escape the city // a walk into the woods and far away


Sometimes we all need a little break, which is why I took two weeks offline recently. If you can’t take that long off work/life, why not escape for just a few hours and get lost in nature!

That’s what I did last month, and I wanted to share this mini-adventure with you today. Join me as I leave the city behind, enter the woods, amble along the stream, discover hidden places, marvel at the beauty of nature and get lost in a magical wonderland!

(I also had a bit too much fun with some new editing tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently!!!)

This is my latest YouTube video; you can find more on my YouTube channel where I post new videos every Wednesday. Expect more mini-adventures alongside art & craft tutorials, and various behind the scenes snippets of my life as a creative individual. If you like the sound of that please subscribe and share with all your like-minded, crazy, creative friends on social media!

Coming up this Friday on the blog will be a little study of my inspirations, to help define my style and move my work forward! See you then sisters.


Peace and love,

Rachel x


Garway Hill Spring Adventure // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Hello! Today on the Sunray Sister blog I have a sunny Spring adventure to share with you all, in the shape of a new YouTube video.

During a visit to my parents’ house in the stunning Herefordshire countryside, we went on a mini-adventure up Garway hill, and around the serene village green. Expect wild horses, noisy sheep, an unusual signpost and a sneaky cat, as well as a lot of beautiful views. I hope you can join us!

Where have you ventured to recently? Let me know in the comments!

Coming up this Friday will be my April Happy Highlights, celebrating the best moments from the past few weeks. Then on Sunday I will have my monthly review; a reflection of where I am and where I’m going next with Sunray Sister.

Enjoy the rest of the week sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Spring walk in the countryside // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Happy Wednesday sisters! How is your week going so far?

Apologies for the lack of video last Wednesday, I had some issues with uploading and then my schedule suddenly got a little hectic. This week I am much more organised and I’ve even started a bullet journal (the ‘normal’ diary which I showed in this post wasn’t working for me!)

Last weekend I took a much-needed mini-break to my parents’ idyllic home in the countryside, and gave thanks for my brilliant and lovely mummy! Of course I made the most of the sunshine and the beautiful green surroundings and filmed my outdoors adventures.

Today I have a solo walk to share and a sweet garden tour, then in a few weeks I will also share another adventure we went on up a local hill.

Find the video below, and continue reading to find out what’s coming up from Sunray Sister, and what I’ve shared recently in case you missed anything!


Coming up on my blog and YouTube…

  • This Friday I will finally share part one of my new series, ‘Love Lessons’. Lesson one will teach you about the wonderful world of tea.
  • Then on Sunday I will have a more chatty/informal post with an explanation of why I would rather celebrate Spring, not Easter. I will also be launching something special on my Etsy shop, which I have neglected for a while!
  • Next Wednesday I will have a new craft tutorial video on my YouTube channel. Find my first three tutorial videos in my Sunray Sister Shows You How playlist.

In case you missed my recent posts, catch up below…

  • On Sunday: I reviewed my business goals for 2017, which is something I will be doing at the end of each month from now on.
  • Last Friday: I celebrated the little things and big achievements in my monthly Happy Highlights post.
  • The Sunday before that was Mother’s day, so I shared a special mother-themed playlist!
  • In my previous YouTube video I shared the process of decluttering my wardrobe; there will be a few more decluttering videos coming soon!


Enjoy the rest of your week sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

YouTube: The Spiralling 002 Exhibition Tour // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently taking part in my first ever exhibition as Sunray Sister! It is called The Spiralling Exhibition 002 and has been organised by Spin of The Spiralling. The exhibition is on all week from 6th-12th of March, 12-7pm every day at The Island gallery space in Bristol. You can find all the details in the previous post and on the official Facebook event page.

For today’s YouTube video I have created a tour of the exhibition, to tempt you even more, or so that you can be there in spirit if you really can’t make it in person! Head over to my YouTube channel to support this new branch of my creative tree by subscribing.

What do you think? If you are around please come and have a look, it will mean a lot to all of us involved!!!

Coming up this week I will have my usual Friday and Sunday blog posts, but I’ve got a few new ideas for some more in-depth and ‘serious’ content!

See you soon!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

YouTube: A Walk in the Park // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Hello sisters, how are you? Today I would like to share my third YouTube video with you all! This week’s video is the start of a new mini-series on my channel, called ‘Sunray Sister Ventures Out’.

In this series you can expect beautiful outdoors adventures, at home and further afield, as well as trips to inspiring museums and galleries; a celebration of nature, creativity and venturing out into the unknown.

For the first episode of Sunray Sister Ventures Out, I have created a short and sweet recording of a recent walk in my local park. I hope it inspires you to get outside and admire the beauty of nature all around us!


Please remember to support me by subscribing to my channel, or even just leaving a kind comment here, on YouTube, or on social media, to give me some feedback! 

See you again this Friday for my February Happy Highlights. What were your best moments from the last month? What did you achieve? What have you learnt? What made you smile? Let me know!


Peace and love,

Rachel x