Retreat, Reflect, Refocus // How To Not Give-up


Before we get into today’s extremely introspective post, let’s first have a little re-cap of this month’s content, in case you missed anything:


So that was then. Now things are changing….. 

I am an ever evolving creature. I go through many seasons. And as these seasons come around again, I recognise patterns. Then gradually, very gradually, I can begin to see what I need and what I want. At times like this, when the season is changing, I often miss the signs, and start giving up. That’s how I feel now. Distracted, discouraged, depressed. Ready to give up.

Or maybe just ready to change.

I think, in these bright and beautiful Spring blossoms lies something good. I want to draw again. I want to explore paint, and digital art, stories, new universes and strange and complex characters and their adventures. Maybe in six more months when the heat has become too much, I will long for the autumn when I can shed my leaves and I’ll sing songs again. I just don’t know.

I want to help others. Yet maybe all my tutorials, and ‘here’s how to do this’, and ‘you should really be doing this’, is too much ‘tell’, and not enough ‘show’. I often feel like I’ve missed out and I’m not as good as I could be in one area, because I’ve spent so much time going back and forth. And all this time, here I am.

I need to express myself, and often don’t know how, and then I just don’t at all, and everything gets blocked up. Maybe this blog could be more of a diary. Less of a telling you to do this and that, and more of a here’s how I’m feeling, and here’s something creative that I’ve been working on.

The people who know me have seen me as a musician. And to them I have now given up on music. They want me to be a musician. And I am sure they want me to be happy. I want them to be happy; happy on their own. I don’t want to have to be a musician to make people happy. Besides, I am still and always will be a musician, and I am extremely proud of the skills and passion I have, but at this present time, I do not feel a need to share it.

I’m just in a new season now. I don’t think things can truly be given up. Music has such an irreversible grip on my soul that I don’t think it could ever disconnect from me. It is also such an emotional experience for me; every time I hear or perform music, it is often overwhelming. So as a new season came last September those leaves fell, but they are rotting back into my roots, and continue to feed me every day. Some of them have blown away, but that’s fine.


So, enough of all the metaphors. Here’s the deal. Things are going to be changing in the next few months, and I don’t know what that will look like. It’s hard to enjoy the present when the future is so hazy, but I am trying.

I think I may stop the ‘regular feature’ type posts, and get a bit more honest and real with you all. I don’t get that many views on my blog yet, so I feel at liberty to be a little inconsistent, and not meet all my promises.

I constantly set up these things that I need to follow through on, such as my Love Lessons, Creative Alternatives, Happy Highlights, Random Round-up, Playtime, Idol Eyes, Artist Dates… and that’s just on my blog. I’ve had songwriting projects, drawing projects, and most recently my doll project which is what sparked ‘Sunray Sister’. I have endless little ‘project’ ideas that I variously stick to and then abandon. Once something is created, that is not enough to me. It needs to connect to something, to lead to something, to continue without end. I often don’t know when to stop; I run over deadlines and arrive late, maybe because I don’t like leaving or finishing… I’m always analysing and perfecting and finding faults.

And here I am typing all this, as Fraz tells me about how the universe was created from one single-molecule element; that I’ve seen more of the surface of the moon than I have the surface of the earth; that we live closer to t-rex, than the t-rex lived to the stegosaurs; and we never truly touch anything due to the distance between atoms.

None of this makes me sad. It actually makes me feel enlightened, because all of my overwhelming worries don’t matter anymore. That’s why I want to help others, to get out of my own troubles. But then all these global troubles – plastic pollution, homelessness, deluded politicians, murdering innocent beings – sit on my shoulders and weigh me down. So even if I am just a minute speck in this universal existence, I could at least be the brightest spark of a speck.


So that’s now, but where next?

The plan of action for Sunray Sister:

  • Retreat = Step back from all my Sunray Sister online accounts, go offline for a bit.
  • Reflect = Look at everything I’ve done, and ask what I truly want.
  • Refocus = Come back to Sunray Sister online with a new, clearer view.

