June Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Hot Sleepy Summer ~ Sunray Sister


Another month has been and gone! Welcome to July, and my regular monthly post celebrating all the little things that made me smile during the last few weeks. What have been some highlights for you this June? Let me know in the comments, or via Instagram or Facebook.

One of many gorgeous sunsets I’ve watched recently

My Happy Highlights for June 2018…

  • Gradually adding more art work and products to my corner of Gallery Twenty. I currently have framed originals, limited edition prints, notebooks, stickers, printed greetings cards and handmade collage cards. There are lots more products on the way, and possibly something slightly less tangible…  Stay tuned for updates!
  • Went out on another lovely cinema-and-delicious-food date with Fraz – our monthly treat!
  • Finished a self-portrait commissioned by my dad, and I am so, SO pleased with the result! It is now my profile picture on my social media accounts, and you can see it below too. If you would like a similar portrait of yourself or a loved one, head over to my Etsy shop!
  • Posted two long overdue pen-pal letters! I put off finishing my replies for ages, so I was glad to finally get back in touch with my pen-pals. I have a couple of videos about pen-paling on my YouTube channel, this one was particularly popular!
  • Enjoyed a couple of catch-ups with my mum and dad via phone and video calls.
  • Had my heart broken into a million tiny pieces watching the film ‘Call me by your name’, and also fell in love with the soundtrack. I’m now reading the book by André Aciman to make this intimate, emotional and magical story last a little longer.
  • Basking in the incredible hot sunny weather – all of that snow seems like a lifetime ago! What a contrast! Just making me even more aware of the wonderful seasons and cycles of our beautiful earth – read more about that in my last blog post.
  • After feeling stuck over the Summer Solstice, I finally got myself moving again and went for a late afternoon walk around Rudyard lake; I felt like I was somewhere else, somewhere far more exotic than England! It is so nice to be able to escape and forget where you are, just a few miles from your own home.
  • Went to Little Morton Hall with family for a relaxed day out, and to celebrate a birthday! Did some sketching too.
  • Watched quite a few films, and sketched some of the characters whilst watching, which was fun.
  • Started reading ‘Vein of gold’ by Julia Cameron – I think it will help me focus on my path, and clear my brain of the doubts and fears that often get in the way.
  • Getting better and better at playing piano, plus doing some meditative improvising/messing around! And my private teaching is going well too.
  • Went to a vegan fair in Stoke-on-Trent; of course we stuffed our faces with delicious vegan food!
  • Spent a hot, sleepy Sunday making art that I’m really pleased with and feeling excited by a new development in my creative process and art style.
Self portrait! Order your very own personal portrait via my Etsy shop!

So those were my happy highlights from June, and for July – as always – I have lots of plans and projects in progress. Fingers crossed I can achieve my goal of a blog post every Friday this month!

Until next time, stay creative sisters.

Peace and love,

Rachel x


Magic, Midsummer and the Moon: Following Cycles ~ Sunray Sister


Recently I’ve been following the earth’s seasons and moon cycles more closely, and getting in tune with my spiritual side. This has been coming out visually in my art as well, and I wanted to share a bit more about that in this week’s blog post! (Which is long overdue, since I was planning to post once a week this month… maybe I will achieve this in July!?)


I can’t really remember how or when it started, but over the last 12 months or so I have gradually been researching and practicing all things spiritual; moon cycles, yoga, meditation, chakras, Pagan/Wiccan holidays, witchcraft, magic, seasons, planets, zodiac signs… I’ve been finding quiet times to light candles; getting more in tune with nature; carrying little crystals with me; having ritual baths. I love how everything is connected and crosses over into different traditions, cultures, and beliefs throughout history. It feels incredibly important; from the huge connection to the universe and every being within it, to the intimacy of self-care and self-understanding.

In a funny way, it’s also helping me to care less about what other people think of me! Yes, I am a crazy hippie lady, so what?



Most recently we had the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Midsummer. This marks the longest day and shortest night of the year, and the point at which the sun seems to stand still before retreating back towards winter. During the days around the solstice I was feeling so slow, heavy and lethargic. I had to stop and rest for a bit, just like the sun!

