August Happy Highlights 2018 ~ Fun and games, books and adventures ~ Sunray Sister

Hello! Welcome to my monthly ‘Happy Highlights’ post, where I reflect on the last few weeks and ask “what made me smile?” and “what am I proud of?”, with the help of my weekly gratitude lists in my bullet journal. I hope you enjoy reading this month’s list, and I would love to read about […]

December Happy Highlights and 365 Day Challenge New Theme! ~ Sunray Sister

Hello and Happy New Year 2018! Sunray Sister is back on the blog! How are you all? I will be sharing a big 2017 review and 2018 goals post this Sunday, so stay tuned for that. For now though, I need to do my Happy Highlights for December, AND share the new theme for my […]

Garway Hill Spring Adventure // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Hello! Today on the Sunray Sister blog I have a sunny Spring adventure to share with you all, in the shape of a new YouTube video. During a visit to my parents’ house in the stunning Herefordshire countryside, we went on a mini-adventure up Garway hill, and around the serene village green. Expect wild horses, […]