rANDoM rOunD-UP 3 // featuring Pottermore and Netflix

Hello sisters, how is your week going? Today I thought I would just share some fun, random things that I’ve come across on the wonderful world-wide-web in recent weeks! Get clicking, and add your own fun finds in the comments if you fancy it!

I’m in Hufflepuff! How about you? [Image from pottermore.com]
I have a confession: I’ve never read Harry Potter! But over Christmas the films were on T.V., and it reminded me how much I like the stories and characters, and just magic in general. So long story short – instead of starting to read the books – I created a Pottermore account, where you can find your Hogwarts House, wand type, patronus and more! Of course I am also going to start reading the J.K.Rowling series, right after I finish the Terry Pratchett book I’m currently reading.

[Image from imdb.com]
We have recently found some gems on Netflix. The best was The Little Prince, a beautiful film adaptation of the French children’s book. Never mind that the story is beautiful and captivating, just watch it for the animation. There are multiple styles all mixed together to create a small masterpiece!

[Image from minimalismfilm.com]
I have also discovered that Netflix offer some brilliant documentaries. I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, featuring The Minimalists. Despite the slightly better-than-thou vibe coming from most of the minimalism followers, I was still very inspired by this film, and will definitely be continuing in my own minimalism journey.

Sticking with the theme of films, I have been going through a YouTube obsessed phase! My current favourite channels are Olivia Hayward (above) and Kalyn Nicholson for all things business and getting stuff done. Plus Jenny Mustard and Rachel Aust for minimalism, diet and fitness inspiration.

pinetree_shirin’s cute Instagram feed. [Image from instagram.com/pinetree_shirin]
I am crazy about pretty Instagram profiles: they usually feature nature, letters, type-writers, tea, cats and anything vintage, plus lots of simple flat lay photos. My favourites at the moment are pinetree_shirin (above), lisireh, liskin_doldaughter_of_the_woods and fiorere. Definitely go and check them all out!

My random ransom note!

That’s all for my little mishmash from the online world. Don’t forget to leave your recommendations from the infinite-internet-universe in the comments below! I will be back on Friday with a very special update post, see you then!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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