Yesterday was the full moon, which is a time of high energy and things coming together;  either to work out, or to be released and revised. Sometimes the full moon drives me crazy, but perhaps this is a sign that I was on the wrong path at the time, and needed to let go of what wasn’t working. This month the full moon feels great; I have a few projects that feel right and like they are leading in a positive direction, plus I’m finally finishing a lot of things I said I would do a long time ago.

moons_three together

As well as changing my personal life and behind-the-scenes at Sunray Sister, spirituality has also been manifesting visually in my artwork, which you may have noticed if you’ve been following my 365 day art challenge on Instagram!

First I created my moon lady trio, (above), and soon after found myself painting all sorts of strange alien faces with mysterious planets, landscapes and orbs of magical colour. I also painted two cloudy moons (below), which I really love. My moon lady trio and the two cloudy moons are available to buy as prints at Gallery Twenty in Leek, Staffordshire, and the moon lady originals are also for sale!


I can’t wait to create more work in this fantastical, ethereal style, perhaps with more of a direction towards representing certain spiritual symbols, such as the zodiac signs, or possibly more realistic work showing different plants with special properties, or symbolic objects. What would you like to see me create?

Let me know what you think of all this! Are you in tune with the flow of energy and seasons of nature all around us? Or do you think it’s all a bit too weird? I’d love to hear your opinions and share more of my thoughts on the subject in future posts.

Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Sunday Supplement Leek May Market! ~ Sunray Sister


I will be at my first ever Sunday Supplement market in Leek, this Sunday the 6th of May! The event is organised by the Totally Locally Leek team, and takes place between 10:30am and 3pm in Leek town centre.

Shop local and support small businesses!

There is always a huge selection of stalls at this monthly market, including food and gifts made by local artisans and entrepreneurs. Shopping local is not only great for each individual business, it also supports the whole community! Even buying just a card or something small will make a huge difference. But more than anything I would love it if you just came and said hello!

My stall will be offering original art both framed and unframed, handmade greetings cards and examples of my made-to-order custom portraits, as well as a live portrait drawing service! I will also have a sign-up sheet for my monthly newsletter, which launches on the 1st of June.

Examples of my live portraits – get yours at my market stall on Sunday!

Live portraits take about 5 minutes, and at the end you get to take home a completely unique piece of original art! I use high quality A6 size card, and draw with an archival Pigma Micron pen, meaning this personal portrait will last generations if it’s framed and looked after properly.

Since testing this service for the first time last December, I have been thinking about how to bring more colour into the portraits, since I usually love creating artwork with watercolour paints and coloured pencils.

For one of my recent 365 day project pieces, I drew a portrait on tracing paper, and layered it on top of a watercolour background. I think this mixed media technique is so effective, and could be a solution to my colour dilemma, if I prepare lots of watercolour backgrounds in advance. So this may be an alternative live portrait format also available at my market stall.

watching stars edit_365
Mixed media portrait – a new format for my live portraits?

I have actually only taken part in two markets so far, and both included the textiles work that I used to create when I first started Sunray Sister. So, this market will be my first time selling my paintings!

I wasn’t sure how to display this new kind of work on a stall, so I went to Wilko and picked up a few props, dug out some fabric and wooden pegs at home, and voilà! I think I’m pretty happy with this market stall set-up. The table will be bigger than this, but I need to allow space for promoting and drawing my live portraits to one side of the table, plus I will have my greetings cards either on a board or in a couple of baskets. I can’t wait to show you some photos of the stall on the day!


Sneak preview of my market stall set-up!

If you’re in the Leek area, please come out and enjoy the market this Sunday 6th of May, and if not, check back here next Wednesday when I will let you know how it went! Of course in the meantime you can keep up with my work online via Facebook and Instagram, and support me through my Etsy shop, where you can order portrait commissions.

Until next time, stay creative sisters!

Peace and love,


March Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Glimpses of Spring ~ Sunray Sister


How are you? I am a little late with my Happy Highlights post, which I usually share at the end of each month, but we’re now half way through another month! It’s ok, I forgive myself. In these posts I like to look back on the previous few weeks, and consider which moments made me smile, and which achievements made me feel proud.

