Day 2: My Love Story // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back to Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, a two-week daily love celebration. Today I want to share my personal story of love!

It turns out writing about your own experience of love is quite hard, so I’m going to address this to Fraz, like a little letter…

My first memory of you is your smile. A huge smile. I thought you were a bit too smiley and silly. But I was shy and a bit lost. Behind that smile I found the most caring and curious man. So I let my guard down and four years later I’m never far from your warm cuddles.

I like to think we balance each other out, and also reflect each other. You are extroverted, I’m introverted; you plays games, I make art; you play drums, I sing songs; you are messy, I’m tidy. We teach each other from our point of view: I try to get you to clean up, and you show me how to play video games! I recently became vegetarian, and you love cooking, so we’ve been able to try some amazing new meals, and I feel like my eyes (and taste buds) have been opened.

After university we moved in together! To me this was a much bigger step than moving to Bristol, because we were finally out on our own. No student finance, no lectures, no parties. It has been really, really, REALLY difficult. But you are always there, and I always need you.

Last year we went on our first holiday, which was beyond words. I absolutely adore exploring and visiting new places. And I really needed a break! Being able to share it with you was so much fun. I want to travel around the whole world with you!


For now we are in rainy Bristol: working away, paying our bills, cooking nice meals and creating endless piles of washing-up. Reading, playing, making, laughing, listening, watching, and mostly having fun together. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you Fraz for four years together, I hope this lasts forever.


What is your experience of love sisters? Tell me something sweet in the comments. Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, when it will be Playtime!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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