The goals for this blog:

  • Less tell, more show.
  • Honest, true and personal.
  • Be organised and have posts ready in advance.
  • Fewer ‘series’ posts, but more real projects to share progress and behind-the-scenes on: characters, stories, paintings, dolls, drawings. Real work to build up a proper art portfolio.

Well, as you might expect in a long, rambling post like this, I send you thanks and congratulations for reading this far! What are your thoughts? Have you had similar struggles in your creative career? I’d love to hear how you are working through it! Let me know in the comments or on social media.


Coming this week…

  • A new YouTube video on Wednesday, find my latest one below.
  • The last week of my Etsy sale!!!
  • A post on Friday to let you know about my digital detox, and how long I’ll be offline for!


Peace and love,

Rachel x


2017 Business Goals Review January – March // Sunray Sister

Welcome back sisters!

Following on from my Happy Highlights post – where I reflect each month on the small things that made me smile and the big things that I achieved – today I want to zoom in a little closer to focus on my Sunray Sister 2017 business goals, and think about where to go next.

From now on I will be doing these goals reviews every month (on the Sunday after Happy Highlights), in order to closely assess and re-evaluate my goals (business and personal) as the year progresses.

Here is my original list of goals, as explained in my 2017 business goals post:

  • Focus brand on spreading positivity through creativity
  • Write business plan
  • Stick to products which are sewn/made of fabric
  • Use reduced and sustainable packaging
  • Create YouTube videos
  • Have 60+ items in Etsy shop at one time
  • Have 50+ Etsy sales
  • Get public liability insurance
  • Have a stall at 20+ craft fairs
  • Get products in at least one local shop
  • Attend 5+ Etsy seller monthly meet-ups
  • Increase social media following to 300+ on each platform
  • Use a social media strategy
  • Write blog posts at least one week in advance
  • Gain 20+ WordPress followers

I have highlighted the ones which I have already made some progress with, and will discuss further below…

Write business plan

At the end of January I attended a Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise course, which focused on starting a business, and gave us all the tools to go away and write a business plan. Since then I have had a 1-1 meeting with a mentor, which gave me a much-needed boost. I now have more clarity and enthusiasm to continue with my ideas, get serious in terms of creating a business, and get back to making products and art again!

Stick to products which are sewn/made of fabric

Even though I have not yet made many new products, I have been focusing on my sewing behind the scenes, and showed a few examples at my first ever exhibition as Sunray Sister a few weeks ago. At the same time, I have realised in the last week that I really want to create drawings and paintings to sell too! Don’t worry, I have a plan for the art to work alongside my dolls. All will be revealed soon.

Create YouTube videos

I have definitely achieved this one! On Valentine’s Day I launched my first video, and have been creating one video per week since then (expect last week!) Check out my channel and be sure to subscribe to support this new branch of my creative tree! Find my latest video below:

Write blog posts at least one week in advance

This goal hasn’t quite been met. But it is certainly at the front of my mind. Writing this blog feels so important, natural and fun to me. I have started planning my weeks more thoroughly overall, using the ‘bullet journal’ system, and just need to find a good time to focus on blog writing.

Gain 20+ WordPress followers

It may not seem like much, but I now have six followers here on WordPress, and this means so much to me. Clicking subscribe means you believe in someone, and want to support and see more of their content. So thank you, thank you, thank you a million times! If you are not subscribed, what are you waiting for? Simply find the little blue follow button in the menu, or click follow in the bottom right corner if you are already signed up to WordPress.

A few small steps. A gradual journey. It’s hard work, but it is so important to keep my eyes and mind open, keep reflecting, make changes if something isn’t working. And keep going.