Sketchbook page – watercolour and coloured pencil – 27th March

Even though the month began with lots of snow, it ended with some hopeful glimpses of Spring; both literally and in terms of things gradually coming together in my creative career!

My Happy Highlights for March 2018…

  1. We had a lot of snow! It caused a bit of trouble and changed plans, but I still found it so magical.
  2. Continued teaching piano, gained a couple more students and shared my poster to get even more students hopefully!
  3. Went to a Susanne Sundfør gig with Fraz. She is BREATHTAKING! Please go and listen to her music now! I also had the best day exploring Stockport and Manchester by myself, stumbling across all sorts of interesting places.
  4. Had a curry tapas meal out with Fraz and his parents. Yes, curry tapas! It meant we could have a few little dishes, and experience lots of wonderful flavours.
  5. Video called mum and dad; which is always lovely!
  6. Got to do some window displays for the charity shop where I volunteer. I really love creating fun displays!
  7. Secured a stall at the ‘Party in the Park’ event in Leek this June. Looking forward to selling my art and drawing lots of sunny, happy faces!
  8. Entered a national art competition, which also meant writing my artist statement. I found this super hard for some reason! But I’m glad I’ve got one now; I might add it to my ‘about’ page here on the blog.
  9. Discovered a new direction and freedom in my 365 day art challenge. I explained more in my previous blog post, which you can read here! Remember to follow my daily progress on Instagram and Facebook.
  10. Went out on a long walk along the canal for the first time; it was so peaceful! I love exploring new places so much!
  11. By the end of the month there were lots of happy signs of Spring; in particular I’ve been noticing all the birds singing sweet songs. I can’t wait to see more flowers and full green trees everywhere!

I’ve already done so many exciting things during April, which I can’t wait to share in my next Happy Highlights post, and possibly in that newsletter that I keep meaning to start!

Sketchbook page – watercolour and coloured pencil – 27th March

How was March for you? Did you get a lot done? Or are you still emerging from Winter hibernation? Share your happy highlights in the comments, or over on Instagram or Facebook. Speak soon sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Two Month Sketchbook Tour – part one of my 365 day art challenge!


Today I have a new video on my YouTube channel! It is the first of six videos I will be making, each with a two-month sketchbook tour of my daily art challenge. At the end of the year-long challenge, I also plan to do a complete flip-through of all 365 pieces of art!

Remember to follow my daily art challenge on Instagram and Facebook – all your support means so much to me!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Inspiration Wall ~ Sunray Sister YouTube Video


I have a new YouTube video to share with you all! And it is my first one of 2018!!!

Here is the video description written out as it appears on my channel:

☞ Hello! ♥︎ It’s Rachel here with my first video of 2018!!! ☺︎ all info and links below! ☆

✿ In today’s video I show you how to turn a boring, blank wall into a beautiful, inspiring collage! ✿

I have written out the steps below, and included as many of the image sources as possible. Also check out the links to my portfolio, shop & social media profiles!

Thanks for watching! ☺︎

Peace and love,
Rachel x

☆ Steps ☆

1. Choose a playlist, or podcast (I was listening to ‘Hashtag Authentic’ from Me & Orla – https://meandorla.co.uk/hashtagauthentic/)
2. Gather your inspirational material
3. Select a sticking method
4. Find a blank wall
5. Start arranging everything!

