Sunday Sunray News: Christmas Cards! Business Cards!

Hello sisters! Sunday Sunray News is my opportunity to share my latest projects and progress with you, and this week I have some exciting things up my sleeve. If you missed it last week, you can catch up on my previous news, featuring my second batch of dolls. I also renamed my to-do list: it is now my will-do list! (thanks Fraz!)

First of all Christmas cards! After lots of sketches and colour tests, I arrived at the final ideas below. Now I need to draw them at a larger size, scan into my computer and order online through a professional printing company. They will then be available to buy individually or in packs of three.

In my design process I wanted to focus on:

  • Simple modern messages, which expressed general seasonal cheer.
  • Girl’s faces in different festive/seasonal situations, suggested with small ‘props’. For example in ‘Sparkle and Shine’ the girl is holding a wine glass and wearing a party hat; all suggesting a festive party! 
  • Contrasting colour palettes with just two colours for each image: yellow and purple, green and red, blue and pink.

I put the pictures in circles below, as I’m planning on making my own badges in the new year! Look how cute they would be! I have a lot of plans for 2017, but more on that next month. 

I am also designing some simple hand stamped cards using Speedball’s speedy-carve, (which is so much easier than the soft linocut material I was using before!) I will probably cut some simple Christmas/seasonal shapes such as Christmas trees and stars, as well as messages. Additionally I have some more painted wood brooches, which I am going to attach to small Christmas cards, to transform a card into something cute and wearable. 

So three variations of Christmas cards coming soon! All will be available at Sunray Sister’s first ever market stall on the 10th of December in Bristol. Depending on how many I make/order, there will also be some available in my Etsy shop!

The second thing I have been focusing on this week is putting together my business card – using hand drawn, painted, stamped and sewn elements! I want my business card to show how layered and handmade my work can be. This means at the very least I will not be using a computer font, but I also thought I could use a hand painted background, and I am even embroidering my name on a piece of Shibori fabric. It sounds a bit messy and complex, but when it all comes together I think the card will look really unique and show Sunray Sister’s DIY aesthetic.

A mock-up of the front of my business card: watercolour background and handmade logo stamp.
Handwritten information to go on the back of my business card.

What projects are you working on this week? What goals have you set? What deadlines are approaching faster than expected? Why not share something cool in the comments or via social media!?

Coming next on the blog this Tuesday will be an illustration of a book I finished recently, and then on Friday I will be sharing my top ten creative items on my Christmas wish list. What are you wishing/saving-up for this year? See you soon!

Peace and love,

Rachel x


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