November Happy Highlights

Good evening sisters! Can you believe that there is just one month left of 2016?! But before we start mentioning resolutions (shhh!) and “did that really happen?!”, take a minute to celebrate the little moments that made you happy during November…

Here are a few of mine:


  1. An awesome fireworks night with my lovely Fraz at Victoria Park in Bristol, accompanied by a delicious ice-cream-brownie concoction.
  2. Cinematic Orchestra at Colston Hall. We booked the tickets a couple of months ago as something special to look forward to, and it was incredible!
  3. A mono-printing workshop as part of Bedminster Skills Week. It turned out that I was the only person that booked a space, so I basically had a one-to-one lesson in printing.
  4. Designed some proper Christmas cards and sent the designs to get printed! I can’t wait to see them this Tuesday.
  5. Had my first Etsy sale, and met up with some Etsy sellers in real life. Scary and exciting!
  6. Found out about some cool ways that The Prince’s Trust could help me with developing my business.
  7. And finally, we put our Christmas tree up! Because Christmas is the best, and makes all this frosty cold stuff much more jolly and acceptable.


What were your best moments of November?

Coming up on the blog will be my last Sunday news post before the big day: my first ever market stall! Then on Tuesday the second installment of Artist Dates, where I take myself on a little solo trip to inspire and get creative, and share it with you!

Have a lovely weekend sisters!


Peace and love

Rachel x


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