I hope to see you again this Wednesday, when I will definitely have a new YouTube video! (It finally uploaded after a few failed attempts!) Have a brilliant start to the new week!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Decluttering my Clothes: Minimalism Journey // Sunray Sister Gets Personal

Welcome back sisters! It’s Wednesday, so that means I have another YouTube video for you. This is my sixth video, and I’m really enjoying this new vehicle for spreading my message of positivity and creativity. What do you think so far? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments or on social media.

Today’s video is the start of a new category on my channel called ‘Sunray Sister Gets Personal’, where I will be covering some issues/topics close to my heart. These will include becoming vegan, trying to be zero-waste, my daily routines and, for this week’s video, minimalism. Marie Kondo of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, suggests starting with your clothes. So I did just that.

Begin by emptying everything out of your wardrobe, drawers and anywhere else you store clothes. Then ask yourself the following:

  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do I feel good in it?
  • Does it need mending?
  • Does it bring me joy?

Hold each item and ask these questions. Disconnect from sentimental associations. You don’t have to keep an item because it was a gift, a souvenir or an outfit you wore to a special occasion; those times have passed, and the clothes have served their purpose. If you want to, take a photo of the item, then say thank you and let it go. If you are still unsure, put those clothes in a box or bag and leave it for a month or two, then come back to it.

The final step is to find a home for the things you do want to keep. Treasure these items, treat them with love, repair them, use them and wear them out!

More than anything I hope this video inspires you to join this incredible movement; to realise how much stuff we have, and choose to take responsibility for it. Clear space to allow your creativity, learning, relationships and experiences to flow and grow into beautiful blossoms! 

I hope you can come back this Friday for part one of Love Lessons, a new series sharing interesting mini-lessons complete with illustrations and homework, to celebrate a love of learning. What subject would you like to see on my syllabus?! Let me know!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Spiralling Exhibition Sneak Preview!!! // Sunray Sister

Hello lovely sisters! The weekend is almost over, which only means another week of awesome opportunities and incredible experiences are on the horizon.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me: the launch of the first exhibition I’ve ever taken part in as Sunray Sister. It will be taking place at The Island gallery space in the centre of Bristol, UK, from Monday the 6th of March at 6pm, and then 12-7pm until Saturday 11th of March. Find the event page over on Facebook for more details, including links to all the other amazing artists taking part. Also, it’s free entry.

The exhibition is being organised by the lovely Spin, who has her own blog called The Spiralling, where she champions creative entrepreneurs from all walks of life with various missions, all worth checking out!

So, as promised here are a few sneak previews of the work I will be showing at the exhibition. I’ve also just finished three larger pieces not shown in the photos. Big love and hugs to Fraz for helping me to hang my work!


“Job well done”

It would mean so much to see you at the launch party tomorrow at 6pm, full details on the event page. Otherwise come along anytime between 12 and 7pm from Tuesday to Saturday; have a look around and maybe even purchase a unique piece of artwork, and support some creative souls at the same time.

If for some crazy reason you just can’t make it, don’t despair because my next YouTube video this wednesday is going to be a mini tour of the exhibition, so you can be there in spirit!

Peace and love,

Rachel x

February Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Welcome back sisters! How has your week been?

My Happy Highlights posts are a monthly reflection of what’s happened, what I’ve learnt, how I’ve changed, what I’m grateful for and what made me smile.

I usually create the list in my sketchbook along with a collage or drawing, but this month I’ve got caught out and haven’t had a chance to do this. Perhaps that’s one thing I can learn from for next month. I’m also going to have a post up soon with a more in-depth review of my business goals and personal goals that I set at the start of the year.

