Magic, Midsummer and the Moon: Following Cycles ~ Sunray Sister


Recently I’ve been following the earth’s seasons and moon cycles more closely, and getting in tune with my spiritual side. This has been coming out visually in my art as well, and I wanted to share a bit more about that in this week’s blog post! (Which is long overdue, since I was planning to post once a week this month… maybe I will achieve this in July!?)


I can’t really remember how or when it started, but over the last 12 months or so I have gradually been researching and practicing all things spiritual; moon cycles, yoga, meditation, chakras, Pagan/Wiccan holidays, witchcraft, magic, seasons, planets, zodiac signs… I’ve been finding quiet times to light candles; getting more in tune with nature; carrying little crystals with me; having ritual baths. I love how everything is connected and crosses over into different traditions, cultures, and beliefs throughout history. It feels incredibly important; from the huge connection to the universe and every being within it, to the intimacy of self-care and self-understanding.

In a funny way, it’s also helping me to care less about what other people think of me! Yes, I am a crazy hippie lady, so what?



Most recently we had the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Midsummer. This marks the longest day and shortest night of the year, and the point at which the sun seems to stand still before retreating back towards winter. During the days around the solstice I was feeling so slow, heavy and lethargic. I had to stop and rest for a bit, just like the sun!

Yesterday was the full moon, which is a time of high energy and things coming together;  either to work out, or to be released and revised. Sometimes the full moon drives me crazy, but perhaps this is a sign that I was on the wrong path at the time, and needed to let go of what wasn’t working. This month the full moon feels great; I have a few projects that feel right and like they are leading in a positive direction, plus I’m finally finishing a lot of things I said I would do a long time ago.

moons_three together

As well as changing my personal life and behind-the-scenes at Sunray Sister, spirituality has also been manifesting visually in my artwork, which you may have noticed if you’ve been following my 365 day art challenge on Instagram!

First I created my moon lady trio, (above), and soon after found myself painting all sorts of strange alien faces with mysterious planets, landscapes and orbs of magical colour. I also painted two cloudy moons (below), which I really love. My moon lady trio and the two cloudy moons are available to buy as prints at Gallery Twenty in Leek, Staffordshire, and the moon lady originals are also for sale!


I can’t wait to create more work in this fantastical, ethereal style, perhaps with more of a direction towards representing certain spiritual symbols, such as the zodiac signs, or possibly more realistic work showing different plants with special properties, or symbolic objects. What would you like to see me create?

Let me know what you think of all this! Are you in tune with the flow of energy and seasons of nature all around us? Or do you think it’s all a bit too weird? I’d love to hear your opinions and share more of my thoughts on the subject in future posts.

Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


My Reading List: Non-fiction Edition // Sunray Sister

Hello lovely sisters! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Today I have a short, sweet and simple post to share with you: all the books on my current reading list! They are all non-fiction, as I’m so obsessed with learning new things about myself, other people, nature and the universe, that I don’t have much time left for fiction. I prefer to get that from films and cartoons (which I may share in another list-post soon)!

Currently I’ve almost finished ’21 rituals to change your life’ by Theresa Cheung…


…and below are all the books I will be reading next, along with links to further information. There are quite a few so I split them into three categories: business/creative, personal and spiritual. The books are mostly on my Kindle, a few are on my shelf, and others I will loan from the lovely library! Have you read any of these? Are any of them on your reading list too?

…and that’s it!

I’d love to know what you’re currently reading, and what books are on your reading list! Comment down below or find me on social media.

Coming up this Wednesday I will have a new YouTube video! In the meantime please subscribe to my channel and watch my latest video below. Your support and feedback means the world to me, especially during these first baby steps of my creative career!

Right now I also have a sale on in my Etsy shop! Get 30% off everything from now until the 8th of May!

Spring sale now on


Peace and love,

Rachel x


Celebrate Spring Instead of Easter // Sunray Sister

Happy Sunday sisters! It is super sunny and lovely here, what’s the weather like where you are? I’ve been shedding my layers and rising from my winter hibernation, discovering new places to explore outside.

