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Welcome to my monthly ‘Happy Highlights’ post, where I reflect on the last few weeks and ask “what made me smile?” and “what am I proud of?”, with the help of my weekly gratitude lists in my bullet journal.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s list, and I would love to read about your happy highlights from August – get in touch via Instagram or Facebook, or even comment at the end of this blog post.

Reflections in the river Wye – between Ross and Goodrich/Kerne bridge.

My Happy Highlights for August 2018…

  1. Took another step on my low-waste journey by purchasing a reusable metal safety razor, so now I don’t need to use endless disposable razors.
  2. Lots of walks up to Lowe Hill and down to the ford beyond the steam-train-line – observing nature, collecting broken pieces of blue & white pottery, thinking about things… it’s wonderful!
  3. Visited friends in Bristol, enjoyed some vegan curry and vegan Chocolate sorbet, and melted in the extremely hot weather.
  4. Also visited family in Herefordshire and enjoyed my parents’ jungle garden – the latest addition is an extended ‘den’ over the stream, which you can access via a slide (up-cycled from an old play set)!
  5. Went canoeing with Fraz while we were in Herefordshire, on the beautiful river Wye, right alongside where I grew up. I love seeing nature from this unusual perspective, down low on the surface of the water. I also get mesmerised looking deep into the reflections on the water, and imagining the alternative universe below/above…!
  6. Drawing mini comics for my 365 day art project. I think this might finally be something to take further – combines my love of words, stories and characters, with drawing, and could also be developed to include mixed media in some areas.
  7. Watching and reading ‘Adventure Time’ cartoon and comics – I love silly things, including most cartoons!
  8. Reading ‘Watchmen’ graphic novel – a little darker… but I’m enjoying it so far.
  9. Playing cute, indie, video games – with Fraz (‘Don’t Starve’) and by myself (‘Fez’ and ‘Stacking’).
  10. Had a lovely date night with Fraz – saw the new ‘Christopher Robin’ film at the cinema, and got vegan pizza at our favourite place.
  11. Finished ‘Anne with an E’ season 2 on Netflix – the last few episodes were just so stunning, especially Aunt Josephine’s party.
  12. Also reading ‘Anne of Green Gables’ – I just adore Anne’s character, she is so romantic and enthusiastic!!! I also love how it’s set in the time of baking your own bread and sewing your own clothes, and it’s making me want to bake and sew more.
  13. Enjoyed having an extra day with Fraz for the bank holiday. We went to the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, home to the 3rd largest steerable radio telescope in the world – ‘the Lovell Telescope’ – which was extremely impressive to see and learn more about.
  14. Made vegan Welsh cakes! These were actually one of my favourite treats in the days P.V. (pre-vegan!); the ones I made from Avant-Garde Vegan‘s recipe are literally just as delicious and are SO good fresh out of the pan!
  15. Sent cute packages to my mum and niece for their birthdays – I love digging through my hoard of papers, ribbons, tapes and other supplies, and putting together something to make someone smile.
  16. Listened to Frannerd on Andy J. Pizza‘s ‘Creative Pep Talk’ podcast – two of my favourite people in the creative world right now, talking together and sharing awesome advice! Wow!
  17. Noticing early signs of Autumn and enjoying the cooler, crisper days towards the end of the month.
Paddling on the river Wye!

For September I hope to make lots of progress with my creative goals; stay tuned for more blog posts, Instagram content (including my 365 day project), and *fingers crossed* a re-launch of my Etsy shop!

Have a brilliant day and stay creative!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

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Mixed media illustrator, maker and writer, in Staffordshire, UK. Passionate about slow living, nature, mindfulness, sustainability and a holistic view of life.

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