See Inside my Sketchbook #2: Collage!


Hello sisters! Today I would like to share another look inside my sketchbook! Last time I showed you my holiday journal, and for this edition I’ve got some cool collages.

I used an A4, hardback, spiral-bound sketchbook. I’ve had this book for a while, and try to keep it only for collage, adding bits and bobs to it now and then. The images below are scanned pages of my favourite examples. Hope you like them too!

This is all my own, personal work, so please respect it and if you want to share it, please include my name and a link back to this post

The first page of my collage sketchbook/’happy book’!
Some dried paint which I peeled off my palette and stuck onto the page!
I feel like the lady in the middle is the focus, and she is writing about the adventures of the characters moving around her. I particularly like the couple running up the chair!
The best thing about collage is the juxtaposition you can create with scale and strange image combinations.
This is just one clipping from a catalogue, and I added paint to extend the image.
Can you spot the collage here? I cut out some images of famous paintings and stuck them in the mirrors!
Just some images I liked.
Books and nature; two of my favourite things.
A simple combination of man-made bleakness and colourful flowers.
Layering of similar images and an important message.

Ah, I love collage so much! I love the fact that it is so kinaesthetic in the process, and the result captures that with the layers and texture. I also enjoy combining paint and writing into collage. Plus I am obsessed with layouts and composition, so it’s just really satisfying for me! What do you love to create? What brings you joy and satisfaction? Let me know!

Come back on Friday for my Christmas edition of Playtime!!! Such fun! Have a jolly week!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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