Market Applications and Daily Planning // Sunday Sunray News

Welcome back sisters! In the past week I have been making some progress towards my 2017 business goals. Not much has actually happened, but I have a lot of exciting plans, so this turned out to be quite a long post! Let’s dive straight in…


Market Applications

One of my 2017 goals is to have a stall at 20 or more craft markets or fairs. So this week I have applied for one, and am in the process of applying for another! The first is actually an art fair, taking place in Bristol this May, aimed at young artists working in all media including textiles, so I think I would fit in well. Fingers crossed!

The second application, which I am still working on, is for Country Living magazine’s pop-up market in April. The deadline is the 20th of February, but entries have to be sent by post, so I better get on with it. Shout out to my mum who found this one for me!

There are so many markets that I have heard about in the past year, and would love to take part in! Here are some examples to research further:

  • Crafty Fox market
  • Native Makers
  • Renegade Craft fair
  • Made London and Made Brighton
  • Etsy made local markets
  • Made in Bristol gift fair

Of course there are also local markets celebrating handmade every weekend, and below are a few which I will be considering:

  • The Harbourside Market (central Bristol)
  • Tobacco Factory Market (South Bristol)
  • The Nails Market (central Bristol)
  • The Frome Independent (near Bristol)

In order to be eligible for most markets I will first need to get public liability insurance; another goal to tick off my list!



This week I have been trying to plan each day more effectively, both on a personal level and for more detailed business targets. ‘Use a social media strategy’ and ‘Write blog posts at least one week in advance’, are two of my 2017 business goals, and ‘Plan each day’ is one of my personal goals, and I feel like I have been making a lot of progress with all of these.


I am using a simple A4 page a day diary. Inside I have post-it notes for my weekly goals, social media schedule and meal plan. These can then be stuck to each day, since they last for a whole week.

I use the actual pages to record any events at the top of the page, then I track what food I am eating. Underneath that I write my to-do list for each day. The tasks are set using any daily goals I have (such as Veganuary, walking and social media posts), followed by tasks from my weekly goals post-it. These daily tasks are also split into ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’. I still feel like this needs a bit more refining, maybe giving each task a specific time in the day.


My key business weekly goals this week are market applications, daily social media posts, sewing new products and planning my blog. In the past hour I have created drafts for my next 10 or so blog posts! And it feels great! Mainly because I actually have a clear path, and I know where I am taking Sunray Sister next. All I can say is, I’ve got lots of exciting things coming up soon, and lots of hard work too!

(As an example, today is actually Friday the 13th, and I’ve already got Sunday’s post done, and drafted the next few weeks worth of posts, including a BIG surprise coming in February! What!?)


Phew, I think that’s enough for one post! What big goals have you been working on this week? What positive changes have you made? Let me know in the comments!

In case you missed my latest posts, here’s a quick summary:

Coming up on the blog will be a fun Random Round-Up post on Tuesday, and more on that big surprise that I mentioned, in a special update post this Friday. Hope you have a positive and productive week!


Peace and love

Rachel x


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