December Happy Highlights and 365 Day Challenge New Theme! ~ Sunray Sister

Hello and Happy New Year 2018!

Sunray Sister is back on the blog! How are you all? I will be sharing a big 2017 review and 2018 goals post this Sunday, so stay tuned for that.

For now though, I need to do my Happy Highlights for December, AND share the new theme for my 365 day art challenge (which I have already started using over on Instagram).

As you might expect, with three big celebrations in December, last month was jam-packed with goodness. Let’s take a look back over my happy highlights…

  1. Published three new videos: ‘Autumn Favourites’, ‘Opening Letters from Pen-pals’  AND ‘Portrait Drawing Process’! I was really pleased with all of them, and especially happy that I followed through with my schedule. More on that this Sunday!
  2. Wrote to my new pen-pal Mandy. I created a really cute themed package using Stellaire’s printable kit.
  3. My Instagram/art got featured in one of By Bun’s videos (this video to be precise, at 11:50), after using her hashtag ‘by bun art gang’. I was so hysterical when I watched Roxanne talking about my work!!! I love her work so much!
  4. Drew live portraits for the first time at a local Christmas fair. I was so nervous, but the response was great, and I hope to do more in 2018.
  5. It snowed! Lots! Between the 8th-12th there was a magical white blanket over everything. Of course some outdoor fun ensued, and snowboards were involved.
  6. Fraz & I had a lovely dinner at Tom & Rosie’s house, including playtime with Fraz’s niece and nephew.
  7. Painted pictures as gifts for my close family. I was so happy with the results, which has given me a gigantic confidence boost in my artistic abilities! More on that soon!
  8. Visited Bristol, and had long-overdue catch-ups with old friends, and my brother and niece. As well as checking out the Arnolfini’s Grayson Perry exhibition.
  9. Visited Herefordshire, and stayed with my parents, in their lovely house which had been transformed into a winter jungle, complete with huge, natural decorations draped from the ceilings and over the fireplace that my dad made from some garden waste!
  10. Visited Reading to see my grandad, uncle and aunts. We had a lovely meal and catch-up with everyone.
  11. Enjoyed a relaxed Christmas (after a bit of stress, as usual, getting everything ready), including vegan tofu, spinach & cranberry pastry wreath, as well as a walk, presents, TV & snuggles on the sofa!
  12. Visited my grandparents house (near to my parents house), where we enjoyed tea, mince pies and more catching-up, plus a quick walk to clear out the Christmas fog.
  13. It was my birthday on the 27th! One of my sisters visited and we all went on a lovely long walk, involving lots of selfies!
  14. Returned to the north and straight into a huge family meal with 11 around the table, plus the newest addition to the family, Alexa…!
  15. Rearranged some furniture in the lull between Christmas and New Year. I moved my desk to a new position by the window, which feels awesome! I also changed my dressing table in the bedroom, so my small jewellery collection is on display, rather than hidden in a drawer.
  16. Visited Nottingham for New Year’s eve with Fraz’s friends, featuring board games and cards into the early hours of New Year’s day!

Woaaaaaaaah-eeeee, so many great things! No wonder I had a rather slow and sleepy start to the new year.

Before I go, here is the image for January’s theme of OBJECTS. In case you missed it, I started a 365 day art challenge in November. To make 12 months a little easier to digest, I set myself a theme for each month (you can find them all in the second image below).

I share my art everyday on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to join in, simply create an image in response to the theme, use my hashtags #sunraysister365 & #sunraysisterobjects, and tag me @SunraySister, so I can see your work!



See you again this Sunday for that 2017 review and 2018 goals post I mentioned. Stay creative sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


Inspiration Everywhere // Dear Diary #4

Dear diary,

Inspiration is everywhere. I breathe it in with every breath, and exhale creative energy onto everything I touch.

I have been feeling very inspired lately, but today I am tired. So I just wanted to share a few images and show you how inspiration can be found in every part of life, even the dull and rusted parts.

Nature never ceases to amaze and fascinate me…

Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol
Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

But nature is more than trees and green.

It is microbiology blown up in scale and made out of glass…

Luke Jerram, ‘Glass Microbiology’
Luke Jerram
Luke Jerram

…and it is flying through space in 3D!

@Bristol planetarium

Then there is the opposite of nature: manmade. The complex patterns and shapes in an engine…

An engine at the M Shed, Bristol

…or the cogs in an old ship!

