Spiralling Exhibition Sneak Preview!!! // Sunray Sister

Hello lovely sisters! The weekend is almost over, which only means another week of awesome opportunities and incredible experiences are on the horizon.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me: the launch of the first exhibition I’ve ever taken part in as Sunray Sister. It will be taking place at The Island gallery space in the centre of Bristol, UK, from Monday the 6th of March at 6pm, and then 12-7pm until Saturday 11th of March. Find the event page over on Facebook for more details, including links to all the other amazing artists taking part. Also, it’s free entry.

The exhibition is being organised by the lovely Spin, who has her own blog called The Spiralling, where she champions creative entrepreneurs from all walks of life with various missions, all worth checking out!

So, as promised here are a few sneak previews of the work I will be showing at the exhibition. I’ve also just finished three larger pieces not shown in the photos. Big love and hugs to Fraz for helping me to hang my work!


“Job well done”

It would mean so much to see you at the launch party tomorrow at 6pm, full details on the event page. Otherwise come along anytime between 12 and 7pm from Tuesday to Saturday; have a look around and maybe even purchase a unique piece of artwork, and support some creative souls at the same time.

If for some crazy reason you just can’t make it, don’t despair because my next YouTube video this wednesday is going to be a mini tour of the exhibition, so you can be there in spirit!

Peace and love,

Rachel x


December Happy Highlights


2017 is here, and the Sunray Sister blog has returned. To kick off the new year, here is a list of my best happy moments from the month of December…


  1. Fraz and I had a lovely lunch and catch up with my mum in Bath, followed by a nose around the Christmas markets. (This was actually at the end of November, but some how I left it off my previous list!)
  2. After Christmas I visited my parents in the Herefordshire countryside, where I made the most of the frosty fields and beautiful views, whilst getting some much needed fresh air.
  3. I set some clear and attainable goals for 2017, and shared the business ones here. I also have another list of personal goals which I will share on the blog this Tuesday!
  4. Much to the amusement of everyone around me, I decided to become vegetarian basically the day before Christmas; you know, the celebration all about eating Turkey and pigs in blankets… I’m also taking part in Veganuary by trying to be vegan for the whole of January! I’ll let you know how it goes.
  5. Just before Christmas we were invited to Fraz’s brother’s house for a heartwarming meal with his fiancée, their daughter and their adorable baby!
  6. For my birthday Fraz got me tickets to see Wonderland the musical in May. I love musicals and going out to the theatre, but I hardly ever go, so I cannot wait!!!
  7. At the start of the month I had a big milestone: my first ever craft fair!


What were your best moments from December? I would love to know; share them below in the comments or via social media.

Coming up on the blog …. This Sunday you can expect another edition of Sunray News, then on Tuesday I will share my personal goals for 2017, and next Friday episode six of Playtime will be here! Stick around for lots of fun!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Sunday Sunray News: reflection on my first ever market stall!!!

Good morning sisters! I hope you are well! Last Sunday I showed you my preparations for my first ever market stall, now it’s time to reflect on how it all went!  

Here it is! My lovely stall, with my awkward (and extremely tired) face too!
I would not have survived without this cutie!

The market took place at The Southbank Club in Bristol, which was all indoors and free entry. There were about twenty stalls and even some live music! I overheard from other stall holders that it was a slow day, so that gave me some perspective. Plus it was raining, and I can’t decide if this was good or bad: were people not leaving their houses because of rain, or were they coming inside for shelter? To me it felt like a good amount of people throughout the day, but the table layout was a little squashed, so it seemed hard for people to stop and look. I also stupidly picked the table right in front of the stage, so my mousey ‘hellos!’ got a little lost. People were very complimentary though, and the dolls especially made people smile. Just taking a business card meant a lot to me!

I was really pleased with how my table looked. I used a large red vanity case and a picnic basket for most of my stock. For the cards I used string and pegs to display examples, and put the rest in paper bags in the basket. I still need to work out my problem with plastic packaging, as the paper bags seemed to confuse people, or it wasn’t clear what was inside them. All prices and information were written on cute black boards, which seemed to tie everything together really well.


There was a lot of variety in the room, and I thought my table fitted in well. It was interesting to see how people chose to display their items. Some stalls were completely flat and simple, others quite jumbled and full. I think each way had their advantages. I was pleased with how most of my items were neatly contained inside the case and basket. Perhaps one issue may have been pricing, since I only had expensive dolls, and cheap cards: nothing more than £2 or less than £30, except for two zip pouches. To be honest I had wanted to finish some more zip pouches, and some brooches which are £8, but I ran out of time!