☆ My links ☆

♥︎ Portfolio & blog: https://sunraysister.wordpress.com/
♥︎ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunraysister/
♥︎ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunraysister/

I also have an Etsy shop!
♥︎ https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SunraySister
♥︎ Video about my shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxxbtkGjVuI&t=439s

☆ Artists & image sources ☆
(from left to right, top to bottom)

♥︎ Fairy painting – ‘Titania’ by John Simmons
♥︎ Black & white sun & girl – unknown for Lionheart magazine
♥︎ B&w circle image – unknown
♥︎ B&w, and colour detailed illustrations – Brittany Davies
♥︎ Long artwork from ‘Shallow Bed’ album by Dry The River
♥︎ Long card with rabbits – Mark Hearld
♥︎ Colour penguin & bunny postcard – unknown (possibly Japanese?)
♥︎ Vintage b&w postcard – ‘La Primavera’ by Botticelli
♥︎ Balloon & bike photo – Dara Scully from Oh Comely magazine
♥︎ 3 pastel watercolour girls – And Smile Studio
♥︎ Fairy, head, mushroom & flowers illustration – Marie Gardeski/Imaginary Animal for Oh Comely magazine
♥︎ Flower photo – unknown
♥︎ ‘I’m Ok’ blue illustration – Naoshi for Lucky Dip Club
♥︎ Purple fairy queen postcard – ‘Queen of the Night’ by Susan Anderson
♥︎ ‘Today Is Going to be Awesome’ quote poster – Becki Clark for In The Moment magazine
♥︎ Dark tree and white circles photo – Richard Long
♥︎ Pottery piece photo – cut out from Oh Comely magazine
♥︎ Staffordshire postcard
♥︎ Peak District postcard
♥︎ Kikki’s Delivery Service Studio Ghibli postcard
♥︎ Urban map illustration – unknown from Oh Comely magazine
♥︎ Trees & lake illustration – Bon Iver poster, by Gregory Euclide
♥︎ ‘I think you are really nice’ dog (business card) – Nikki Miles
♥︎ ‘Have a lovely day’ (business card) – And Smile Studio
♥︎ ‘A little magic’ quote card – Kikki.K cute paper lovers book
♥︎ Horses card – Mark Hearld
♥︎ Ceramic baby with flower (business card) – David William Sampson
♥︎ Lion mini card – Nikki Miles
♥︎ ‘Do your thing’ marbled mini card – Pup Tart
♥︎ Circle maps illustration – Katie Green
♥︎ Purple embroidered fabric – my own work
♥︎ Ikigai floral poster – Holly McCulloch for In The Moment magazine
♥︎ Girl reading poster – Yelena Bryksenkova (LOVE her work!)
♥︎ Sunflower girl photo – Julia Aumann for Oh Comely magazine
♥︎ Mini cat cut-out – Kikki.K cute paper lovers book
♥︎ B&w blobs (business card) – Jo Parker
♥︎ 3 mini cards – Annelinde Tempelman for Flow magazine
♥︎ Wizard poster – Adventure Time
♥︎ Large b&w poster from ‘Helplessness Blues’ album by Fleet Foxes
♥︎ ‘You are brilliant & beautiful’ girl image – unknown from an old diary
♥︎ ‘Give yourself time’ scrabble letters – from Mollie Makes magazine
♥︎ ‘Votes for Animals’ rosette – Lush campaign
♥︎ Fabric owls in hand (business card) – Grace Gatley Textiles
♥︎ Abstract landscape (business card) – Liz Salter

Book mentioned at end is ‘Steal Like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon, more on that in the follow up video, out in a couple of months!

☆ Music ☆

‘Cooperation Road’ by Unicorn Heads
‘New Land’ by ALBIS
Both from YouTube Audio Library

Inspiration Wall_still3
My finished inspiration wall

Next week I will have another video! Stay tuned. In the meantime keep up to date with my daily art challenge via Instagram and Facebook. Stay creative sisters!

Peace and love,

Rachel x

Making 2018 My Best Year Yet ~ Sunray Sister


In today’s post I am looking back on 2017 and the goals I set for myself, then discussing my ideas for the year ahead! Settle in, it’s a long one…!!!

What are your plans for 2018? What did you achieve last year? Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram or Facebook.

2018 goals blog

I originally wrote a long post about my 2017 business goals at the end of 2016, just a couple of months after starting ‘Sunray Sister’. But a lot changed during 2017, so I felt I needed to re-consider my goals.

