June Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Hot Sleepy Summer ~ Sunray Sister


Another month has been and gone! Welcome to July, and my regular monthly post celebrating all the little things that made me smile during the last few weeks. What have been some highlights for you this June? Let me know in the comments, or via Instagram or Facebook.

One of many gorgeous sunsets I’ve watched recently

My Happy Highlights for June 2018…

  • Gradually adding more art work and products to my corner of Gallery Twenty. I currently have framed originals, limited edition prints, notebooks, stickers, printed greetings cards and handmade collage cards. There are lots more products on the way, and possibly something slightly less tangible…  Stay tuned for updates!
  • Went out on another lovely cinema-and-delicious-food date with Fraz – our monthly treat!
  • Finished a self-portrait commissioned by my dad, and I am so, SO pleased with the result! It is now my profile picture on my social media accounts, and you can see it below too. If you would like a similar portrait of yourself or a loved one, head over to my Etsy shop!
  • Posted two long overdue pen-pal letters! I put off finishing my replies for ages, so I was glad to finally get back in touch with my pen-pals. I have a couple of videos about pen-paling on my YouTube channel, this one was particularly popular!
  • Enjoyed a couple of catch-ups with my mum and dad via phone and video calls.
  • Had my heart broken into a million tiny pieces watching the film ‘Call me by your name’, and also fell in love with the soundtrack. I’m now reading the book by André Aciman to make this intimate, emotional and magical story last a little longer.
  • Basking in the incredible hot sunny weather – all of that snow seems like a lifetime ago! What a contrast! Just making me even more aware of the wonderful seasons and cycles of our beautiful earth – read more about that in my last blog post.
  • After feeling stuck over the Summer Solstice, I finally got myself moving again and went for a late afternoon walk around Rudyard lake; I felt like I was somewhere else, somewhere far more exotic than England! It is so nice to be able to escape and forget where you are, just a few miles from your own home.
  • Went to Little Morton Hall with family for a relaxed day out, and to celebrate a birthday! Did some sketching too.
  • Watched quite a few films, and sketched some of the characters whilst watching, which was fun.
  • Started reading ‘Vein of gold’ by Julia Cameron – I think it will help me focus on my path, and clear my brain of the doubts and fears that often get in the way.
  • Getting better and better at playing piano, plus doing some meditative improvising/messing around! And my private teaching is going well too.
  • Went to a vegan fair in Stoke-on-Trent; of course we stuffed our faces with delicious vegan food!
  • Spent a hot, sleepy Sunday making art that I’m really pleased with and feeling excited by a new development in my creative process and art style.
Self portrait! Order your very own personal portrait via my Etsy shop!

So those were my happy highlights from June, and for July – as always – I have lots of plans and projects in progress. Fingers crossed I can achieve my goal of a blog post every Friday this month!

Until next time, stay creative sisters.

Peace and love,

Rachel x


May Happy Highlights 2018 and a few thoughts… ~ Sunray Sister


Today I would like to share my favourite moments from the month of May. It’s been a fun-filled few weeks, with so much sunshine! How was May for you? Read on to see my Happy Highlights list, plus a few thoughts and updates…