Cogs in the SS Great Britain, Bristol
SS Great Britain

There is also beauty when the manmade begins to break down, and we are reminded of time, which nature is already so accustomed to.

With our manmade creations we sometimes think we are invincible, and can forget about time. Yet time always shows up in many beautiful ways.

In the rust…

Rust on the SS Great Britain

…and the holes…


…and the layers of paint.


In the wood that got battered by the waves…

At the SS Great Britain museum

…and the places where we scratched our names. There is beauty in it all!


Thank you for being here, following my creative journey! I really like the direction this blog is taking, and I hope you do too!!! I am enjoying using my blog as a diary; a place to reflect, and collect images and words in an incomplete way. As something to document my adventures in creativity.

In next week’s blog post I think I will share some of the results of all this inspiration, in the form of some handmade journals and mixed media work. You can already see some of this over on Instagram! I’m there most days with posts of my work, plus ‘stories’ where I show a few behind the scenes snaps and other fun stuff.

See you soon, keep loving and creating!


Peace and love

Rachel x

Change is Coming // Dear Diary #3

Dear diary,

I’m leaving. And now everything looks brand new. All the views I’ve become used to after five years; suddenly I am seeing them with new eyes. With eyes that know this will soon be over. The photo above is one of the first I took after moving to Bristol in 2012, and soon I will be taking my last as a resident in this spectacular city.

I’m turning the page at the end of the most important chapter in my life so far. The Bristol chapter. The title of the new chapter? The North. Me and Fraz are moving to Staffordshire. On Tuesday Fraz got a phone call with an incredible new job offer! Of course he had to say yes!

The funny thing is, Fraz received this chapter-ending, page-turning phone call on the first official day of my new job with @Bristol; I found out that I’m leaving on my first day…! What makes things harder is I don’t have one job to leave, but two. That means I have to say goodbye to two incredible teams of awesome people who I’ve been working alongside. I’m only just getting to know them, and yet I always feel so appreciated, and like I belong.

A few of the first photos I took after moving to Bristol


In other news this week I received a beautiful letter from one of my new pen pals! The white envelope was decorated with painted flowers, and inside I discovered some knitted treasures, delicious tea, photographs, craft supplies, an adorable enamel pin badge, and a handwritten letter with some personal recommendations. I can’t wait to write my reply, and gather some sweet gifts for her!

The letter I sent to this pen-pal featured in one of my recent YouTube videos; that video is now the most popular on my channel, with over 500 views! What’s more my subscribers are growing, I’m getting lovely comments, and my Instagram is growing too. I feel so grateful to be part of these supportive communities of creative individuals, cheering each other on, sharing all the little things that make us happy.

For my YouTube content in the near future I am going to make an ‘opening my pen-pal letters’ video, to show the cute things I received, as well as a fun craft project video, a couple of decluttering videos, (especially now that we’re moving! My wardrobe declutter is actually my second most popular video), and some sketchbook/collage/mixed-media process videos. I also want to create a ‘Farewell to Bristol’ video before I go, to remember all the places, and faces that I will leave behind.

That being said, iMovie has been playing up this week! I edit all my videos in iMovie on my MacBook (which is a few years old now), and I think it’s getting a little bit tired. Due to this fact – alongside working two jobs, and moving across the country – I’m not sure how many videos I will be able to finish and upload in the next few weeks and months. As you might guess, I have a million ideas for videos and endless enthusiasm, but time and resources are out of my control at the moment. So, I will be kind and forgive myself, and upload when I can.


Amongst all of this, Fraz and I found time for a little adventure at the start of the week. Using our @Bristol free entry, we hoped aboard the famous SS Great Britain! This is a Bristol tourist attraction not to be missed; I’ve been before and found it just as interesting on this return visit. I don’t always pay attention to all of the facts and figures, but I love to absorb all the visual aspects, especially on the ship itself, where you feel as though you are taking a step back in time.

Bristol has so many incredible places to visit, and I’ve always enjoyed playing tourist in my own town, yet in two months I will actually become a tourist; just a visitor. Of course that is the positive thing to remember, I can always go back to a place. Change always comes, but I can return.

So it’s not quite goodbye, I’m just preparing myself. Time and me still don’t see eye to eye, so I thought it would be best to start saying my farewells now. This way I will be ready when the time does come to actually leave.


