December Happy Highlights


2017 is here, and the Sunray Sister blog has returned. To kick off the new year, here is a list of my best happy moments from the month of December…


  1. Fraz and I had a lovely lunch and catch up with my mum in Bath, followed by a nose around the Christmas markets. (This was actually at the end of November, but some how I left it off my previous list!)
  2. After Christmas I visited my parents in the Herefordshire countryside, where I made the most of the frosty fields and beautiful views, whilst getting some much needed fresh air.
  3. I set some clear and attainable goals for 2017, and shared the business ones here. I also have another list of personal goals which I will share on the blog this Tuesday!
  4. Much to the amusement of everyone around me, I decided to become vegetarian basically the day before Christmas; you know, the celebration all about eating Turkey and pigs in blankets… I’m also taking part in Veganuary by trying to be vegan for the whole of January! I’ll let you know how it goes.
  5. Just before Christmas we were invited to Fraz’s brother’s house for a heartwarming meal with his fiancée, their daughter and their adorable baby!
  6. For my birthday Fraz got me tickets to see Wonderland the musical in May. I love musicals and going out to the theatre, but I hardly ever go, so I cannot wait!!!
  7. At the start of the month I had a big milestone: my first ever craft fair!


What were your best moments from December? I would love to know; share them below in the comments or via social media.

Coming up on the blog …. This Sunday you can expect another edition of Sunray News, then on Tuesday I will share my personal goals for 2017, and next Friday episode six of Playtime will be here! Stick around for lots of fun!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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