The magical stream running through Coombes Valley Nature Reserve

My Happy Highlights for May 2018…

  • Enjoyed a lovely ‘artist date’ morning looking around Leek Open Studios, as part of Leek Arts Festival. I always love open studio events, and look forward to taking part in one myself in the future!
  • Took part in my first ever market in Leek: the Sunday Supplement organised by the Totally Locally Leek team. I had a good experience, and with the new products I’m creating at the moment, I can’t wait to take part in more markets this year.
  • Went for a walk up Shutingsloe in Macclesfield forest with Fraz on a wonderful warm day.
  • Had a cute cinema and pizza date with Fraz; this is fast becoming a monthly special treat for us!
  • Bought a reliable, accurate and easy to read digital watch to help me stay on time, and get used to how long things take, so I can really get on top of everything… hopefully!
  • Started taking deliberate days off, trying to get a better work life balance, and create a clear break between the two, as they often merge into each other. This is definitely a work in progress, but it helps to be able to actually stop sometimes.
  • Joined Gallery Twenty; a local collective based in the beautiful, cobbled, Victorian alleyway/courtyard ‘Getliffe’s Yard’ here in Leek. I’ve been there for almost a month now, and I already feel like part of the team, with my own responsibilities, and I’m slowly adding more of my work/products to the shop, which I’m excited to share with you online!
  • Adventured out on a long solo walk from Leek to Coombes Valley Nature Reserve, then to the Cheedleton station for the Churnet Valley Railway, and headed back home along the canal. These long walks are also becoming an essential monthly solo-date for me to take some time out and explore! Did you read my post about my Roaches adventure in April?
  • So many days of amazing sunny weather and eating outside, which is always so much nicer than sitting inside.
  • Taking part in a business course with Gallery Twenty, which is making me feel a little more positive about money, and more realistic about my dreams and goals. We’ve got lots more sessions left, so lots more valuable information to absorb and put into action.
  • Had a fun night out in Leek with Fraz and one of our friends from Bristol, later joined by Fraz’s Dad and his friends! We even visited Leek’s new nightclub which has a light-up dance floor…!
  • Towards the end of the month, after lots of research and consideration, I finally got myself a good quality printer so that I can make all the products I’ve been dreaming about!

So that was May in my world! What happened in yours? Did you have any big adventures? Small victories? A special moment to remember? Why not share your story with us in the comments or over on Facebook and Instagram? I’d love to hear from you!

Forget Me Nots in Buxton

In other news: a few thoughts and updates…

I made a lot of promises to myself recently, (and shared a few of them with you), and I feel like I’ve failed: I said I would launch a newsletter, and I haven’t; I said I would be doing live portrait drawing, and I didn’t; I said I was working on a new illustration of Björk, which was actually for a competition deadline, and I missed it.

Part of me thinks I’ve taken on too many commitments.

Another part of me says get your act together and start showing up for yourself! Never mind what anyone else thinks; what do you think? What do you think of yourself for cancelling events and missing deadlines?

With this comes a need for balance. I don’t have too many commitments, I just let them spill into every corner and crevice of my life, so that I never focus, but I also never switch off. I am also trying to become more aware of the inner and outer cycles of life; the seasons, the phases, the energy levels. When we get in tune with these, we can work with our natural rhythms, instead of against them.

I’ve already made a few changes. And these are changes that I may decide to change again next month, or in a year, or after ten years. Changes should always be for the better, but they don’t have to be forever.

For now I’ve decided not to launch a newsletter after all. I’m also only going to post blogs on Fridays, plus these Happy Highlights/month review posts on Sundays once a month. As much as possible I’m avoiding social media at weekends, and also using a scheduling tool for Gallery Twenty’s posts; this is actually really satisfying, as I can get a whole week’s worth of posts done in a couple of hours!

Then there’s all the ‘real world’ stuff. I’m still doing my 365 day challenge (even if I don’t share the artwork every day), and I’m currently closing in on my final 100 days! Wow! I’ve been reading a lot; diving in and out of multiple non-fiction books, as well as slowly making my way through the Harry Potter series for the first time…! Plus podcasts, videos, music and films. Singing and dancing. Walks out into nature and taking photos of all the pretty flowers! Piles of notebooks with lists, plans, notes, ideas. Sketchbooks full of work. A commission that keeps getting put to the side, is finally almost done. New products coming into reality… Things are actually going well.

On top of Shutingsloe trig point near Macclesfield

Speak soon sisters, and remember to share your happy highlights from May in the comments or on social media. Stay creative!

Peace and love,

Rachel x

April Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Sunray Sister


I hope you are well! How has April been for you? It feels like this month has absolutely flown by; so many lovely and exciting things have been happening, plus even more exciting things are just around the corner.