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Adventures, Art and Asanas // Dear Diary #2

Dear Diary,

(Apologies for missing last Sunday’s blog post, but that just means there’s even more good stuff to share today!)

The past couple of weeks have been filled with adventure, inspiration and creativity. There was also a heat wave, during which I had a successful job interview. So I start a new job on Wednesday!

In the past week I’ve also started a daily yoga practice using Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day challenge on YouTube. So far, so strong! I feel connected, aware, focused, clarified, and excited to get stronger and more flexible.


Last weekend I hopped on the train and took a trip to my parents’ house in the countryside for Father’s day. Whilst there I picked a posy for my dad, made friends with a beetle, melted in the sun and tried to hide in the flowers with the cat, Bertie. We also ate fresh strawberries from the garden with vegan ice-cream. Ahhh bliss!

Blaise castle house museum, with fancy flocked wallpaper.


I really love the illustration on the left cup.


Vintage collage kit!!!


I might try to recreate this – I think it would be very useful.

On Friday, Fraz and I ventured out to Blaise castle in Bristol. A short bus ride took us out of town and into a beautiful estate with a fancy house, a fake castle and endless lush green, (far too photogenic) woods.


The woods felt like something out of a fairy tale. There were arched stone bridges, trickling streams, serene ponds, stepping-stones, bobby robins, cheeky squirrels, secret caves, and strange knobbly tree roots. Spirits and fairies were hiding around every corner!

Only open 2-4pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month…
…maybe there’s another way in!
View across to Goram’s Chair


On our way home we picked up some INCREDIBLE vegan chocolate sorbet from ‘Swoon’ on Park Street. Yes, you heard me, chocolate sorbet!!! It. is. so. good.

“How came you to know her?”



Throughout the last fortnight I have been experimenting with mixed media art, and I am loving it! Most of the vintage books in the pictures above and below are the items I mentioned in my last diary entry, found in an Oxfam book shop. Since then I have been cutting, sticking and slapping on layers of paint and colour!

My favourite creation so far is this mini pamphlet (below) about King George V, turned into a weird window book. It features various shaped and positioned holes in each page, portraits from postcards, my own paint layers, and some potential for black out poetry next I think.


“Do I look fabulous?”



I want to create more and more visual art, using mixed media techniques with ‘found’ or recycled materials, while creating little or no waste. I want my work to feature mysterious and whimsical figures, with lyrical words.

I want to use up all the materials I have in plastic containers and packets, and return to the elements; learn about pigments, make paint from the earth, make charcoal with fire, make paper with water, watch an arrangement of leaves blow away in the wind.

I feel so focused, and yet so free. This is an exciting time for my creative journey! Stick around to see where it takes me next!

Day 21 of #ColourMyEveryDay by @adventuresandteaparties = natural 🌸🌹🌷🌺🌞 I LOVE nature 😍 I am endlessly fascinated by her beauty: from the tiniest creature to the infinity of the universes 🌌 Nature makes me so humble, so grateful for the time I have on this wonderful planet 🌎🌏🌍 and gives me so much clarity and perspective; forget all your troubles and know that nature is doing her thing and she needs us to work with her, look after her and not destroy her!👍✌Here is a vintage book I'm about to paint in, with some incredible rose petals I found on the ground at the Ashton Court rose garden 💖🌹💖🌹💖🌹 • • • #in2nature #gowildlyandslow #creativelifehappylife #makersgonnamake #ashtoncourt #bristolcreatives #colorcolourhunters #colorcolourseekers #colorcolour  #colorcolourmagic #colorcolourlove #acolorstory #myunicornlife #pursuepretty #incolourfulcompany #abmcolorfullife

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Loving look through all your photos for today's #ColourMyEveryDay prompt of 'pattern' and I think sharing patterns on Fridays has to be a thing now because it just feels so flipping right for the end of the working week. Who's with me? 🌈And if you need convincing, take a look at these four I picked out from the feed today…1) This pattern designed by @sophmog is definitely for you cat ladies out there! Love it! 😻2) Love this summer tropical style pattern designed and shared by @daisysteeleillustration 🍌🍉🍍 3) How fab are these bold colours and shapes shared by @sunraysister 💙💗 4) This super cool pattern and typography shared by @spoonfulsugarco totally has Friday vibes about it! 🙌🏻 🎉🌈 Thanks so much for sharing again today! 🌈Have a super Friday night and a fab weekend! 🎈 #patterns #patternrepeat #catpattern #tropicalfruit #patterndesigners #surfacepattern #abstractpatterns #colourfulpatterns #colourseekers #colourhunters #patternhunters #patternseekers #lovepatterns

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Meanwhile in the online world I have been keeping up with the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge by ‘Adventures and Tea Parties’. It is allowing me to get really serious about what I share; planning, setting up the perfect shot, editing, using the right hashtags. Yet I’m having lots of fun with it too!

