My Etsy Shop & New Product Ideas ~ Sunray Sister


I’ve got an exciting little update to share today: I got a fancy printer!!! Now I can take my original illustrations and turn them into lots of cute products, which I will be selling in my Etsy shop and Gallery Twenty very soon.

Let’s look at a few of my ideas…

Etsy shop screenshot
My Etsy shop – soon to be updated!

Ok, so… I have a LOT of ideas, but don’t worry I won’t try to create them ALL at once…let’s just say I have a bit of a weakness for shiny new projects!

But I would love to eventually produce prints, notebooks, colouring books, zines, letter-writing sets, postcards, greetings cards, stickers, earrings, brooches, necklaces, tote bags, tea towels and more, all with my own illustrations on them!

For now, I have chosen just a few that I think I will be able to produce most easily and immediately; they might work, they might not, they might need a few developments and adjustments… I will soon find out!

Of course art prints are the most obvious and simple product for me to make. So I will definitely be offering lots of print versions of my original work! Alongside prints, I could also make greetings cards and postcards, which require a similar process.

Notebooks are another option. I would simply print the cover on an A4, (and possibly A5 too) sheet, then fold it in half. The inside of the notebooks would be single signatures with plain paper, and be either stapled or machine stitched to hold everything together.

For all of these new product ideas, I will also need additional packaging ideas and consistent branding. I actually quite enjoy this part of the process, and I can’t wait to print out some fancy Sunray Sister packaging! You can see some of my plans specific to each item in my handwritten notes above and below.

Still in the category of stationery, I would absolutely love to have my own stickers!!! These would require a bit more arranging and designing on the computer, but once I work it out I think they could be a great addition to my Sunray Sister merchandise!

I’ve heard that other people get terrible hand cramp from hand-cutting stickers for their shops, so I’ve decided to use a circle paper-punch. This means all my stickers would be in one shape, but I quite like that restriction.

For something a little bit different, Fraz suggested I try shrink-plastic (or ‘Shrinky Dinks’). You may have tried these out as a silly children’s craft, but you can actually get shrink plastic to print onto. This means I could print out my paintings, and turn them into little charms to attach to earrings, necklaces and brooches.

Overall I think I may like to create ranges or lines for Sunray Sister, where I use one theme/design, and apply it to multiple products. This doesn’t mean just copying and pasting, but thoughtfully considering what works best for each product, and how all the items could work together.

These new products will be available in a couple of weeks online, and even sooner at Gallery Twenty here in Leek. In the meantime you can still find portrait commissions available in my Etsy shop! Stay up to date with all things Sunray Sister by joining my brand new monthly newsletter.

I would also love to know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to create? Please let me know and send any feedback you might have!

Live portrait drawing examples

This weekend you can meet me at ‘Art in the Yard’, a pop-up market taking place in Getliffe’s Yard, Leek. I will be drawing live portraits outside Gallery Twenty, where you can also find my work for sale inside! Have you read my post about joining the gallery?

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Peace and love,

Rachel x


100th Post! Plans for the Near Future // Dear Diary #9

Dear diary,

This is my 100th post on this blog! Wow!!! Thank you for being here and letting me share my creative journey.

I have been on so many little wild adventures recently, and can’t wait to share some stories, photos and artwork here soon. For today though, since it’s a milestone post, I just want to reflect and consider my plans for the near future.

This week I’ve started working on my own website, via Squarespace which is an extremely affordable and user-friendly website-building platform. It basically has all the building blocks to create a sleek and professional website to showcase all your work, add a shop, include a blog, all the usual information pages and more! So it’s pretty brilliant.

My main reason for wanting to create a dedicated website (rather than sticking with social media and a blog), is to start building a professional art portfolio. Since moving north I have been reconnecting with my love of painting and drawing, and exploring nature. I have also been feeling a renewed confidence in myself and my ability to become a full-time artist… one day. Of course that one day won’t get any closer if I don’t start working TODAY, and keep showing up EVERYday!

From this professional portfolio I would love to eventually show more work in galleries, get private commissions and possibly even editorial jobs and work in published books! Who knows!

At the moment I’m doing a lot of sketchbook work, but next I want to get out onto loose paper and other surfaces, and create finished pieces of art, to sell as originals, prints and merchandise. I’m also interested in rediscovering linocut and hand-carved stamps (which I have briefly explored in the past), to either use as stand-alone designs, or combine with paint, pen and collage for a truly mixed-media approach. Or a bit of both.

With regards to ‘merchandise’, I’m thinking of greetings cards, postcards, gift tags & wrap, letter-writing sets, notebooks… as well as digital downloads and ‘printables’ such as colouring pages from my line drawings and computer desktop wallpapers. So many possibilities!

Of course all of this means that I will also be re-launching my Etsy shop (which is a little empty at the moment!) and researching local art markets, plus I have already contacted some local art shops. And my Squarespace website will also enable me to create my own online shop.

Alongside all of this I also have a renewed enthusiasm for my YouTube channel, which has been steadily growing all by itself over the past couple of months, despite my lack of new content! I now have more than 100 subscribers, and almost 5,000 total views across my 13 videos, coming mostly from my very popular pen-pal video. That’s already half way to the minimum views needed to become ‘monitized’. So I will keep working at creating videos, especially focusing on art related content.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
A recent piece for a collaboration I’m working on!

So, to summarise:

  • I’m going to create some finished artwork to sell…
  • …and build a professional art portfolio
  • …which I will showcase on my own website
  • …with a view to show in galleries, get commissions, possibly editorial work!?
  • I would like to create merchandise and prints from my artwork…
  • …to sell via Etsy/local shops/markets/my own website.
  • I’m planning to continue working on YouTube videos.


That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week, sharing some recent adventures and art to go along with them! Until then, stay creative!


Peace and love,

Rachel x