Beautiful Spring blossoms contrasted with an intense blue sky

My Happy Highlights for April 2018…

  1. Saw Wes Anderson’s new film ‘Isle of Dogs’ at the cinema with Fraz. It is incredible; all the details are just wonderful, and seem to reflect my love of texture, layers and collage that I want to bring into my own work.
  2. Completed my moon ladies artwork trio for the Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition. You can go and view the pieces now until the 12th of May – click the links for more details.
  3. Went for a picnic and long walk at Deep Hayes Country Park with the Whatley gang, topped off with a cider in the sun right by the canal.
  4. Bought some new piano books to help with my teaching and personal progress, which are both going well.
  5. Had an interview to join a local gallery in Leek… more on that soon!
  6. Went on an epic solo walking adventure from Leek all the way to the top of the Roaches during the lovely sunny weather we had recently. (I might have burnt my nose…!) I will be sharing a full blog post about this next week.
  7. Enjoyed a delicious vegan BBQ in the garden, featuring burgers, hotdogs and veggie-tofu kebabs. Yum!
  8. Started a bullet journal to get super organised, including planning more content for this blog and some exciting events in May and June.
  9. Took some time out for myself with face masks and manicures!
  10. Did some awesome yoga practices almost every day; I am particularly enjoying the classes by Boho Beautiful at the moment.
  11. My Dad let me know that one of my songs was played on local radio! I recorded it a while ago, so it was quite a surprise to find out I’m still on their playlist. Click the link to listen again at 13:05 minutes.
  12. And of course, I couldn’t leave out all the stunning Spring blossoms in every shade of pink and white, as well as the green buds appearing everywhere!
Stop for lunch on the Roaches

So how was your month? What little things made you smile, and what big things did you achieve? I’d love to hear your stories; share them in the comments or over on Facebook or Instagram. See you there, and expect more regular blog posts in May too!


Peace and love,


March Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Glimpses of Spring ~ Sunray Sister


How are you? I am a little late with my Happy Highlights post, which I usually share at the end of each month, but we’re now half way through another month! It’s ok, I forgive myself. In these posts I like to look back on the previous few weeks, and consider which moments made me smile, and which achievements made me feel proud.

Sketchbook page – watercolour and coloured pencil – 27th March

Even though the month began with lots of snow, it ended with some hopeful glimpses of Spring; both literally and in terms of things gradually coming together in my creative career!

My Happy Highlights for March 2018…

  1. We had a lot of snow! It caused a bit of trouble and changed plans, but I still found it so magical.
  2. Continued teaching piano, gained a couple more students and shared my poster to get even more students hopefully!
  3. Went to a Susanne Sundfør gig with Fraz. She is BREATHTAKING! Please go and listen to her music now! I also had the best day exploring Stockport and Manchester by myself, stumbling across all sorts of interesting places.
  4. Had a curry tapas meal out with Fraz and his parents. Yes, curry tapas! It meant we could have a few little dishes, and experience lots of wonderful flavours.
  5. Video called mum and dad; which is always lovely!
  6. Got to do some window displays for the charity shop where I volunteer. I really love creating fun displays!
  7. Secured a stall at the ‘Party in the Park’ event in Leek this June. Looking forward to selling my art and drawing lots of sunny, happy faces!
  8. Entered a national art competition, which also meant writing my artist statement. I found this super hard for some reason! But I’m glad I’ve got one now; I might add it to my ‘about’ page here on the blog.
  9. Discovered a new direction and freedom in my 365 day art challenge. I explained more in my previous blog post, which you can read here! Remember to follow my daily progress on Instagram and Facebook.
  10. Went out on a long walk along the canal for the first time; it was so peaceful! I love exploring new places so much!
  11. By the end of the month there were lots of happy signs of Spring; in particular I’ve been noticing all the birds singing sweet songs. I can’t wait to see more flowers and full green trees everywhere!