In June, I did a mid-year review; I was then able to write a new list of goals in clear categories. Today under each category I have added my reflection of what I achieved (highlighted in pink):

  • Offline:
    • Create more art, whilst being mindful of impact on the environment – use recycled materials, avoid plastic packaging etc.
    • Combine love of collage, paint and drawing to find/define my style – see Alena HennesseyKaren O’Brien and others.
    • Also explore nature/landscape art – see Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long, also Keri Smith.
    • Absorb inspiration everywhere!

    I created a lot of art in 2017! But didn’t really follow the first three goals above. I still really love the work of all the artists mentioned, but have realised I already have my style, know what materials I want and like to use, and just have to use them and create! It’s that simple. Of course I’m constantly absorbing inspiration! I’m never short of it!

  • Instagram:
    • Post every day – both on my grid (permanent) and in my ‘story’ (temporary).
    • Plan content for whole week in advance – done by Sunday of each week.
    • Focus on art content, with occasional nature related images.
    • Comment on similar posts by people I admire.
    • Reach 300 followers.

    Posted almost every day! From November onwards only missed a couple of days since I started my 365 day art challenge, which also meant my account became entirely focused on art. Also reached 300 followers in December. Still need to comment more on other posts.

  • YouTube:
    • Post every Wednesday.
    • Create videos in advance – uploaded by Sunday of each week. Ultimate aim is to have four videos ready at the start of each month.
    • Focus on art & crafts content, with occasional adventure and lifestyle.
    • Comment on similar videos by people I admire.
    • Reach 3,000 total views across all videos – this is the number which will let me ‘monetize’ my channel once I get to 10,000 views!

    Uploaded 17 videos. Not every Wednesday, and not always made well in advance. But still 17 videos that I’m really proud of. As I’m writing, I have also reached 129 subscribers and a total of 6,282 views across all my videos; inching ever closer to that 10,000 view threshold! Plus it’s really fun to be part of this creative community!

  • Blog:
    • Post every Wednesday and Sunday.
    • Write in advance – ready at least 2 days before post day.
    • Focus on ‘Dear Diary’, ‘Happy Highlights’ and YouTube posts.

The blog has gradually taken a back seat in my mind. At the start of the year I was posting a lot here! As I started YouTube (and realised how much fun it is), the more ‘serious’ article-style blogs faded out, and got replaced with these diary-style, personal reflection posts. These require less research, are more useful to me and I don’t mind if no one reads them!

2017 goals summary (after mid-year review):

  1. Create art to share on Instagram.
  2. Create art to share on YouTube.
  3. Share my journey and behind-the-scenes on WordPress.

I think this summary still resonates with me, and I will take it forward into my 2018 goals.

At the start of last year I also wrote a separate list of personal goals, which I have not yet reviewed:

  • Be vegetarian and try being vegan – I’m now vegan!
  • Walk outside everyday – I’ve been on some awesome adventures.
  • Practice yoga and meditation – practiced yoga on and off.
  • Plan each day – I used a bullet journal, but it’s not quite right for me.
  • Respect chores and create a routine for them – still needs work…
  • Plan meals and prepare in advance – hmmm…
  • De-clutter and become minimalist – not me anymore!
  • Become financially secure and track finances – this needs attention.
  • Practice piano – now and then for fun.
  • Learn cover songs – I learnt a few.
  • Sew clothes from patterns I already own – would still like to do this.
  • Keep a collage journal – Did a few collages last year, will be creating a special mixed media journal soon!
  • Plan special dates with Fraz – lots! Especially now Fraz has a car!

Let’s see where this leaves me now, at the start of 2018. I want to take a more holistic approach, combining my personal and business life, thinking about habits more than goals, and only having a few actual goals.

2018 goals blog (1)

I’m constantly trying to simplify my life and define who I am in neat lists and clear categories. But that doesn’t work! I want to start viewing my work, my life and my values in a wholesome, messy way; where everything is connected.

Instead of cutting things out, I need to realise that these things are all linked. I say I don’t want to sew anymore, or sing anymore, or create any art that requires products in plastic packaging, but these are all just parts of my creativity and parts of my journey, things to learn! I am forever evolving into new versions of myself, and seeing more and more that I like more, not less! I love layers, I love colours, I love texture. And I can still enjoy order and arrangement.

