January Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Good morning sisters! How was January for you? Have you made more progress than ever before? Or have you thrown your goals in the bin? Don’t worry!

Remember above all to forgive yourself, smile, review what you’ve achieved, work out where you need to go, and then move forward.

So today, I want to share the things I am most proud of from January, and those moments that brought the biggest smile to my face.

My January Happy Highlights recorded in my sketchbook
I’m really enjoying using an old typewriter to add text to my pages
This month I did a little collage instead of my usual drawings – I love arranging images and ephemera on a page, I find it really therapeutic


Share your happy highlights from January in the comments below, or come and join the party on social mediaInstagram is my favourite!

Tomorrow is the start of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love! If you don’t know what I’m on about, check out that link, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow when I will be launching my very first giveaway! Woo!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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