Prince’s Trust Business Enterprise Course // Sunday Sunray News

In this week’s edition of Sunday Sunray News, I have a big update to share with you! I’ve spent the last four days developing Sunray Sister on a free course run by The Prince’s Trust, called Explore Enterprise. Over four intense days I met a huge group of fellow entrepreneurs and some business experts, and took away unbelievable amounts of useful information and support.

What’s amazing about this programme, is that it really doesn’t end here; I have access to mentoring for up to 3 years, funding, further lectures and group sessions, plus other free courses (such as a ‘get into art’ course which I may be attending next week!), as well as dedicated Prince’s Trust craft fairs and events. Today I want to share some details about the course and where I’m heading next…


The course

On day one we got to know each other; with around 30 people in the group this was a little tricky and daunting, considering the groups are usually much smaller! We heard an inspirational talk from a graduate of the same course (which was genuinely inspiring). Also covered were personal skills and money management.

The second day focused on marketing and selling our products or services. This starts with the four P’s: product, price, promotion and place. We looked at creating a brand identity, market research, elevator pitches, SWOT analysis and more. Then in the afternoon we discussed how to actually sell something. We did some networking within the group, and looked at our own personalities. Watch out, apparently I’m an analytical person (note the ‘apparently’, I don’t trust things easily!); you can see all four types in this link. We also broke down the stages of making a sale, and looked at the importance of building relationships, since most people buy according to service. This is why I’m so keen to share all these behind the scenes things with you, as I want you to know the person behind Sunray Sister!

Day three got down to the serious stuff: money. This was probably the most useful day to me, as I learnt a lot that I had never covered before. The weird thing is, I feel strangely excited to finally have the motivation to get in control of my money, and have lots of spreadsheets. Seriously, why don’t they teach this in school?

On the final day all the ingredients were brought together into the key parts of a business plan. This is the document that will clarify why I’m doing this, what my business is, who it’s for, how I will reach them, who my competitors are, all the costs and what I will do if it doesn’t work. We also discussed what makes a good mentor and learnt about the steps for progression available to us. After lunch it was over to the group to deliver short presentations introducing our business ideas and receiving some feedback. Bonus: we also got certificates! 


Next steps

So that was just four days, and I now have a lot of time stretching out in front of me. Time that I need to shape into serious action. This includes writing my business plan, section by section, which will take at least three months and thirty pages. Alongside this I will be starting my cashflow and bookkeeping each week, as well as continuing work on my 2017 business goals. That includes finding a routine for actually creating products, so I can fill my Etsy shop to the brim!

As mentioned above I will also be meeting my mentor and have the opportunity to apply for funding for my business. The best thing about this course is gaining clarity: clarifying my ideas, my goals, my money, myself. The second best thing is that I’ve actually taken some action and met new people!

Do you feel stuck? Not sure what help you can get? I can’t stress enough how incredible The Prince’s Trust are for young people!!! They have so much going on, and they have offices in most cities in the UK. So just go to their website, give them a ring, drop in to an information session and who knows where it could take you!


In case you missed any of my recent posts, here’s some quick links….

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Coming up this Tuesday I have some super special details to share with you all about my grand plan to launch Sunray Sister’s very own YouTube channel. There will also be a lot of extra blog content coming your way this February, so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

Have a fantastic week sisters!

Peace and love,

Rachel x


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