Anyway, here’s my list of happy highlights…

  1. Celebrated four years of love with my awesome Fraz!
  2. Completed a 14 day blogging challenge.
  3. Launched my YouTube channel, and uploaded three videos.
  4. Fraz’s parents visited, and treated us to some lovely meals and their lovely company!
  5. Preparing for my first exhibition as Sunray Sister.
  6. Starting to learn about Buddhism.
  7. …and wanting to learn even more about a million other things!
  8. Starting to meditate each morning.
  9. Wanting fewer possessions, and discovering amazing people online who share this view.
  10. Noticed some tiny birds which live in a hedge in the middle of town; where everyone seems to be rushing from one place to another, I just stopped and observed nature for a moment. Now whenever I walk past it makes me smile to hear them chattering away.


What were your best moments from February? What are you most proud of? Who made you smile? Take a minute to give thanks and reflect on how far you’ve come. Share your story in the comments, or over on social media!

Coming up this Sunday will be an exclusive preview of some of the work I will be displaying at the Spiralling Exhibition next week, then on Wednesday I will share a little tour of the exhibition for my fourth YouTube video. The opening night is this Monday at The Island gallery space in Bristol, UK. Hopefully see you there!

Also, in case you missed my latest YouTube video, you can find it below!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

The Spiralling Exhibition in Bristol // Sunray Sister

Hello sisters! I hope you are all having a glorious weekend. I have to work at my part-time job, but we’ve also got family visiting and I get to write cool stuff for my blog. I’m really enjoying working on my blog recently! And I want to bring you much longer, thoughtful and educational posts in the future. Anyway…

Today I have a quick post to let you know I will be taking part in my first exhibition as Sunray Sister! It is being organised by the lovely Spin of The Spiralling, and will take place at The Island in Bristol. It will be open from Monday 6th of March until Sunday 12th of March.

Full details are below on the official poster, and on the Facebook event page. Let me know if you can make it, I need all the encouragement I can get!


See you again on Wednesday, when I will be sharing my second YouTube video! If you missed the first one, here it is:


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Starting the Next Chapter // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love Re-cap

Welcome back sisters, did you miss me?! It’s felt weird not having to publish a post every day. I don’t think I will be doing it again any time soon! I am ready to focus on sharing some new content with you on the blog, building my YouTube channel AND creating some new, more natural, minimal and zero-waste-promoting products for my Etsy shop!

Before we move forward, below is a recap of every single post from my 14 day challenge, in case you missed any! Make sure you don’t miss another post by following my blog. It would mean a lot to me! (Simply click the menu/three lines in the top right corner, and hit the blue follow button.)

  1. Launched my first Instagram giveaway
  2. Celebration of my love story
  3. Love themed playlist
  4. Assessed where I am and where I’m going, along with some anxious thoughts
  5. Happy Birthday to my love
  6. The beauty of handmade cards
  7. Alternative gift giving; skip the flowers and chocolates
  8. Some problems with love being misused
  9. My favourite self-love and learning resources
  10. My recommended love themed films
  11. Step 1: love yourself
  12. Step 2: love others
  13. Step 3: love the planet
  14. My YouTube channel launch! (see below!!!)

Have you watched my first ever YouTube video yet? I had a lot of fun making it, and video number two is in progress already. I hope you enjoy my new creations!

So now that we have covered what’s happened, let’s look at where the Sunray Sister blog is heading next…

From now on, my blog schedule will be as follows:

  • Fridays and Sundays – a fun or serious post about a subject I feel strongly about, a new topic I’ve been learning about, new creations and designs I’m working on, an upcoming event, a personal story, or a list of cool stuff (like great music or books).
  • Last Friday of each month – ‘Happy Highlights‘, a short and sweet post showing gratitude for the things that made me smile during the last month.
  • Last Sunday of each month – a business/personal update and review of my goals. Plus a celebration of any milestones I reached.
  • Wednesdays – a YouTube video and brief written overview of the content. I shared a whole post about the type of videos I will be creating; you can expect craft tutorials, discussion on alternative living, sketchbook flip-throughs, adventures outside and more.

I will see you back here on Sunday for yet another special announcement, involving some new handmade creations and a few other artists!


Peace and love,

Rachel x

Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love // Announcement!