I’ve already done so many exciting things during April, which I can’t wait to share in my next Happy Highlights post, and possibly in that newsletter that I keep meaning to start!

Sketchbook page – watercolour and coloured pencil – 27th March

How was March for you? Did you get a lot done? Or are you still emerging from Winter hibernation? Share your happy highlights in the comments, or over on Instagram or Facebook. Speak soon sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

February 2018 Happy Highlights ~ Sunray Sister


Welcome to my monthly review and round-up of all the good things I’ve experienced and achieved in February. Below is my list (in no particular order) of ‘happy highlights’ from both my Sunray Sister world and personal life.

After that I have shared some details of my plans for March, including the new theme for my 365 day challenge, which you can follow on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

All together it has been a very snowy and creative month, in which I…

  1. Celebrated five years of being with my boyfriend Fraz!!!
  2. Enjoyed watching ‘Coco’ at the cinema, as well as ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ and ‘Witless’ on T.V.
  3. Felt very wintry and magical after a LOT of snow!
  4. Walked around Trentham gardens with Fraz, and enjoyed delicious vegan pies at Pieminister.
  5. Celebrated Fraz’s birthday; somehow I managed to cook an awesome vegan fry-up and bake vegan brownies, and Fraz made vegan burgers. Yum!
  6. Taught my first ever piano student! Hopefully lots more students will follow.
  7. Created and uploaded two YouTube videos: Origami Pen Pal Letter Tutorial and Watercolour Valentine’s Card Tutorial.
  8. Started a special client illustration project.
  9. Found some second-hand tubes of Winsor & Newton watercolour paint in the charity shop!
  10. Spent a lovely weekend with my parents, who visited us! I especially loved our outdoor adventures; first to Rudyard lake, and then to the Roaches.
  11. Started using the Pomodoro technique, which is helping me to manage my time more efficiently.
  12. Visited the Whitworth art gallery in Manchester with Rosie, Eloise & James. It was great fun, and I did some scribbling in a sketchbook which I feel like I haven’t done for ages!
  13. Signed up for a two month Skillshare trial for 70p! I’m going to follow a couple of courses on there specifically to learn more about editorial illustration. I also got a new book (using a birthday gift-card), called ‘Becoming a Successful Illustrator’ by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies. I already love it; feels like a textbook for the art degree I never did!



My new theme for my 365 day challenge is interiors. This means I will be drawing/painting/illustrating any kind of inside space, both real and imagined, every day. I also intend to experiment working digitally and incorporating previous work in a collage style, as shown in the first two days’ pieces below.

Overall in March I aim to:

  • Promote my new piano/music tutoring service, and gain some new students
  • Promote my portrait commission service more
  • Finish the current client project I’m working on
  • Do some additional personal projects to fill my portfolio – use Skillshare and new illustration book
  • Register as self-employed and get some proper business things sorted
  • Take a break from YouTube/put less pressure on uploading regularly for now
  • Celebrate the official start of Spring!? (even though there is still snow everywhere!)

I was considering starting an email newsletter, where I would share monthly news like in this blog post. Would you enjoy reading that? Would you sign up? Let me know!

What were your happy highlights from February, and what are your plans for March? I’d love to hear your story, share it in the comments, or over on Instagram and Facebook.

Speak soon, stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

January 2018 Happy Highlights and February’s 365 theme ~ Sunray Sister


The first month of 2018 has come and gone, and at this time I like to look back on the past few weeks and consider what made me smile and what I achieved; my happy highlights!