Now, time for a short but serious discussion…

Next Sunday is the religious Christian celebration called Easter. It is also the commercial chocolate event called Easter. Today I want to talk about why I will be celebrating neither, and prefer to celebrate nature and the cycles of life instead.

I will not be celebrating Easter for two reasons, the first is that I am not Christian. For a while I was agnostic, but recently I have been researching Buddhism and spirituality, and I feel a connection to them. So it makes absolutely no sense to me to celebrate Easter. The only reason that I have recognised it in the past is because supermarkets sell chocolate eggs and we all give them to each other, because…chocolate? This holds no meaning for me, so I see no logic in taking part in it.

The second motive for not celebrating Easter is a recent change in my diet. At the end of 2016, I made the sudden decision to become Vegetarian. In January 2017 I discovered Veganuary, and tried out being Vegan. Throughout February I swung back and forth between being Vegan, and then eating pizza with cheese, and various things which contained milk or eggs. By mid-March I had finally made up my mind that I wanted to become a vegan, and right now, bar a few trace ingredients, I can happily say I am vegan!

On my vegan journey I have found a few things very easy to stop eating, including dairy chocolate. To me a Vegan diet is more than saying no to animal products, and discovering all the ethical, environmental and health benefits. It is a sudden realisation that food already exists for us to eat, and is ready in its pure and raw form, without the need for processing and sugar and flavourings and any other unnatural elements. Chocolate is supposed to be enjoyed as pure dark chocolate, without any dairy. So that’s how I like it, and I don’t need it shaped in an egg. Just pure and simple, how things are meant to be.


Next Sunday I will not be thinking of a man rising from the dead, and I will not be eating dairy chocolate eggs, (although I may coincidentally be eating pure dark chocolate, which I do a lot anyway). I will however, be thinking of Spring, and rebirth, and death, and life. I will especially be marvelling at the incredible blossoms which I have been watching emerge over the last few weeks. They are so stunning! The wonderful cycles of the universes!!! That is something worth celebrating, and I encourage you to do the same.

Coming up…

This week is filling up fast, since I now have two day-jobs, plus the sun is out so I want to get out and explore! I’m not sure if I will be able to fit in a YouTube video, so it looks like once a fortnight will work better for me from now on.

I have, however, had a chance to add a few new things to my Etsy shop, go check it out and get yourself or a loved one a cute Spring gift!


Bring Smiles

Have a joyful week!


Peace and love,

Rachel x



Day 2: My Love Story // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back to Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, a two-week daily love celebration. Today I want to share my personal story of love!

It turns out writing about your own experience of love is quite hard, so I’m going to address this to Fraz, like a little letter…

My first memory of you is your smile. A huge smile. I thought you were a bit too smiley and silly. But I was shy and a bit lost. Behind that smile I found the most caring and curious man. So I let my guard down and four years later I’m never far from your warm cuddles.

I like to think we balance each other out, and also reflect each other. You are extroverted, I’m introverted; you plays games, I make art; you play drums, I sing songs; you are messy, I’m tidy. We teach each other from our point of view: I try to get you to clean up, and you show me how to play video games! I recently became vegetarian, and you love cooking, so we’ve been able to try some amazing new meals, and I feel like my eyes (and taste buds) have been opened.

After university we moved in together! To me this was a much bigger step than moving to Bristol, because we were finally out on our own. No student finance, no lectures, no parties. It has been really, really, REALLY difficult. But you are always there, and I always need you.

Last year we went on our first holiday, which was beyond words. I absolutely adore exploring and visiting new places. And I really needed a break! Being able to share it with you was so much fun. I want to travel around the whole world with you!


For now we are in rainy Bristol: working away, paying our bills, cooking nice meals and creating endless piles of washing-up. Reading, playing, making, laughing, listening, watching, and mostly having fun together. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you Fraz for four years together, I hope this lasts forever.


What is your experience of love sisters? Tell me something sweet in the comments. Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, when it will be Playtime!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Personal Goals for 2017 // Sunray Sister

Hello sisters! How is your week going so far? Today I want to share a few personal things with you, because this business is a huge journey for me, and I want you to know what’s going on behind it. I want you to know what matters to me.