Hello again sisters! Did you have a lovely weekend?

Today I have a special announcement for you all! From February the 1st I will be creating even more content than ever before in…



Yes sisters, you heard me right. I am going to be publishing a blog post every day, for two whole weeks, so that we can celebrate all things love, positivity and creativity! Make sure you hit ‘follow’ on this blog, or come and find me on social media, so you catch every post.

On the last day of the two weeks (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day), I will have an extra special treat for you all! Can you guess what it will be?!

During the two weeks you can expect a variety of posts including…

  • A giveaway via Instagram!
  • My experience of love
  • Ways to love yourself, others and the planet
  • Exclusive new products in the shop
  • A love themed edition of Playtime
  • An extra special treat
  • …and of course, much, much more!

Missed any of my recent posts? Catch up here:

Come back this Tuesday for my January Happy Highlights, a monthly post where I reflect on my achievements and the things that I’m grateful for.

Then 14 Days of Love begins on Wednesday. I hope you can join me for lots of fun and positivity, and remember to follow this blog so you don’t miss a post!


Peace and all the love,

Rachel x

YouTube Plans! // Sunray Sister

Hello sisters! How are you? I’ve written just over 30 posts on this blog since it launched in October 2016, and I thought it was about time to spice things up a bit. So, I am going to be launching my very own Sunray Sister YouTube channel! Aaaaaaah! I am so excited. A bit too excited!

Today I thought I would give you a taste of the types of video I will be creating. As always I have a million and one ideas, but it’s best to start with lots and then narrow it down. Let me know what you think: anything I should cut out? Anything I haven’t thought of? Tell me down in the comments or reach me on social media.


Overall idea for channel…

The main point of producing videos for Sunray Sister will be to further promote my message of ‘positivity via creativity’. This means not only making videos about craft and art, but also about having a creative lifestyle and a positive mindset. The channel will be about finding creative solutions, celebrating creativity, leading a positive life, going on adventures and having fun! 

I have put all of my ideas into five categories…

copy-of-copy-of-seize-the-daySunray Sister Shows You How

These videos will be the main feature of my channel to begin with. There will be a wide variety of techniques and materials covered, with clear instructions and a focus on using craft to relax and have fun! I will also include longer projects (such as dressmaking and knitting), spread across a few videos.

seize-the-day-1Sunray Sister Show & Tell

Similar to ‘…shows you how’, but I will be showing you some finished projects instead! These could include new items for my Etsy shop, as well as personal work such as sketchbook pages.

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-seize-the-daySunray Sister Ventures Out

Let’s go out and explore! These videos will take you on a mini-adventure, anywhere from the woods to the museum.

copy-of-seize-the-day-1Sunray Sister Sings a Song

For this section of the Sunray Sister YouTube channel, I will be re-connecting with music. I love to sing and play piano, and I would love to share this with you!

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-seize-the-daySunray Sister Gets Personal

The final area of my channel will explore creative and alternative lifestyles, including minimalism and veganism. Plus simple ‘plan with me’ and ‘my routines’ videos, which I love to watch, so I would love to make my own versions!


That’s it, all my content ideas!!! Please let me know what you think! I’m feeling so positive about this. I believe it will help me to build my confidence, clarify my thinking, reach a new audience, and it will be a lot of fun!

In the next few weeks my blog schedule is going to be shaken up a bit, so watch out for extra content very soon – more on that this Sunday!

Have an awesome day, and see you back here on Friday for a sneak preview of new hand-sewn goodness coming your way this February!


Peace and extra love!

Rachel x

Business Goals for 2017 // Sunday Sunray News

Sunray Sister only began in September this year, and I already have so many plans and ideas for where to take it next. So in today’s edition of Sunday Sunray News I want to share a few of my goals for 2017. I have split them up into four main categories: brand, product, business and online goals.

