Etsy Shop Update // Dolls and Brooches // Sunday Sunray News

Hello again sisters, and welcome to a new edition of Sunday Sunray News. If you’re new here (HELLO!), this is my weekly update all about new products in my Etsy shop, plans for the near and far future, and any milestones that I reach!

So grab a cup of tea, and let’s see what I’ve been up to this week…

My main news is that I re-opened my Etsy shop after a lovely long winter break. I gave everything a little spring clean with some new photos and writing, and added a couple of new items.


This is how my Etsy shop currently looks. I have tried to make all of my photos consistent, and I am a big fan of ‘flat lay’ compositions. Other small things include not using a banner; instead of being distracted by a huge image at the top of the page, customers can instantly see my listings.

Old products, updated!

There are three dolls still available from my original batch, but I realised the photos could be improved, so I took some new ones! My photography is not amazing, and I only used natural lighting and basic editing software. I also don’t have a tripod yet…!

Compared to the original photos, I simply did more in the editing stage, by eliminating shadows, and adding brightness and contrast. Plus of course adding the new flat lay arrangements!

Below are examples of the before and after photos, click on each one for a closer look…

Amelie’s close-up; from boring and dull, to interesting and bright!

Subtle adjustments to Austen’s held-by-my-hand shot.

The addition of a flat lay photo adds so much interest to Anouk and her sisters’ listings!

Current new products, and more to come!

Before Christmas I finished two new brooches, which are available now. I also created a few other things, but of course they were made as Christmas presents for my loved ones! Do not fear though, there will be new things coming your way in the next few weeks in the shape of embroidered zip pouches and bookmarks with monograms. Exciting stuff!


These are the two new embroidered brooches with the messages ‘be kind’ and ‘keep going’, with a third brooch from my original batch which says ‘be brave’.

Sunray Sister is all about positivity and self-love, so these messages are intended to inspire the wearer (and those around them!) to turn the message into positive action. I have the first brooch I made on my Kånken backpack, and it tells me to ‘keep going’ each day!


What would you like to see in my shop? As my potential customers, I would love to know what you think of the things that I currently offer, how I present them, and what I could do to improve. You can comment below or reach me on social media.

Coming up on Tuesday I am going to be sharing my personal goals for 2017, as I want you to know the person behind this blog, and what is important to me; I would love to get to know you too! In my final post of 2016 I showed you my 2017 business goals, did you see it? There will be a new series of posts on the blog soon, documenting how I am breaking each goal down into actionable steps, and updating the progress of each one. I am determined to meet them all!

Wishing you all a productive second week of the new year!


Peace and love

Rachel x


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