Last month I shared my business goals for 2017. Those goals are about fixed targets and going out of my comfort zone to achieve new things. My personal goals are about coming back to myself, so that I can create my best self. They are about being able to have a solid foundation from which I can jump up to my business goals, and then still have something comfortable to land on!

For my personal goals, I have created four main categories: Health, Habits, Finance and Fun. These are four broad areas which I want to improve throughout the year. Let’s see what’s in each one…


Health – diet and exercise

In 2017 I will get better at looking after my body and my mind.

I have already made a major change this year by becoming vegetarian. I have always eaten meat, but I suddenly realised that I don’t need to, my body doesn’t need it, and I no longer need to harm animals. What’s more I am taking part in Veganuary, a vegan challenge for January.

I also want to move more, and breathe in more fresh-air. In 2017 I aim to walk outside everyday. Doing a lot of work from home often means I get stuck inside all day. When I get outside I feel a million times better. Obviously I need to build up to doing serious exercise eventually, such as running and cycling.

By eating well and exercising regularly, my mind will become clearer and my body will feel happier. To add to this, I want to revisit yoga and meditation. I have done some basic meditation in the past using the Headspace app on my phone, and I have learnt some yoga moves from a class and books, so I would like to pick these up again in 2017.


Habits – planning and possessions

In 2017 I will become more organised and have fewer possessions.

Time is my biggest demon. Yet I know that I can conquer it, with the power of lists! And lists! And more lists!!! Plus a lot of willpower. If I want to be self-employed, or at least to begin with be able to juggle a job with running a small business, I need a daily routine. That means no lie-ins, no late nights. It means creating effective to-do lists, daily and weekly schedules, and prioritising.

Aside from all the serious stuff, I need to remember the mundane things. Cleaning and chores. Planning meals and doing food shopping. These basic things often get forgotten. But in 2017 I want to give them a place and respect my chores with a set routine and plan.

Before I can truly see clearly however, I need to get rid of the physical things that are in my way. I’m talking about clutter. Possessions. Stuff. There is a big trend at the moment for minimalism and I think this is great. So over the next couple of months I will be clearing out a lot of my belongings. I might also film the process to share later, when I launch my YouTube channel, which is one of my business goals!


Finances – the necessary stuff

In 2017 I will be financially secure and be in control of my money.

To me, money is such an abstract concept. Quite similar to time. In the age of plastic cards, and online shopping and banking, I basically never see money. And yet it makes me miserable. So it is another demon which I need to conquer, this time with the power of spreadsheets!!! And possibly an accountant. Money is also quite a private thing, so I won’t say anymore here.


Fun – the nice stuff

In 2017 I will have fun and do things that I love.

There are a lot of things that I love to do, but I hardly ever do them. So this year I am determined to make some time for fun.

I love music, but it has got slightly buried in my life recently. In 2017 I want to start practicing piano and singing regularly again; just for me to start with, and eventually for sharing at gigs and in YouTube videos again.

Of course I love art and crafts as well. This year I want to start building a handmade wardrobe by sewing clothes from patterns that I already own (I have quite a lot of dress patterns!), and I will probably film the process for YouTube as well. I also want to get back into collaging and start a journal that combines collage, drawing, paint and my written thoughts, in order to reflect on my emotions.

I often forget about the people in my life, so I also want to add a final, and most important goal for 2017, to plan special dates with Fraz, my boyfriend. These could be dates out to the cinema, for a walk, for a meal, or dates in to watch a film or play games.



My 2017 personal goals list

  1. Be vegetarian and try being vegan
  2. Walk outside everyday
  3. Practice yoga and meditation
  4. Plan each day
  5. Respect chores and create a routine for them
  6. Plan meals and prepare in advance
  7. De-clutter and become minimalist
  8. Become financially secure and track finances
  9. Practice piano
  10. Learn cover songs
  11. Sew clothes from patterns I already own
  12. Keep a collage journal
  13. Plan special dates with Fraz


What are you planning this year? Do you want to change? Are you going to be your best possible self? Let me know about all of your crazy plans in the comments or via social media. You could also follow me on Instagram for more personal insights and daily inspiration.

See you again this Friday for episode six of Playtime. Have a great week sisters!


Peace and love

Rachel x