful, and ready to hold your personal message.


Now for some of my exciting plans and goings-on. On Friday I did something extremely brave and difficult for me: I met some fellow artists and crafters at an ‘Etsy Sellers in Bristol’ meet-up. I was so nervous! But I went, and made some origami decorations and did my best attempt at socialising/networking. Even if I didn’t contribute much, it was really useful to hear the things that more experienced Etsy sellers were discussing, and gave me some motivation to keep going with my own shop.

Embroidered brooches – be brave!

Tomorrow I’m heading out to a local café to take part in a mono-printing workshop. The following day I will be attending a Prince’s Trust business enterprise information session, to find out more about how they could potentially support my business ideas. Then on Friday I’m heading over to a beautiful renovated space in town where creatives can meet up, chat and do work, for free. So, lot’s of pushing out of my comfort zone, seeking help and getting creative. I can’t wait, but I’m also terrified!

Next up on the blog will be an illustrated post on Tuesday celebrating a great book which I’ve just finished reading.

What are you reading at the moment? How about checking out my most recent posts, an ode to Beatrix Potter and a little walk in the woods; they are very easy reads! Have a lovely start to the new week.


Peace and love

Rachel x


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