Hello sisters!

My name is Rachel and it’s nice to meet you! I do just about everything here at Sunray Sister: from the first sketch to the final stitch. And I actually think the marketing process is quite fun too. I hope we can be friends!

Here at Sunray Sister my main aim is to be creative every day, share those creations with others, and hopefully bring some sunshine into other people’s lives.



On this blog you will find regular Etsy shop updates and news, my inspirations and influences, illustrated playlists and favourites lists, and pictures of my essential sketchbooks and notebooks.



I studied Art & Design at Hereford College of Arts in 2012 achieving a distinction level Foundation Diploma. I then decided to focus on my music, and gained a Professional Musicianship degree in 2015. You can find some of my music on YouTube and SoundCloud. But now I’m back with my art hat on; I like changing my hats!

I have always created things: I love to sew cute little things, as well as useful things, draw pictures, keep journals and sketchbooks, cut up magazines and collage, paint with watercolour and acrylic, write songs on piano and guitar. I can even vaguely knit and crochet! But through all these mediums I try to create something which is beautiful and can be loved by others.

Of course I have a million other interests besides being creative: everything from reading fantasy novels to walking in the woods; photographing flowers super close; watching American dramas and cartoons; weird and classic films (not remakes!); listening to unusual/dreamy/dramatic music; trying to grow house plants and dreaming of owning some pets of my own whilst drooling over cute cat/dog/bunny pictures. And a lot of other things…!

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to this new leg of my crazy journey through life.


Peace and love

Rachel x