Fresh Start Playlist // Playtime 6 // featuring Elbow and Badly Drawn Boy

Welcome to episode six of Playtime! If you are new here, click that link to see the previous five posts, all with YouTube playlists and illustrations by me.

For a change I gave this edition of Playtime a theme, and a kind of story line! It is inspired by the new year, time, fresh starts, dreams and hope.

The first few songs represent New Year’s eve, one night. Then the following morning/day is shown by the next few songs. The songs after that are about looking ahead and wanting tomorrow to come, possibly too soon. And finally the last few songs are about having hope for the future, or just songs which represent good feelings for me.

Below is my illustration/sketchbook page with the song titles and artists, and underneath that is the YouTube playlist. Hit play and enjoy the beautiful music!


[Copy this link if the video doesn’t appear above –


What songs would narrate your feelings about the new year? Do you have any awesome music recommendations? Let me know in the comments or via social media! See you on Sunday for my weekly update on all things Sunray Sister. Have a great weekend!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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