Two Month Sketchbook Tour – part one of my 365 day art challenge!

Hello! Today I have a new video on my YouTube channel! It is the first of six videos I will be making, each with a two-month sketchbook tour of my daily art challenge. At the end of the year-long challenge, I also plan to do a complete flip-through of all 365 pieces of art! […]

Portrait Drawing Process Video ~ Sunray Sister YouTube

Hello! I have just released my first ever drawing process video on my YouTube channel! It’s less than 5 minutes, and shows the sped-up process of creating a portrait with pencils, from start to finish. I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if you would like to see more creative process videos in […]

Recent Work, a Little Late // Dear Diary #8

Dear diary, I’m having a creative week so far, with a few adventures too! But not a very blog or YouTube focused week, and this post is a little late… so for today’s content I’ve just put together all the pictures from my latest Instagram feed, with a couple of exclusive extras at the end. […]

Pen Pal Letter Ideas // Sunray Sister Shows You How

Hello! On this lovely blue-skied Wednesday I bring you a brand new YouTube video! Recently I found a couple of new pen pals, and decided to share the process of making a pen pal letter. This video includes five simple steps for putting together a cute letter, with lots of sweet crafty ideas for you to […]

December Happy Highlights

HAPPY NEW YEAR SISTERS!!! 2017 is here, and the Sunray Sister blog has returned. To kick off the new year, here is a list of my best happy moments from the month of December… Fraz and I had a lovely lunch and catch up with my mum in Bath, followed by a nose around the Christmas markets. […]

Top Ten Creative Items on my Christmas (and Birthday) Wish List 2016!

Seeing as it is exactly one month until Christmas, I thought it might be appropriate, (if a little cheeky) to share my wish list of creative items that I am dreaming about right now. Plus it’s not only Christmas, but also my birthday two days later – so, you know, I’ve got to get all the requests […]

Cover Art: Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

Welcome back! Today I bring you a new illustration and a very quick post! In the past few months I have been enjoying Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Last week I finished the third book, ‘Equal Rites’, and really loved the main character Esk. So I have created my own version of the book cover, featuring the young […]

Sunday Sunray News: Christmas Cards! Business Cards!

Hello sisters! Sunday Sunray News is my opportunity to share my latest projects and progress with you, and this week I have some exciting things up my sleeve. If you missed it last week, you can catch up on my previous news, featuring my second batch of dolls. I also renamed my to-do list: it is now my will-do list! […]

Playtime #3: featuring St. Vincent and Grimes

Welcome to episode three of my regular music playlist series! This time my song selections are female fronted, electronic, pop-y beauties, which are great for a little living-room boogie. So get out of your Friday sofa slump and get up and groove, because you’ve got those moves! (Also some of these music videos are a little on […]

Shop Update: New Dolls!

Hello sisters! How has your weekend been? I have been busy finishing my second batch of rag dolls and making a few exciting plans. Let’s get into my weekly Sunray Sister news… First of all four new handmade dolls are now available in my Etsy shop! I am so proud to have finally finished these lovely ladies; you can see […]