In January I…

  1. Took part in Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga challenge ‘True’ on YouTube. She is the best!
  2. Went to see Star Wars at the cinema with Fraz, followed by delicious vegan pizza at Klay in Hanley.
  3. Enjoyed a video call to my mum & dad! The first of many I hope!
  4. Went on some quick walks up to Lowe Hill for fresh air; trying to make this a daily habit.
  5. Started making a junk journal from a vintage book and some random, pretty, scrap papers. When it’s finished I will use it as a visual diary/journal/experiment space, and will share a YouTube tutorial for it too!
  6. Created and uploaded THREE videos: an ‘Inspiration Wall’ tutorial, a two month sketchbook tour and my portrait service announcement! Watch them all on my YouTube channel.
  7. Started volunteering at a local charity shop – whilst I continue my part-time job hunt – to interact with other human beings and show that I am doing ‘something’.
  8. Observed the snow falling again! It is so peaceful and magical.
  9. Ate delicious homemade vegan pizza. Thanks Alison!
  10. Went on a family day out to Carsington Water – my first time there.
  11. Launched my portrait commission service on my Etsy shop.
  12. Submitted an illustration to the open call for Flow magazine’s 2019 calendar! Fingers and toes crossed!!!
  13. Completed another month of my 365 day art challenge – possibly the best so far!? I loved using watercolour, and feel like my work developed/improved a lot.


Below is my new visual for the fourth month of my 365 day art challenge! The new theme for February is patterns. After enjoying watercolours in January, I plan to focus on using this medium by going back to basics and turning some key techniques into fun and colourful patterns.

Follow my daily progress on Instagram and Facebook.



Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

December Happy Highlights and 365 Day Challenge New Theme! ~ Sunray Sister

Hello and Happy New Year 2018!

Sunray Sister is back on the blog! How are you all? I will be sharing a big 2017 review and 2018 goals post this Sunday, so stay tuned for that.

For now though, I need to do my Happy Highlights for December, AND share the new theme for my 365 day art challenge (which I have already started using over on Instagram).

As you might expect, with three big celebrations in December, last month was jam-packed with goodness. Let’s take a look back over my happy highlights…

  1. Published three new videos: ‘Autumn Favourites’, ‘Opening Letters from Pen-pals’  AND ‘Portrait Drawing Process’! I was really pleased with all of them, and especially happy that I followed through with my schedule. More on that this Sunday!
  2. Wrote to my new pen-pal Mandy. I created a really cute themed package using Stellaire’s printable kit.
  3. My Instagram/art got featured in one of By Bun’s videos (this video to be precise, at 11:50), after using her hashtag ‘by bun art gang’. I was so hysterical when I watched Roxanne talking about my work!!! I love her work so much!
  4. Drew live portraits for the first time at a local Christmas fair. I was so nervous, but the response was great, and I hope to do more in 2018.
  5. It snowed! Lots! Between the 8th-12th there was a magical white blanket over everything. Of course some outdoor fun ensued, and snowboards were involved.
  6. Fraz & I had a lovely dinner at Tom & Rosie’s house, including playtime with Fraz’s niece and nephew.
  7. Painted pictures as gifts for my close family. I was so happy with the results, which has given me a gigantic confidence boost in my artistic abilities! More on that soon!
  8. Visited Bristol, and had long-overdue catch-ups with old friends, and my brother and niece. As well as checking out the Arnolfini’s Grayson Perry exhibition.
  9. Visited Herefordshire, and stayed with my parents, in their lovely house which had been transformed into a winter jungle, complete with huge, natural decorations draped from the ceilings and over the fireplace that my dad made from some garden waste!
  10. Visited Reading to see my grandad, uncle and aunts. We had a lovely meal and catch-up with everyone.
  11. Enjoyed a relaxed Christmas (after a bit of stress, as usual, getting everything ready), including vegan tofu, spinach & cranberry pastry wreath, as well as a walk, presents, TV & snuggles on the sofa!
  12. Visited my grandparents house (near to my parents house), where we enjoyed tea, mince pies and more catching-up, plus a quick walk to clear out the Christmas fog.
  13. It was my birthday on the 27th! One of my sisters visited and we all went on a lovely long walk, involving lots of selfies!
  14. Returned to the north and straight into a huge family meal with 11 around the table, plus the newest addition to the family, Alexa…!
  15. Rearranged some furniture in the lull between Christmas and New Year. I moved my desk to a new position by the window, which feels awesome! I also changed my dressing table in the bedroom, so my small jewellery collection is on display, rather than hidden in a drawer.
  16. Visited Nottingham for New Year’s eve with Fraz’s friends, featuring board games and cards into the early hours of New Year’s day!

