Magic, Midsummer and the Moon: Following Cycles ~ Sunray Sister


Recently I’ve been following the earth’s seasons and moon cycles more closely, and getting in tune with my spiritual side. This has been coming out visually in my art as well, and I wanted to share a bit more about that in this week’s blog post! (Which is long overdue, since I was planning to post once a week this month… maybe I will achieve this in July!?)


I can’t really remember how or when it started, but over the last 12 months or so I have gradually been researching and practicing all things spiritual; moon cycles, yoga, meditation, chakras, Pagan/Wiccan holidays, witchcraft, magic, seasons, planets, zodiac signs… I’ve been finding quiet times to light candles; getting more in tune with nature; carrying little crystals with me; having ritual baths. I love how everything is connected and crosses over into different traditions, cultures, and beliefs throughout history. It feels incredibly important; from the huge connection to the universe and every being within it, to the intimacy of self-care and self-understanding.

In a funny way, it’s also helping me to care less about what other people think of me! Yes, I am a crazy hippie lady, so what?



Most recently we had the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Midsummer. This marks the longest day and shortest night of the year, and the point at which the sun seems to stand still before retreating back towards winter. During the days around the solstice I was feeling so slow, heavy and lethargic. I had to stop and rest for a bit, just like the sun!

Yesterday was the full moon, which is a time of high energy and things coming together;  either to work out, or to be released and revised. Sometimes the full moon drives me crazy, but perhaps this is a sign that I was on the wrong path at the time, and needed to let go of what wasn’t working. This month the full moon feels great; I have a few projects that feel right and like they are leading in a positive direction, plus I’m finally finishing a lot of things I said I would do a long time ago.

moons_three together

As well as changing my personal life and behind-the-scenes at Sunray Sister, spirituality has also been manifesting visually in my artwork, which you may have noticed if you’ve been following my 365 day art challenge on Instagram!

First I created my moon lady trio, (above), and soon after found myself painting all sorts of strange alien faces with mysterious planets, landscapes and orbs of magical colour. I also painted two cloudy moons (below), which I really love. My moon lady trio and the two cloudy moons are available to buy as prints at Gallery Twenty in Leek, Staffordshire, and the moon lady originals are also for sale!


I can’t wait to create more work in this fantastical, ethereal style, perhaps with more of a direction towards representing certain spiritual symbols, such as the zodiac signs, or possibly more realistic work showing different plants with special properties, or symbolic objects. What would you like to see me create?

Let me know what you think of all this! Are you in tune with the flow of energy and seasons of nature all around us? Or do you think it’s all a bit too weird? I’d love to hear your opinions and share more of my thoughts on the subject in future posts.

Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Published by sunraysister

Mixed media illustrator, maker and writer, in Staffordshire, UK. Passionate about slow living, nature, mindfulness, sustainability and a holistic view of life.

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