Seeing Red, Tickled Pink // Dear Diary #1

Dear diary…

I’m feeling good! This week I’ve made lots of progress, and things seem to be going well. Red has been a running theme through a few things; I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos, I voted for Labour, I got offered an interview with @Bristol, and I’m reading ‘Code Red’ by Lisa Lister!

But I haven’t actually been ‘seeing red’; for once I haven’t been getting angry at things, I’ve just been full of ideas and curiosity. I’ve been feeling ‘tickled pink’; delighted by everyone and everything!

About a month ago there was talk of moving away from Bristol, but now that this isn’t happening, I’ve realised there are so many things I haven’t seen or done here! And so a list has been made; I’ve already found lots of places to visit (mostly free) and get inspired by.

The first places ticked off the list this week were The Georgian House and a sculpture called ‘The Hollow’, (we were also going to go to ‘The Red Lodge’, which would have fitted very well with the red mentioned above, but we didn’t have time!).

The Georgian House


The Georgian house is an unassuming building just off Park Street and opposite St George’s hall. Inside you are transported back in time, as the house has been kept and decorated in a historical style, with rooms over four floors, and two more floors not open to the public.

I was most interested in the paintings and other pictures on the wall, and also the focus on folk crafts, which were what kept many people busy before we all got glued to T.V.’s, computers and phones! There were a couple of paintings that I really loved; I think they felt sort of timeless to me, old and yet surreal, a bit spooky and weird. This is a style I would like to create in some of my own work soon.

The Hollow


As we left the Georgian House we made our way to the top of Park Street and into the university Royal Fort gardens, on Tyndall Avenue. Since we didn’t have a traditional university experience at BIMM, wandering through the gardens surrounded by various grand university buildings felt like a strange and foreign place.

At the end of the garden is an incredible sculpture created by Katie Paterson called The Hollow. In words it is thousands of pieces of wood from all over the world stuck together, but in reality it is so much more. As you stand inside, you feel safe, protected, comforted and breathe in a beautiful aroma, similar to a library or church smell! It is definitely a hidden gem of Bristol, and has to be experienced in person.

Both of these places will most likely feature in an upcoming adventure video on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that.

Vintage ephemera

On the way home from this trip, I stopped into an Oxfam book shop, and picked up some vintage ephemera for creating mixed media art. My purchase included a set of black and white postcards of old paintings; a souvenir pamphlet from King George V’s Jubilee in 1935; and a ‘Warne’s Bijou Ready Reckoner, including commercial tables’ which is a tiny book filled with conversions, by the same publisher that released Beatrix Potter’s books! (Altogether less than £5!)

In the coming week I plan to paint over, cut up, stick together and generally destroy these items for my creative pleasure. I like the idea of painting or drawing on a ‘prepared’ surface, and even responding to the subject matter of the book, rather than an empty white page. Karen O’Brien’s book ‘Imaginary Creatures’ and her work in general has inspired some of these ideas. Of course I will share the results of this mixed media experiment with you soon!

Work doodles

Towards the end of the week I had two unusually long days at work. Considering my job is literally standing, smiling at people and telling them where to go, two full days of this felt like a big achievement! I also found the time to do a bit of sneaky drawing on the information sheet, which I might combine with the ephemera above in a collaged and painted page. Watch this space!

In the online world I’ve been busy on Instagram taking part in a daily challenge, which is helping me find a consistent theme and discover some new hashtags to use. I also posted two pen pal letters, one of which you can watch me create with some fun tips and ideas in my latest YouTube video (find it at the bottom of this post!).

Pen pal package

Today I had another micro-adventure. After walking to work with Fraz, I returned home along the harbourside, past a bike race in Hotwells, across the newly re-opened bridge at The Create Centre, had a nosey around the garden centre (and took lots of photos!), and back through Bedminster. Once I was home I spent the evening working on my next video as the sun set.

In the coming days I hope to spend time getting back to basics with paints, paper and pen, as well as more Instagram, video editing, reading and adventures.

At the garden centre

I’m going to try doing these diary posts every Sunday; I think more than anything they will allow me to fully appreciate what I’ve achieved each week, and give me something to look back on in the future as a documentation of my creative and personal endeavours.

On Wednesday my next YouTube video will be a little bit different, as a special surprise for a certain someone! In the meantime you can find my latest video below, or join the party over on Instagram, where I’m trying to post everyday. Have a fun week sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


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