Sunny Walks, Reading Books and Changes Coming… ~ Sunray Sister

Hello, Just when you think everything is settled and things are going smoothly… WHAM!!! Life comes and smacks you in the face. Well, apologies for sounding so dramatic, but right now that’s how I feel. I suppose times like these remind you that there aren’t many things in life that are certain. We are born […]

Portrait illustration and sunny days ~ Sunray Sister

Hello, It’s been a nice week, full of family and friends, and just nice people and special moments. Isn’t that how all weeks should be? How have the past seven days been for you? In my last blog I mentioned a secret illustration; well, since it has now been received by its new owner, I […]

Finally creating again, the Artist’s Way and Groundhog Day ~ Sunray Sister

Hello, How are you? I’ve had a nice week, despite the rainy unpredictable days, and I’m making progress, finding my flow, staying in motion, doing this and that – in what you could call my multi-hyphen career. This morning I finally created something, after what feels like forever! These two birds were inspired by Mark Hearld’s […]

Inspiration Wall ~ Sunray Sister YouTube Video

Hello! I have a new YouTube video to share with you all! And it is my first one of 2018!!! Here is the video description written out as it appears on my channel: ☞ Hello! ♥︎ It’s Rachel here with my first video of 2018!!! ☺︎ all info and links below! ☆ ………………………………………………………………………. ✿ […]

365 Day Art Challenge!!! // Sunray Sister

Hello! On November the 1st 2017 (that’s tomorrow!), I am starting a 365 day art challenge! What? For a whole year, that’s 365 days in a row, I am challenging myself to consistently create a piece of art. I have been inspired by the Inktober challenge that takes place in October every year, mainly on […]

I Stand No Chance of Growing Up // Dear Diary #7

Dear diary, Life is hard. And I often feel like I stand no chance of growing up; no chance of having a proper job, saving money, driving a car, being a responsible adult… I was in a weird place the other day; so I went for a long walk around Rudyard lake and put Fiona […]

Recent Creations // Dear Diary #6

Dear diary, I’ve been creating recently! First of all is a ‘junk journal’ with a witchy theme, that I made for a collaboration on Instagram. It’s a book with two signatures, each made with mismatched pieces of paper from various sources, including magazine pages, wrapping paper and envelopes. The cover is made from some repurposed […]

Adventures, Art and Asanas // Dear Diary #2

Dear Diary, (Apologies for missing last Sunday’s blog post, but that just means there’s even more good stuff to share today!) The past couple of weeks have been filled with adventure, inspiration and creativity. There was also a heat wave, during which I had a successful job interview. So I start a new job on […]

Favourite Modern Artists & Illustrators // A Study of my Inspirations

Hello! Today I would like to share a small study of the vast world of my inspirations. Of course there are endless sources to my overflowing fountain of ideas, but in this post I will be focussing on a few of my favourite modern artists and illustrators. Look out for further posts sharing all the other people […]

Sketchbook Flip-through #1 // Sunray Sister Show and Tell

Hello sisters! Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog and another lovely YouTube video. This week I’m doing something new: a sketchbook flip-through! In the video you will find three sketchbooks for the price of one, featuring travel journaling, observational sketches, collage and random illustrations. This type of video has been done by many, but every person’s sketchbook is […]