Enough of the fluffy talk, what am I actually going to do in 2018? I’m going to create art. A LOT of art. More art than I’ve ever created before. I’m going to work harder than ever before. My one goal for 2018 is…

To thrive from my art

My art will THRIVE and I will THRIVE from my art! That is my one goal for 2018.

Of course there are many smaller goals that will make this huge goal a reality:

  1. Art products & services
    • Complete 365 day art challenge (end of October)
    • Start other personal projects (small series of paintings to be sold as originals and prints, and/or used as examples for my portfolio)
    • Start a private commission service (doing personalised paintings for individuals)
    • Send personalised work to artists I admire
    • Do live portraits at events/markets
    • Sell prints and other products
    • Create an online portfolio (via this blog) using all of the work above
  2. YouTube videos
    • Upload every week (where possible)
    • Reach total 10,000 views across all videos
    • Gain 500 subscribers
    • Interact with the community
  3. Instagram posts
    • Post every day & use stories
    • Reach 1,000 followers
    • Interact with the community

…and then there are many more habits, mostly daily habits, that will support these goals:

  • Listen to podcasts, read books & articles, watch videos about art & artists
  • Practice yoga & go outside everyday
  • Learn more about nature & try gardening (including looking after house plants!)
  • Use my planner to schedule time
  • Find a part-time job to help save money
  • No new clothes, and try capsule wardrobe system (less decisions)
  • Join a local choir or other club
  • Continue writing pen-pal letters
  • Make a mixed-media sketchbook for collage and experiments

…and many more things too… but the point is that many of these things cross over and weave into each other, bringing me back to my point about taking a holistic view:

  • I practice yoga everyday and want to start more personal projects, so I could paint ten yoga postures, which could also be used as editorial examples to use in an article about the benefits of yoga. Additionally I could film the process of planning this series, or simply painting the pictures, and upload this to my YouTube channel.
  • Another example is studying nature; I could create a portrait series of people with their favourite house plants and what they love about them. And again create some videos to go with this process.
  • I’ve also discovered that people really enjoy pen-pal related videos, so this reinforces my desire to continue writing letters and making cute packages. From this I might decide to design some letter paper and matching envelopes with decorated borders, and maybe stickers too! Or, for another angle, I could create a more conceptual illustration for an article about the recent resurgence of pen-pals.

By taking this whole-picture view, where everything is connected, the path is so much clearer, and the smaller goals and habits give me defined steps along the way.

I found these resources really useful in setting my goals and habits for 2018, I hope they help you too:

That’s all from me for now! Look out for a new YouTube video on my channel this week. Stay creative sisters 🙂


Peace and love,

Rachel x

My First Live Portrait Event! ~ Dear Diary #13

Dear diary,

On Wednesday I had my very own stall at a Christmas market, organised by a local school with a traditional Victorian theme. It was very sweet and festive!


This is how my stall looked. The ‘wheels’ and table were already there, and I added my creations along with some vintage themed props and decorations.

I was selling fabric items and cards from my old collection of stock which I made a year ago, and is still not shifting… mainly because my work has moved on from this now, so I don’t have the same passion or interest behind these items.

That being said, I did have a brand new, never before tried element on my stall: live portrait drawing! I also produced some new signs and graphics using vintage ‘clipart’ images and my own handwriting, including an email sign-up sheet. I was really pleased with these!

I was offering 5 minute portrait drawings for £5, and had a few customers! Everyone I drew seemed to be really grateful and impressed.

Below are my happy customers holding up their portraits…

…including someone’s dog (drawn from a photo)!!! 


I can’t wait to draw more people’s lovely faces, their pets, homes and things that they love! More to come in 2018…!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Autumn Favourites ~ New Sunray Sister YouTube Video!


Today I thought I’d share my first ever YouTube favourites video! I hope to do one for each season, so look out for that in the future. Also, these are all my own opinions 🙂

The text below is copied straight from the original video description over on my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy!


