April Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Welcome back sisters!

As each month draws to a close, I like to pause and reflect on the moments that made me smile, and my biggest achievements or breakthroughs (however small they may seem to others). Sort of a ‘monthly favourites’, but about experiences, fun and learning! I usually type the list on my typewriter and combine it with some collage in my sketchbook, but this month a simple computer-typed list will have to do.

  1. Walked along the Avon trail/Pill path in Bristol for the first time – it was so beautiful! I will have a video of this adventure on my YouTube channel soon.
  2. Started working at The Colston Hall.
  3. Fraz returned home after 10 days at his parents’ house – distance makes the heart grow fonder!
  4. Fraz cooked vegan Sunday roast dinners – they were delicious.
  5. Went on a long walk with Fraz.
  6. Reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series.
  7. Watching ‘Adventure Time: Elements’ – I’ve followed Adventure Time from the beginning, and this latest season is more bizarre than ever before!
  8. Saw Gogo Penguin perform their score for ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ – it was incredible.
  9. De-cluttered more stuff, and even made a bit of money on eBay.
  10. Planning some big, exciting, grown-up things with Fraz!

I’d love to hear your Happy Highlights for April, let me know in the comments 🙂 See you again on Sunday for some thoughts on where Sunray Sister is heading next.


Peace and love

Rachel x


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