Woaaaaaaaah-eeeee, so many great things! No wonder I had a rather slow and sleepy start to the new year.

Before I go, here is the image for January’s theme of OBJECTS. In case you missed it, I started a 365 day art challenge in November. To make 12 months a little easier to digest, I set myself a theme for each month (you can find them all in the second image below).

I share my art everyday on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to join in, simply create an image in response to the theme, use my hashtags #sunraysister365 & #sunraysisterobjects, and tag me @SunraySister, so I can see your work!



See you again this Sunday for that 2017 review and 2018 goals post I mentioned. Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

November Happy Highlights ~ Sunray Sister Monthly Favourites


It’s that time again, the end of one month, and the start of another! At this time I like to share all the little things and moments that brought me joy in the past few weeks, and I call this list my Happy Highlights. (I’ve been using a ‘5 year diary’ to record how each day has been for the past few months now, and this helps me remember all these things that go into my list.)

I would love to read your list of happy things from November. Share it in the comments, or over on Facebook or Instagram.

My Happy Highlights for November…

  1. I started my 365 day art challenge! I’m now at day 33 and going strong. Plus I am really enjoying it, and discovering little things about my style and process.
  2. Went out to a local fireworks display, which was very DIY! It was exciting though!
  3. The following day me and Fraz had lunch at our favourite café in town, called Penguin, and walked around Rudyard lake. It was lovely!
  4. Had a good long chat with my parents; must do this more often!
  5. Went to London for a weekend. Fraz needed to go for work, which was so amazing, because he is doing so well in his new job. We also got to spend time with my sister and her boyfriend, in their new flat and neighbourhood, for a lovely catch-up. Additionally I had some time to myself; I treated myself to new art supplies and a visit to the V&A, (plus I successfully navigated the underground!)
  6. I got some of my handmade notebooks and Christmas cards stocked in a local shop, which is a big step for me!
  7. Had fun using gouache paint. I rediscovered the magic of colour mixing, and the freedom of using a brush and paint to flow around the page.
  8. Fraz’s sister had her second baby, called Alison Artesia. We haven’t met her yet, but she looks so cute and tiny in photos!
  9. One Saturday morning we had freshly baked cinnamon rolls (thanks to Jus-Roll!), and homemade pineapple, banana, almond & ginger smoothies. Yum, yum, YUM!
  10. I filmed two new YouTube videos! The first was published in November, and is all about my Etsy shop. I’ve also just released the second one at the start of December, which is a fun chatty video sharing my Autumn favourites. It feels so good to be back in the YouTube game! I have so many ideas and footage ready for lots more videos in December and the new year.
  11. We woke up to snow in Leek! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen snow in November; it was so magical.
  12. I received a letter from my new pen-pal, Mandy, who contacted me after watching my pen-pal video. Her letter was so sweet; I’ve just finished my reply today, ready to send out this week.
  13. ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ was released, and I am obsessed! It is SO. DAMN. CUTE.!!! GAAAAAAH!

…and now – to celebrate the full moon – I’m off to have a special pamper night, including a bath and face mask! See you soon sisters.


Peace and love,

Rachel x

October Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister Monthly Favourites


Can you believe November is almost here! What?! October has been a month of creativity and adventures, just what I love.

What were your favourite moments and proudest achievements from last month? Share your stories in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Instagram.