– Frannerd’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/frannerd13/
– Frannerd’s shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/frannerd (where she sells zines, prints and more!)
– Project Calm: http://www.calmmoment.com/magazines/p…
– In The Moment: http://www.calmmoment.com/magazines/i…


– ‘Little Tales From Long Ago’ by Ernest Nister: https://www.biblio.com/little-tales-f…
– ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ by Edith Holden: http://www.countrydiary.co.uk/
– Beatrix Potter: https://www.peterrabbit.com/about-bea…
– Harry Potter books: https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk…


– Witch Please: http://ohwitchplease.ca/
– Creative Pep Talk: http://www.creativepeptalk.com/


– Winsor & Newton gouache: https://tinyurl.com/y8q5znz5
– Derwent Academy watercolour pencils: https://tinyurl.com/yb2o4kse
– Faber-castell Polychromos pencils: https://tinyurl.com/y9qwdzod
– Pigma Micron pens: https://tinyurl.com/y95ehafy
– Dry transfer letters (couldn’t find exact ones online, keep an eye out for them in your local stationery shop!): https://tinyurl.com/yd5csn3j


Sunray Sister began in September 2016 to venture out on a creative journey. I’m currently doing a 365 day art challenge, and sharing my work every day online.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunraysister/
Blog: https://sunraysister.wordpress.com/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SunraySi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sunraysister/


I do not own the music used in this video.
I downloaded it here: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/…
‘Space Walk’ by Silent Partner

Please contact me if you would like your music featured in a future video!

Thanks for watching! Find more over on my YouTube channel.


Peace and love,

Rachel x

365 Day Art Challenge!!! // Sunray Sister


On November the 1st 2017 (that’s tomorrow!), I am starting a 365 day art challenge!


For a whole year, that’s 365 days in a row, I am challenging myself to consistently create a piece of art.

I have been inspired by the Inktober challenge that takes place in October every year, mainly on Instagram and YouTube, set up by the artist Jake Parker. Many other artists have also embarked on 365 day challenges, so I have been inspired by them too, especially Sally Nixon and Leigh Ellexson.


There are three huge main reasons for me choosing to start this challenge:

  1. To develop a habit of showing up every day, building constant momentum, and generally just treating my art as my daily 9-5 job that I want it to become.
  2. For the natural result of doing something every day: to practice and get better.
  3. To build my portfolio. I realise that this is just a personal project, but it will be my ‘proof of concept’ to say “hey look at me, I create art, I’m good at it and I show up for it every day”.


Every day I will create a piece of art. Whenever possible I will make it the first thing I do when I sit down at my desk, but it doesn’t matter if it’s the last thing I do. As long as I show up every day.

To make the year a little more manageable, I’ve decided to split it into monthly themes, which you can find below. And within each month I will give myself a list of daily subjects to translate into art.

Other than that I’ve decided to keep material options wide open, so that some days I can do a simple line drawing with a pen, some days I will get my watercolours out, and other days – when I have more time – I could create a collage and acrylic paint mini masterpiece. Although I think I will stick to around A5 size for each piece.


For accountability I will be sharing my daily art on Instagram every day, and also here on my blog every day. I will probably post on Facebook too, maybe not every day, and possibly create a few YouTube videos along the way to document my experience.

If you fancy getting creative every day for a whole year, you can join me! Just use the hashtag ‘#sunraysister365’ and tag me in your post @sunraysister. I will publish each month’s daily prompt list – in all the usual places – a few days before the new month begins. You can find the first month’s prompt list at the end of this post, or on Instagram and Facebook.

Ok! Let’s do it!

Yes! So that’s all the details of my 365 day art challenge, now let’s get to the monthly theme list, and more importantly the first month’s daily prompts!

For the majority of the monthly themes I chose clear, wide open subject areas which I am interested in making art about. Some of them are a little less obvious though, so I will clarify them more when we get there.

The first month’s theme is FACES. There are 30 days in November, so I have made a list of 30 prompts to apply to a face and translate into art.


That’s it! Feel free to comment below with any questions or ideas. And please remember, if you decide to take part, tag me in your posts and use the hashtag #sunraysister365.

See you tomorrow for day 1 out of 365…



Peace and love,

Rachel x