Day 8: When Love is Misused // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back sisters! Wednesday is here, and it is day 8 of my fortnight of blogging about love. So far I have covered mainly positive and fun stuff, but today I want to look at love from another angle.

This is most likely going to be a topic to return to in the near future, as it will be hard to get all my thoughts into one comprehensive blog post. It might come across as a little negative, but I want to represent the other side of my message of positivity. Basically I aim to adress the problem of too much love and not enough love. The lack of balance. The lack of authenticity.


Sometimes love can be misused. Often we say we ‘love’ something, when really it is not love at all. Let’s try to change our thinking…

When we love people too much, we become idolisers, fanatics, stalkers, extremists. We call it love but it turns into obsession. I am thinking of celebrities in particular, and the extreme focus put on their personal lives and every little thing that they do. They are just humans like you and me! Stop looking up to others in this way. Stop wanting to be like others. Love yourself first, spread love to those around you.

When we love food too much, we can become unhealthy, obese, lazy. Food is so necessary to our wellbeing. When we stuff our bodies with poison, we feel terrible and look terrible, and a vicious circle of self-destruction begins. Respect your body like a temple, worship it and bring it healthy, wholesome offerings. This is a lesson I am still learning.

When we love material things too much, we become suffocated, and damage the people and planet around us. This creates not only the direct result of more stress, less money, and less time to enjoy ourselves, but also unseen and indirect results. This includes harming the environment and the lives of people who have to deal with the results, especially in less developed countries. Respect what you have, consider where your possessions come from, and where they might end up. Give up the devotion to new and disposable things! Use your voice and your skills instead, influence and teach others to do good.

When we think we love, we can become blind and patronising. When we think we are looking out for others, we are not actually listening, we are only making ourselves feel better. The number of times some random person has said to me “sorry love”, or “are you alright love?“, is endless and drives me crazy. The fact that they couldn’t care less about how I am, or are not truly sorry at all is bad enough, but then they have to add love in the most un-loving, highly patronising way possible. When someone uses love to suggest they are superior, that is their weakness. True strength will always come from vulnerability and kindness.


Balance is crucial to life. Life and death, past and future, joy and pain; these are all the extremes of life that must be accepted. Balance can be found in the moment; no comparisons, no worries, no obsessions.

Love people you know, get to know new people, find good teachers.

Enjoy food and learn what is best for you.

Have only the useful things that you need and the small treasures that bring you joy.

Only ever love truly, and wholly. Be your authentic self.

In the final few posts of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love I will be digging deeper into these subjects, as well as a couple of fun things. For tomorrow’s post I will be sharing a list of some amazing influencers and teachers that are helping me; I think they will help you to progress on your self-love journey too. I hope you can join me!


Peace and true love,

Rachel x


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