escape the city // a walk into the woods and far away


Sometimes we all need a little break, which is why I took two weeks offline recently. If you can’t take that long off work/life, why not escape for just a few hours and get lost in nature!

That’s what I did last month, and I wanted to share this mini-adventure with you today. Join me as I leave the city behind, enter the woods, amble along the stream, discover hidden places, marvel at the beauty of nature and get lost in a magical wonderland!

(I also had a bit too much fun with some new editing tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently!!!)

This is my latest YouTube video; you can find more on my YouTube channel where I post new videos every Wednesday. Expect more mini-adventures alongside art & craft tutorials, and various behind the scenes snippets of my life as a creative individual. If you like the sound of that please subscribe and share with all your like-minded, crazy, creative friends on social media!

Coming up this Friday on the blog will be a little study of my inspirations, to help define my style and move my work forward! See you then sisters.


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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