Reflect & Refocus // Return from my digital detox!


Today I return from a two-week internet break and digital detox. It’s been lovely! So what did I get up to? And what’s coming next for Sunray Sister?

In my time off I went to a musical with my wonderful Fraz for a birthday present (from December!); I put a face mask on and painted my nails for a bit of self-love; I spent some time at the library and gathered ideas; I found a couple of pen pals who I will be writing to this week; me and Fraz went on an amazing long walk; we enjoyed some awesome vegan food; I went to my part-time job and thought a lot about Sunray Sister.

By the second week offline I was getting a bit restless, so ended up watching some YouTube videos; no one’s perfect! I actually found they were inspiring my own YouTube plans, which I will discuss in a blog post soon. I think it’s important to look around at who I admire and how they are being successful.

Overall I have concluded that the internet cannot be denied for an aspiring artist like myself; it is an essential tool. And viewing it as such I can learn to use it skilfully and in a controlled way, so that I don’t get overloaded. I must balance the creation and the business; and have fun too!

As for what’s in store for Sunray Sister, I will talk more about that this Friday. But right now it’s a lovely Sunday evening; the sun is shining, and there are whispers of Summer in the air. So I will leave you to lounge in this lazy haze before the new week begins!

Coming up this week:

  • Wednesday: escape the city with me in a new adventure video. Find my most recent video below!
  • Friday: a study of my inspirations and how I can learn from them.
  • Next Sunday: My May happy highlights; another month is almost over! Let’s make the next one even better than the last and enjoy each small moment!



Peace and love,

Rachel x


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