August Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Fun and games, books and adventures ~ Sunray Sister

Hello! Welcome to my monthly ‘Happy Highlights’ post, where I reflect on the last few weeks and ask “what made me smile?” and “what am I proud of?”, with the help of my weekly gratitude lists in my bullet journal. I hope you enjoy reading this month’s list, and I would love to read about […]

April Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Welcome back sisters! As each month draws to a close, I like to pause and reflect on the moments that made me smile, and my biggest achievements or breakthroughs (however small they may seem to others). Sort of a ‘monthly favourites’, but about experiences, fun and learning! I usually type the list on my typewriter and […]

27…Things that make me happy!

Here’s a little fact about me: my lucky number is 27! And today I thought it would be fun to share an illustrated list of 27 things that make me happy… I drew each image separately, scanned them onto my computer, combined them in ‘Sketchbook Express’ and added a little digital colour. I am not […]