Another Introduction: Creative Alternatives by Sunray Sister

Hello again beautiful sisters! Happy Friday! Last Friday I introduced ‘Love Lessons’; the first of two new post series starting soon on the Sunray Sister blog. Today is the turn of the second new series: Creative Alternatives This second new series of posts is going to be about finding alternative ways to live our lives, […]

YouTube: DIY Natural Toothpaste // Sunray Sister Shows You How

Welcome back sisters! Today I would like to share my brand new sparkly YouTube video with you all. I have created a tutorial with a little twist; how to make toothpaste! Yes that’s right, you can make your own safe, healthy, natural, and effective toothpaste. And all you need are three very basic ingredients, plus a bowl, a spoon and […]

Day 4: Thoughts of an Anxious Artist // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back sisters! Today is the fourth day of my 14 Days of Love blogging challenge. I hope you are enjoying it so far!? If you missed any of the first three posts, you can find them all here. Now, I have a confession for you all. Last week, I promised an Etsy shop update […]