I even got featured on ‘pattern’ day, when I shared a painting by a fellow artist and friend here in Bristol, Jimmer Willmott.

hometown cover

Over on YouTube I published something a little different on my channel: a video of me singing as a special surprise for my dad!

This Wednesday it will be back to my usual creative videos. I’ve been finding lots of new inspiring channels on YouTube this week, giving me fresh ideas for the direction my channel could go in. Below are three of my favourite new subscriptions: By Bun, Brittany McCowan and Toni Burt Artist!

Coming up this week I will have a new video on Wednesday, sharing my creative process behind a Summer themed, mixed-media collage. Then next Sunday I will have another diary entry; it’s set to be a busy week sisters, so I will have lots more behind the scenes fun to share with you! Stay creative!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


Seeing Red, Tickled Pink // Dear Diary #1

Dear diary…

I’m feeling good! This week I’ve made lots of progress, and things seem to be going well. Red has been a running theme through a few things; I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos, I voted for Labour, I got offered an interview with @Bristol, and I’m reading ‘Code Red’ by Lisa Lister!

But I haven’t actually been ‘seeing red’; for once I haven’t been getting angry at things, I’ve just been full of ideas and curiosity. I’ve been feeling ‘tickled pink’; delighted by everyone and everything!

About a month ago there was talk of moving away from Bristol, but now that this isn’t happening, I’ve realised there are so many things I haven’t seen or done here! And so a list has been made; I’ve already found lots of places to visit (mostly free) and get inspired by.

The first places ticked off the list this week were The Georgian House and a sculpture called ‘The Hollow’, (we were also going to go to ‘The Red Lodge’, which would have fitted very well with the red mentioned above, but we didn’t have time!).

The Georgian House


The Georgian house is an unassuming building just off Park Street and opposite St George’s hall. Inside you are transported back in time, as the house has been kept and decorated in a historical style, with rooms over four floors, and two more floors not open to the public.

I was most interested in the paintings and other pictures on the wall, and also the focus on folk crafts, which were what kept many people busy before we all got glued to T.V.’s, computers and phones! There were a couple of paintings that I really loved; I think they felt sort of timeless to me, old and yet surreal, a bit spooky and weird. This is a style I would like to create in some of my own work soon.

The Hollow


As we left the Georgian House we made our way to the top of Park Street and into the university Royal Fort gardens, on Tyndall Avenue. Since we didn’t have a traditional university experience at BIMM, wandering through the gardens surrounded by various grand university buildings felt like a strange and foreign place.

At the end of the garden is an incredible sculpture created by Katie Paterson called The Hollow. In words it is thousands of pieces of wood from all over the world stuck together, but in reality it is so much more. As you stand inside, you feel safe, protected, comforted and breathe in a beautiful aroma, similar to a library or church smell! It is definitely a hidden gem of Bristol, and has to be experienced in person.

Both of these places will most likely feature in an upcoming adventure video on my YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that.

Vintage ephemera

On the way home from this trip, I stopped into an Oxfam book shop, and picked up some vintage ephemera for creating mixed media art. My purchase included a set of black and white postcards of old paintings; a souvenir pamphlet from King George V’s Jubilee in 1935; and a ‘Warne’s Bijou Ready Reckoner, including commercial tables’ which is a tiny book filled with conversions, by the same publisher that released Beatrix Potter’s books! (Altogether less than £5!)

In the coming week I plan to paint over, cut up, stick together and generally destroy these items for my creative pleasure. I like the idea of painting or drawing on a ‘prepared’ surface, and even responding to the subject matter of the book, rather than an empty white page. Karen O’Brien’s book ‘Imaginary Creatures’ and her work in general has inspired some of these ideas. Of course I will share the results of this mixed media experiment with you soon!