Without further ado, here are my October happy highlights:

  1. At the start of the month Fraz and I enjoyed a visit to Biddulph Grange Garden, a national trust property and garden not far from Leek. The gardens are the main feature, created in the Victorian era to accommodate James Bateman’s plant collection from around the world. I especially enjoyed the magical ‘stumpery’ and colourful dahlia collection.
  2. Had a few solo expeditions, including seeing a stag near Black Hills wood…
  3. …as well as my walk to Ladderedge via Ballington woods, when I saw a kingfisher. I love spotting incredible wild creatures!
  4. Created some maps to document my adventures, which I shared in my previous blog post.
  5. Then Fraz and I had our biggest adventure yet to Scotland, where we wild camped next to a loch, and visited the Lake District on our way home. Will hopefully share a bit more about this trip soon.
  6. Went to a ceramic exhibition at Spode, where we also got to play with clay, which was fun.
  7. Sent a couple of job applications! I guess that doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve been working on my art too. And next month I’m determined to work even harder on both areas.
  8. I contacted three local shops about stocking my work – I haven’t heard from one, another said no, and the last one said maybe, so I’m going back this week to show them some samples!
  9. I started a linocut. I’ve only made small stamps in the past, so this time I’m trying a composition on a rectangular piece of lino, to hopefully create a complete picture which I can print.
  10. Explored the local antiques emporium, and was delighted to find an original (?) Beatrix Potter ‘Tom kitten’ plate to add to my small collection of a Peter rabbit teapot and cup, and Jemima puddle-duck bowl!
  11. Ate delicious homemade vegan pizza made by Alison, Fraz’s mum!
  12. And finally: today Fraz made vegan ginger cake – using ‘egg replacer’ powder for the first time! It is cake, and it tastes very very ginger-y!


See you back here sooner than usual, as I want to tell you about a new challenge I’m starting in November, and you can join in! Find out more soon!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

September Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister Monthly Favourites


Well that month flew by! It sounds cliché, but September seems to have gone so quickly. It has been a month of settling in, finding my feet, exploring new places, getting creative and connecting with nature.

What made you smile and feel alive this month?

  1. A trip to York, one of our first outings in Fraz’s car! Went to a couple of museums, and found a perfect little vegan café.
  2. Fraz started his new job!!!
  3. Went on the Wirksworth art trail with Rosie. See more at the end of my previous post, Dear Diary #7.
  4. Finished and posted my pen-pal letters, finally! I shared the sweet packages I created over on my Instagram. Also, you can check out my pen-pal YouTube video here!
  5. Started using my ‘Jane-a-Day 5 Year Diary’ (as in Jane Austen), to reflect on each day, which I will then be able to re-read next year when I fill it in again!
  6. Spent a few hours at Tittesworth Reservoir with Fraz. Again, my first time there! So many new places to discover!!!
  7. Enjoying sketching more and more, rediscovering the simplicity of pen and paper, trying to make it a daily habit. See some examples in my previous posts from September.
  8. Went on an incredible solo expedition all the way around Rudyard Lake, for – you guessed it – the first time! I shared lots of photos in my previous post.
  9. Also embarked on a solo trip to the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, and Bethesda Chapel, in Hanley, via the bus… all for the first time! Spent a while sketching in the museum, and some A-level students came up to me and said, “Woah, are you a real artist?!… Look Miss, an actual artist!”… It was a surreal and hilarious experience!!!
  10. Created an inspiration wall above my desk, and filmed the process for a potential YouTube video. I also have some footage of opening the letters from my pen-pals, so fingers-crossed I will have some fresh YouTube content soon!
  11. Wandered to a new (to me) path, only ten minutes from our home. I love being surrounded by all this stunning countryside with breathtaking views.
  12. Seeing as Fraz has all the books, I’ve started reading the Harry Potter series… for the first time!!! Please don’t judge. I love them so far!


A happy month indeed! What have you been up to? Share some stories in the comments, or over on social media.

Here’s our crazy faces from a day out today – but more on that in next month’s highlights!

See you back here next week for Dear Diary #8. Have a beautiful and magical week sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x