Sunday Sunray News: reflection on my first ever market stall!!!

Good morning sisters! I hope you are well! Last Sunday I showed you my preparations for my first ever market stall, now it’s time to reflect on how it all went!  

Here it is! My lovely stall, with my awkward (and extremely tired) face too!
I would not have survived without this cutie!

The market took place at The Southbank Club in Bristol, which was all indoors and free entry. There were about twenty stalls and even some live music! I overheard from other stall holders that it was a slow day, so that gave me some perspective. Plus it was raining, and I can’t decide if this was good or bad: were people not leaving their houses because of rain, or were they coming inside for shelter? To me it felt like a good amount of people throughout the day, but the table layout was a little squashed, so it seemed hard for people to stop and look. I also stupidly picked the table right in front of the stage, so my mousey ‘hellos!’ got a little lost. People were very complimentary though, and the dolls especially made people smile. Just taking a business card meant a lot to me!

I was really pleased with how my table looked. I used a large red vanity case and a picnic basket for most of my stock. For the cards I used string and pegs to display examples, and put the rest in paper bags in the basket. I still need to work out my problem with plastic packaging, as the paper bags seemed to confuse people, or it wasn’t clear what was inside them. All prices and information were written on cute black boards, which seemed to tie everything together really well.


There was a lot of variety in the room, and I thought my table fitted in well. It was interesting to see how people chose to display their items. Some stalls were completely flat and simple, others quite jumbled and full. I think each way had their advantages. I was pleased with how most of my items were neatly contained inside the case and basket. Perhaps one issue may have been pricing, since I only had expensive dolls, and cheap cards: nothing more than £2 or less than £30, except for two zip pouches. To be honest I had wanted to finish some more zip pouches, and some brooches which are £8, but I ran out of time!

I managed to speak to a couple of the other stall holders, which is hard for me, but I need to get better at networking. One in particular gave me some really great advice and support, including recommending The Prince’s Trust. She even bought a notebook from me! Her business is called Dinky Screens, where she sells amazing mini screen printing kits, so go and check her out!

Business cards, blackboard signs and free chocolate coins!
Notebooks and cards!

Altogether I had a nice time, but I was so tired from stressing and late-night panicking. The main thing that I have learnt/decided is that this is only the very beginning, and I still need to focus my ideas a lot! I just want to make everything!

In order to stand out I need to find one thing that really works, and make that amazing. My head is all fuzzy and full of stuff at the moment. The new year will be the perfect time for me to knuckle down and make some decisions on where to take Sunray Sister in 2017. One thing I do know is that it is going to be an important year for me.


What have you achieved this week? Have you reflected on how it went? And what are your next steps? Use this evening to set some goals for the week ahead, and leave them in the comments or on social media; let’s cheer each other on!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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