Work doodles

Towards the end of the week I had two unusually long days at work. Considering my job is literally standing, smiling at people and telling them where to go, two full days of this felt like a big achievement! I also found the time to do a bit of sneaky drawing on the information sheet, which I might combine with the ephemera above in a collaged and painted page. Watch this space!

In the online world I’ve been busy on Instagram taking part in a daily challenge, which is helping me find a consistent theme and discover some new hashtags to use. I also posted two pen pal letters, one of which you can watch me create with some fun tips and ideas in my latest YouTube video (find it at the bottom of this post!).

Pen pal package

Today I had another micro-adventure. After walking to work with Fraz, I returned home along the harbourside, past a bike race in Hotwells, across the newly re-opened bridge at The Create Centre, had a nosey around the garden centre (and took lots of photos!), and back through Bedminster. Once I was home I spent the evening working on my next video as the sun set.

In the coming days I hope to spend time getting back to basics with paints, paper and pen, as well as more Instagram, video editing, reading and adventures.

At the garden centre

I’m going to try doing these diary posts every Sunday; I think more than anything they will allow me to fully appreciate what I’ve achieved each week, and give me something to look back on in the future as a documentation of my creative and personal endeavours.

On Wednesday my next YouTube video will be a little bit different, as a special surprise for a certain someone! In the meantime you can find my latest video below, or join the party over on Instagram, where I’m trying to post everyday. Have a fun week sisters!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

escape the city // a walk into the woods and far away


Sometimes we all need a little break, which is why I took two weeks offline recently. If you can’t take that long off work/life, why not escape for just a few hours and get lost in nature!

That’s what I did last month, and I wanted to share this mini-adventure with you today. Join me as I leave the city behind, enter the woods, amble along the stream, discover hidden places, marvel at the beauty of nature and get lost in a magical wonderland!

(I also had a bit too much fun with some new editing tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently!!!)

This is my latest YouTube video; you can find more on my YouTube channel where I post new videos every Wednesday. Expect more mini-adventures alongside art & craft tutorials, and various behind the scenes snippets of my life as a creative individual. If you like the sound of that please subscribe and share with all your like-minded, crazy, creative friends on social media!

Coming up this Friday on the blog will be a little study of my inspirations, to help define my style and move my work forward! See you then sisters.


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Sketchbook Flip-through #1 // Sunray Sister Show and Tell

Hello sisters!

Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog and another lovely YouTube video. This week I’m doing something new: a sketchbook flip-through! In the video you will find three sketchbooks for the price of one, featuring travel journaling, observational sketches, collage and random illustrations.

This type of video has been done by many, but every person’s sketchbook is unique, so I hope you find mine interesting and insightful. I will definitely be sharing more in the future!

Please remember to give my video a thumbs up so more people can see it, and subscribe to my channel to catch all my videos when they come out. Also share with your friends on social media if you think they would enjoy my content!

As you may have read in Sunday’s post – ‘Retreat, Reflect, Refocus: How to not give-up’ – I’m going offline for a couple of weeks this Monday. Find out all the details in my next post this Friday, including the exact rules of ‘offline’ and what I will be spending my time doing when I would otherwise be online!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Exhibition Reflection and Moving Forward // Sunray Sister

Good evening sisters! How are you? Have you had a beautiful weekend?

Today was the final day of my first exhibition! The work has been taken down, holes filled and marks painted over. And lots of hugs have been given and friends made!

As I wheeled my suitcase of creations home, I was treated to these beautiful skies and the St Mary Redcliffe bells were ringing out…


If you weren’t able to see the exhibition in person, please check out my video tour below, which shows the work of all eight artists involved in the show; all the links are in the video description (just press the little YouTube button in bottom right of video). And of course, big, big thanks to Spin of The Spiralling for bringing us all together.


It has been a lovely experience. I have met some wonderful, creative people. I also discovered that I can achieve what I set out to do. And I don’t have to give up and quit at the last-minute.

So that’s all in the past now. Where do I go from here?

