An Introduction: Love Lessons by Sunray Sister

Hello lovely sisters!

Today I want to introduce the first of two new series which I will be starting on my blog this month. These two new series are going to focus on more in-depth, and slightly more ‘serious’ content. More on that later. So, the first series is going to be called:

Love Lessons

I have decided to create this new series to celebrate a love of learning; I am obsessed with learning about awesome things!

Each post will cover a new topic which I am interested in (or one that you recommend!), and share some basic knowledge about that subject. Some topics may also be spread across multiple posts. Love Lessons will be published every other Friday (except the last Friday of each month).

Some ideas for love lesson subjects:

  • Tea! The many, many different types and their stories
  • Natural fabric dyes
  • Plants/flowers/herbs in general, and their healing properties and benefits
  • House plants
  • Astrology and witch-y stuff
  • Buddhism
  • Meditation, yoga and mindful movement
  • Crystals and chakras
  • Seasonal living
  • Zero-waste living (more on this in my second new series, which I will introduce next Friday)


Structure for love lessons:

  • An image/drawing/collage to illustrate the topic
  • History/background/overview
  • Focus on one area (if multiple areas, come back to this in a new post)
  • Further reading/resources
  • Homework!

e.g., for tea:

  • Image of tea plant and cup of tea
  • The story of tea
  • Overview of the types of tea, and what affects their flavours and names
  • Provide some links for further reading
  • Homework: go and try a new tea that you’ve never had before, report back
  • Additional posts: focus on black tea, then green tea etc.


What do you think sisters? Would you enjoy reading this kind of content? Are there any subjects that you would love to learn more about? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

This Sunday is the final day of my first ever exhibition, so I will share a reflection of the experience, and thoughts on where to go next. On Wednesday I shared a tour of the exhibition on my YouTube channel, which you can find below…

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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