Random Round-up #1: zines, favourite illustrators and more!


Here is something a little bit fun and silly, but possibly useful: a mishmash of all the bits and bobs I’ve come across on the wonderful world-wide web in the recent weeks. (The illustration I promised in my previous post isn’t quite ready, so I will have to save it for next Tuesday).

Welcome to my rANDoM ROunD-UP, let the browsing begin…


Random ransom note and watercolour by me!

Stickers from yozocraft.com and zine image from rookiemag.com

  • I’ve become really interested in zines lately, and really want to create some of my own. I love the whole idea of them: the illustrations, adding collage, using a typewriter to add text, then copying it yourself and creating a whole load of them, and of course sharing them with everyone! So anyway, I enjoy reading/looking through Rookie mag’s comics category.


  • I love learning new skills, and am so pleased that workshops are so popular right now. I also love this online workshop platform where you can find loads of lessons to learn new crafty skills! I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m sure I will very soon.
Image from creativebug.com


Image from sandianerd.blogspot.co.uk


  • Viktorija Semjonova of And Smile Studio is another of my favourite illustrators, and she has a brilliant and inspiring Instagram account. So she wrote an awesome blog post following her journey from first steps as an artist, to becoming a popular illustrator, as recorded via Instagram, and even gives you some tips on how to do the same.
Image from andsmilestudio.com/blog


  • I’ve been getting super inspired, and filling by brain with loads of wholesome business/blog advice via The Blogtacular podcast this week.
Image from blogtacular.com/podcast


  • I also love Kat’s new personal vlog series, which gives great insight into a blogger/freelancer/creative’s day-to-day life.


  • Awesome DIY screen-printing how-to channel, I just love how Eva has put the videos together in a really fun and clear way, with bright and colourful visuals.


  • And finally, a crazy guy walking down the street making a song! Stick around until 3’30 to hear his lyrics/vocals too!


Well that was just a random bit of fun for a drizzly Tuesday evening! Can you tell I’ve been browsing YouTube a lot lately?! I also want to add that, obviously, these are all my own opinions and no one has asked me to advertise their websites/products in this post.

Come back soon for episode three of Playtime this Friday, and then another edition of Sunday Sunray News at the weekend. Enjoy the rest of the week, and feel free to send me any fun randomness you’ve found online recently!


Peace and love,

Rachel x



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