New Handmade Creations Coming Soon // Sunray Sister

Welcome back sisters! Here is a quick look at some of my recent design ideas. These will be transforming into beautiful new handmade creations for my next Etsy shop update on Saturday 4th of February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

And remember, you can’t love anyone else, until you accept and love yourself. So this Valentine’s make sure to make time for you!

Hoops and cards – coming soon!


Classic embroidery hoops with a sweet or motivational message. Using, of course, my hand-dyed fabric. These can be hung up in your home to bring a smile to your face every day!


You may have seen my illustrated Christmas cards last year, but one of my 2017 business goals stated that I need to stick to textile products only, in order to establish a clear brand. So I am creating some embroidered cards to send to your loved ones!


Simple fabric bookmarks, with options to personalise with your, or your loved one’s, initials. They will make you want to pick up that book and get reading!


These will be similar to my square brooches, but on a keyring instead!

Zip pouches

Useful and cute, what could be better!? These pouches can be used for anything from stationary to make-up, or just whatever you like.


More square brooches made with sturdy kilt pins. Find some in my shop now!

Bookmarks, keyrings, pouches and brooches – coming soon!

So keep your eyes out for these new products coming to the shop this February!

See you back here this Sunday for a HUGE announcement, bringing together lots of things that I’ve been hinting at recently. I am going to share my big plan with you all! See you then sisters.

Peace and even more love than before,

Rachel x

Published by sunraysister

Mixed media illustrator, maker and writer, in Staffordshire, UK. Passionate about slow living, nature, mindfulness, sustainability and a holistic view of life.

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