Day 7: Alternative Valentine’s Gifts // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Hello again sisters. We’re halfway through my two week challenge!!! I’m having a lot of fun spreading all this love around. Here’s a little summary of the past six days:


Now to today’s post…

This Valentine’s, as well as a cute card for your loved one, you may be thinking of adding the standard flowers, chocolates and fancy gift. Well today, I’d like to show you some creative alternatives!




Get healthy! Make super special smoothies. Take time for a traditional tea ceremony. If you still want a treat, make or buy sugar and dairy free alternatives. Heck even gluten free?! I am slowly, slowly realising the benefits of gradually cutting these things from my life. So why should the gifts we give and receive be any different? What is the point in a ‘treat’ if you are going to feel rubbish five minutes later? I am still working this out for myself though, so just remember to always forgive yourself!



Plant seeds! Cut flowers are nice, but not that nice. I managed to save the flowers below about 4 years ago by drying them, and now they make a nice photo prop. But for a special gift try a potted plant instead. Or even seeds, which could represent nurturing and letting love grow! Everyone knows you don’t need a garden to enjoy plants and beautiful flowers; you can make room for them inside your house, or outside your windows if you have window boxes or hanging baskets. If you do have a garden, you could buy a beautiful rose-bush or even a tree!


Expensive gift

Go independent and support small businesses! If you are brave enough make something yourself. Of course there are lots of options within this choice. It depends on what you feel capable making and what your loved one enjoys: it could be an abstract painting, a portrait, a mini photo album, a photo collage, some infused cooking oils, jam from berries collected on a walk, homemade moisturizer or lip balm, or even a poem.

If you are really brave, maybe just don’t get anything at all? I believe in experience over possessions. But even when it comes to an experience such as a meal out, try to support small and independent restaurants or pubs. Skip the chains. Also explore alternatives such as the obvious cooking something fancy at home, or taking a really long walk somewhere new. For these kind of things also consider creating a cute ‘voucher’ for a date, such as writing on some pretty paper: “Meal for two at___, on ___, followed by a walk to ____. Love your Valentine”, or something similar!


These ideas can be applied to any occasion, not just Valentine’s. What alternative ideas do you have? Are there creative solutions which you already use? Let me know in the comments or via social media.

Tomorrow is day 8 of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, and I will be bringing you my perspective on when love is misused, and how we can restore balance.


Peace and extra love,

Rachel x



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