Day 12: How to Love Others // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Happy Sunday sisters! Now that you feel more at peace with yourself, you will be more able to connect with and respect other living beings. So today’s post is about how to love others…

“You cannot love others unless you love yourself first; how can you give away what you don’t have?” – Swami Prem Priyadha


Smile at strangers

Smiling makes you feel good, even if you are grumpy. Smiling connects you with other people, even if you don’t know them, even if you don’t speak the same language. A smile is universal, and opens up a welcoming world.

Hug often

Physical connection brings us positive emotions and improves wellbeing, so just give someone a hug!

Be kind

Let someone go first, open doors, give compliments… just be there for others, and leave the rudeness in the bin.

Show respect

Treat all creatures as equal. This is partly why I decided to become vegetarian, and explore veganism at the start of the year. I no longer want to harm another living being. Of course this is not what everyone wants, so find a way to show love to all beings. Acknowledge their lives and be grateful.

Be patient

We all have our own pace. Remember that everyone is experiencing their own separate lives, and sometimes we need to change our pace to accommodate others; to go faster or to slow down.

Be interested in others

Always be curious, always ask interesting questions. Skip the small talk. Skip the gossip. It’s boring! When you show interest in another person, they will feel more at ease, and you will get to know them better. We love to talk about ourselves!

Put your phone away

You knew it was coming, but how could it not be on this list? Disconnect in order to connect. When you’re not around others, phones and the internet are great (ahem, she says, writing a blog, and sharing it on social media…), for spreading your message to others, and for staying in touch. When you are around others, enjoy the moment together, absorb the atmosphere. I get such a rush when I’m in a crowd with a shared purpose: all hypnotised by a bonfire, or listening to incredible live music. (If it’s a normal crowd of people rushing and being their boring busy selves, then I freak out.)

Say thank-you

Literally say thank-you more, say sorry less. Show gratitude, show appreciation. Recognise the effort someone has taken for you, and feel special.

How do you show love and respect for other people and creatures? What changes are you making? Do you already follow my tips above? Let me know what you think in the comments or via social media!

I’d love to see you again tomorrow for the penultimate day of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love. I will round off this little trio of ‘How To’s’ by showing you how to love the planet. See you tomorrow sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x



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