Day 11: How to Love Yourself // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back! We’re into the home straight of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, and today I have the first of a trio of posts all about how to love. The first step is to love yourself sisters!

This can mean many different things for different people. Whatever is healthy, peaceful, simple yet significant… whatever is true to you; make time to do those things. Below are some of my ideas on how to show yourself some love and respect… 

“The tools for happiness are within you” – Leo Babauta, Zen Habits


Eat healthy food

What you put in, you will get back. So give yourself wholesome and natural food; you will feel so much better! I dream of growing my own food one day, and being totally connected to the earth.

Make time for tea

The tea ceremony goes back centuries, and is something I am fascinated by. So simple, so overlooked, yet so important. Take a break. Take time to be mindful of this small ritual and appreciate every hot sip.

Move outside and connect with nature

Inspire. Expire. Feel renewed. When I am stuck inside all day I feel horrible, and often forget how healing a quick stroll can be. But I long for a huge hike through the woods and up a mountain somewhere!

Explore mindfulness, meditation and yoga

Be still with yourself for a few moments everyday. Sit and observe. Listen to your breath, consciously take your mind through every part of your body, notice how every part of you feels. Repeat positive affirmations and mantras. Radiate positive thoughts. Then stretch! Also try to bring a new awareness into everything you do everyday, try to be mindful of every move, and grateful for small things.

Release your thoughts in a journal 

There are always difficult thoughts and painful feelings. But they should not be squashed and hidden. They should be observed and released. Do this in a journal with words, or with images too. I adore collage; the physical action of cutting, arranging and sticking is very therapeutic to me. I’ve also been using an old typewriter recently, giving me a fresh angle for putting words on paper.

Express yourself through creativity

As well as letting out thoughts in a journal, try expressing yourself through other techniques. Paint, draw, sew, build, bake, plant, dance, act. Let your imagination go wild, and find others who share your passion.

Read everyday and learn something new

There is nothing more wonderful than constantly building upon your knowledge of the world and all the wonderful things in it. I seem to find a new subject to explore every week! My current interests include: small business, self-love, slowing down and crystals.

Schedule a regular self-love session

All of the ideas above should be incorporated into your daily or weekly life. But when you can, maybe once a week/fortnight/month, set aside a specific day/morning/afternoon/evening, when you just stop and pamper yourself! Take an even longer walk than usual, blast out your favourite music when you get home, create a magnificent wholesome lunch. Then read all the books and articles, watch all the YouTube videos, play all the podcasts. Whilst you’re at it, steam your face, apply a face mask, do a manicure. The most important part is that you specifically book this appointment with yourself, to make it just as important as all your other plans.


I am still at the beginning of my self-love journey. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, I just want to learn and develop. So always remember this is a journey, and always remember to forgive yourself. How do you love yourself? How do you make peace with yourself? What are your favourite ways to relax and reconnect with what matters? I’d love to hear about your self-love rituals.

Tomorrow I will be looking at how to love others; from your closest companion, to a stranger on the street. There’s only three days left of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, I hope you can join me!


Peace and love,

Rachel x



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