My about page tells you my past.

My now page tells you my present! What is this?

As of 27th of August 2017, I am…

  • Living in Leek, Staffordshire, UK with my boyfriend
  • Exploring my new home, enjoying being out of the city
  • Looking for a day-job…


  • Making art…any and all kinds of art. Trying to find what I love.
  • Writing pen-pal letters and enjoying slower living
  • Drawing things I see around me
  • Reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert (and LOVING IT!!!)


  • Making YouTube videos, trying to upload every Wednesday
  • Posting on this blog, most Wednesdays and Sundays
  • Sharing my work and inspirations on Instagram almost every day


  • Living vegan, whilst slowly adding other sustainable and earth-friendly practices to my life (minimalism, zero-waste, etc.)
  • Researching spirituality, symbolism, cycles, astrology, nature and all sorts of hippie-dippie stuff. But I like it, and it makes me feel comforted and connected.


What are you doing now?

Peace and love,

Rachel x