I managed to speak to a couple of the other stall holders, which is hard for me, but I need to get better at networking. One in particular gave me some really great advice and support, including recommending The Prince’s Trust. She even bought a notebook from me! Her business is called Dinky Screens, where she sells amazing mini screen printing kits, so go and check her out!

Business cards, blackboard signs and free chocolate coins!
Notebooks and cards!

Altogether I had a nice time, but I was so tired from stressing and late-night panicking. The main thing that I have learnt/decided is that this is only the very beginning, and I still need to focus my ideas a lot! I just want to make everything!

In order to stand out I need to find one thing that really works, and make that amazing. My head is all fuzzy and full of stuff at the moment. The new year will be the perfect time for me to knuckle down and make some decisions on where to take Sunray Sister in 2017. One thing I do know is that it is going to be an important year for me.


What have you achieved this week? Have you reflected on how it went? And what are your next steps? Use this evening to set some goals for the week ahead, and leave them in the comments or on social media; let’s cheer each other on!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Sunday Sunray News: My first ever Etsy sale!

Hello sisters! This week I received my first ever Etsy sale! How exciting!!! So I thought I would share a little peek at how I packed up the parcel to make it extra lovely, and what you can expect if you order some sweet things from my Etsy shop too!


no order is complete without a thank-you note!
my hand carved logo stamp takes centre-stage

Packaging essentials:

  • Paper bags – preferably the sweet-shop pink or purple stripe variety. I found a great website to buy paper packaging in bulk.
  • Paper confetti – I stamped these little bits using a tiny holly stamp, from some festive paper inside this month’s Mollie Makes magazine.
  • Washi tape – at this time of year, only Christmas themed will do. I got these ones from Hobby Craft.
  • Cute stickers – I have a large collection of stickers! I actually found some great quality Christmas designs in Lidl this year.
  • Thank you note – I used the same paper from Mollie Makes, and added a handwritten note with my hand carved logo stamp.
  • Business card – an essential to promote yourself. I’m trying out a local company to get mine printed.
  • Box or envelope – to put all your lovely goodies in and keep them safe! I especially like these boxes which fit perfectly through letter boxes.


a sprinkling of seasonal confetti
all finished off with cute stickers, tape and sharpie

Do you love receiving post? Are you a stationary addict like me?! If you also run a small business, what are your packaging essentials? Let me know in the comments or on social media!


In case you missed them, here’s a quick round-up of my latest blog posts…

Coming up on the blog this Tuesday will be episode four of Playtime, mainly filled with some current tracks I’ve pinched from Radio 6 Music’s playlist. Then on Friday it’s time to say goodbye to November with a little look at my most loved moments from the month.

Until then, have a productive start to your week! Of course I will be continuing my preparations for Sunray Sister’s first ever market stall, here in Bristol. Lots of firsts for me!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

October Happy Highlights

November is here, and October is over. But wait, before it’s gone, I want to remember some of the cool stuff that happened during these 31 days. So I have created an illustration to celebrate my 10 best moments from the month…


  1. Opened my Etsy shop.
  2. Started this blog!
  3. Reminisced over our holiday to Croatia.
  4. Had a lovely day out with Fraz: to the zoo, then across Bristol suspension bridge and through Ashton Court.
  5. Watched ‘Miss Peregrine…’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ at the cinema.
  6. Sent some cute parcels to our family, with souvenirs and birthday presents!
  7. Received some sweet post from my sister and Lucky Dip Club.
  8. Remembered the joy of clothes warmed up on the radiator.
  9. Hot chocolates with piles of marshmallows.
  10. Discovered Gilmore Girls on Netflix – I’m now at Season 2!

What are your happy highlights from October? I’d love to know! And what are you looking forward to in November?

If you are enjoying my illustrated posts, I am currently open for commissions, so please let me know and we can discuss the details further. I am interested in creating personalised portraits, to include illustrations of treasured items as well. Use the comment section below, the contact details in the menu at the top of the page, or social media.


I drew the illustration for this post by hand, scanned it into my computer, then traced over it using my Wacom tablet. I am still getting used to drawing digitally, but it’s fun to experiment!

Next up on the blog will be the second installment of ‘Playtime’ on Friday, and for this one I’m going back in time a bit to share some of my classic favourites. In the meantime you can still catch the first playlist of my favourite current tunes. Have a lovely week everyone!

Peace and love

Rachel x