  • I will re-open my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks with some new and updated listings.
  • I will continue to upload YouTube videos every Wednesday.
  • I will also continue to publish posts here on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays. I have a HUGE plan of the content I want to share with you all, including specific posts planned out until May! So I’m feeling pretty organised.
  • And in the real world… well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my personal values, and what I believe in, and I’ve started making a few changes which I will probably talk about here at some point.
  • I’ve also been thinking about how my personal values can help inform Sunray Sister: these include focusing on natural products and methods (such as fabric dyed with plants); creating little or no waste from my making process and the packaging I offer my products in; promoting less waste by making useful items like tote bags; simplifying our lives and slowing down; generally helping and informing people about how they can love themselves, all creatures and the planet even more than ever before! 
  • I would love to run workshops helping people in this way; sharing practical ideas for a more earth-friendly lifestyle, as well as getting outside in nature, being creative and having fun. I would love to get involved with forest schools too, and maybe something to do with art therapy.
  • I will finally be writing my business plan, and hopefully discussing my ideas with a mentor.
  • Even though I promised to stick to textile products in my 2017 business goals, I have realised this isn’t true to myself. I love to pick up whatever I feel drawn to, as long as I am being creative. I will be doing a full evaluation of my goals at the end of March, and plan to do the same at the end of every month; goals should evolve as you grow, not be rigid like a prison cell.

Altogether, I’m feeling positive, inspired and energised, but also calm, balanced and clearer than ever before! I am happy in the moment. I am not waiting for things to be perfect. I do not want things to be perfect. I am making small changes every day, and taking small steps. I am forgiving myself.

I feel that I have finally realised my whole aim in life: to help others achieve a simple, natural, creative life, (this TED talk actually helped me come to this conclusion, and might help you too!) Who cares if I’m sewing, drawing, singing, walking, collaging, writing, speaking… these are all vehicles for my message of joy!

I hope you are onboard and receiving me loud and clear!



What have you achieved recently? How will you learn from it as you move forward? I’d love to hear about your experiences; leave a comment below or find me on social media.

Coming up:

  • Wednesday: my fifth YouTube video! This week there will be a tutorial with a twist.
  • Friday: an introduction to another new post series, (did you read about my other new series on Friday? It’s called Love Lessons, and is going to be all about sharing my love of learning with you all!)
  • Sunday: ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day. Because mothers are worth celebrating!

See you soon sisters! Enjoy the start to a fresh new week, and remember to love yourself and look out for others.



Peace and love,

Rachel x

YouTube: The Spiralling 002 Exhibition Tour // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently taking part in my first ever exhibition as Sunray Sister! It is called The Spiralling Exhibition 002 and has been organised by Spin of The Spiralling. The exhibition is on all week from 6th-12th of March, 12-7pm every day at The Island gallery space in Bristol. You can find all the details in the previous post and on the official Facebook event page.

For today’s YouTube video I have created a tour of the exhibition, to tempt you even more, or so that you can be there in spirit if you really can’t make it in person! Head over to my YouTube channel to support this new branch of my creative tree by subscribing.

What do you think? If you are around please come and have a look, it will mean a lot to all of us involved!!!

Coming up this week I will have my usual Friday and Sunday blog posts, but I’ve got a few new ideas for some more in-depth and ‘serious’ content!

See you soon!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Spiralling Exhibition Sneak Preview!!! // Sunray Sister

Hello lovely sisters! The weekend is almost over, which only means another week of awesome opportunities and incredible experiences are on the horizon.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me: the launch of the first exhibition I’ve ever taken part in as Sunray Sister. It will be taking place at The Island gallery space in the centre of Bristol, UK, from Monday the 6th of March at 6pm, and then 12-7pm until Saturday 11th of March. Find the event page over on Facebook for more details, including links to all the other amazing artists taking part. Also, it’s free entry.

The exhibition is being organised by the lovely Spin, who has her own blog called The Spiralling, where she champions creative entrepreneurs from all walks of life with various missions, all worth checking out!

So, as promised here are a few sneak previews of the work I will be showing at the exhibition. I’ve also just finished three larger pieces not shown in the photos. Big love and hugs to Fraz for helping me to hang my work!


“Job well done”

It would mean so much to see you at the launch party tomorrow at 6pm, full details on the event page. Otherwise come along anytime between 12 and 7pm from Tuesday to Saturday; have a look around and maybe even purchase a unique piece of artwork, and support some creative souls at the same time.

If for some crazy reason you just can’t make it, don’t despair because my next YouTube video this wednesday is going to be a mini tour of the exhibition, so you can be there in spirit!

Peace and love,

Rachel x