Also, my Etsy shop is now on holiday! When it re-opens in January there will be lots of new things, so stay tuned.


Brand Goals – my image and message

Right now I am taking some time to step back and ask, “What message do I want to send out with Sunray Sister?”, “What is the point of Sunray Sister?” and “What value can Sunray Sister bring to other people; to my potential customers?”

From the beginning I wanted to create something positive, and I wanted to make myself feel more positive by being creative. I feel like my image is almost focused, but the message is still a little blurry. I love using pinks and purples, with neutral backgrounds, and hearts or faces. I love sewing cute little things for people to buy, with positive messages.

In recent weeks I have been revisiting my interest in minimalism, mindfulness and zero-waste. Now I am asking, “How can I be a minimalist if I am creating more stuff to clutter up other people’s lives?” This makes me sure that I really need to focus on bringing positive messages to people, via useful items which will add value to their life and serve a purpose. What’s more, buying handmade and from small businesses promotes a more ethical lifestyle, away from consumerism. Using reduced and sustainable packaging with my products is also really important to me. So these will all be additional elements that add up to create my brand.

Love yourself, love other creatures, love our planet. 


Product Goals – what I’m selling

I love drawing and painting, but I feel like my sewn, tie-dyed and embroidered ideas are more focused, more unique and can deliver my message more effectively than any 2D artwork could. There are enough illustrated, pretty, positive messages available to put in a frame on the wall. I want to create pretty, positive things to wear and use.

In 2017 I am going to be making brooches, pouches, patches, dolls, bookmarks and book-covers with tie-dye fabric and embroidered messages. I also realised I could scan some of the embroidered messages and use these as unique greetings card designs.

At the same time, I still have ideas for illustration based work, such as zines and the images I already share on this blog. Perhaps these ideas can just stay online, in digital format where they don’t take up any physical space, but just spread certain messages. What’s more I could run workshops, write more in-depth blog posts and create YouTube videos all about positivity and creativity.

So for now, drawing is something for me, and this blog, and not something to sell as Sunray Sister. Saying that, I would love to take illustration commissions for portraits or similar projects, but only on the side as myself.


Business Goals – serious stuff

Even though I keep saying I have a small business, I haven’t really done any of the proper business stuff yet. I have a name and a logo, a business card and a shop, and this blog and social media accounts. But that’s it. So a big thing I need to do in 2017 is write an official business plan. Goals cannot be achieved without a plan! The Prince’s Trust could help me with this on their Business Enterprise course, which I will hopefully do in January.

Another big goal for 2017 will be to take part in more markets and fairs. I was so proud of going to my first ever market last week, and I know that they will get easier. One serious thing I need to do is get public liability insurance, so that I can have a stall at regular weekend outdoor markets. I also went to my local Etsy team meet-up in November, which was really hard for me, but is something I need to do more in 2017.

In addition to markets, another way to get out into the ‘real world’ is via local creative co-ops. These are small shops run by a group of artists, that sell work created by artists. Examples in Bristol include Blaze, The Little Shop, Paper Plane and Co-LAB. There are also opportunities halfway between a market and a shop called pop-up shops, which would be great to get involved with, especially ones in association with Etsy. So in 2017 I aim to have my work in at least one local ‘bricks-and-mortar’ shop.


Online Goals – spreading the word

Without the internet I think creating this little business would be quite tricky. In 2017 I want my Etsy shop to be fuller than ever, with a range of different items at different price points. I also aim to have 50 sales by the end of the year. Of course Etsy isn’t the only online marketplace, so I would love to join Not On The High Street and possibly create a Folksy shop too.

I really enjoy planning, creating and publishing posts on this blog, and I want to keep it up in 2017. So far these behind-the-scenes style posts have been most popular, so I want to create more content in this style. One problem at the moment is that I usually write the post on the same day that it is published, or if I am doing well, a few days in advance. So in 2017 I aim to create the following week’s posts in one day and schedule their publishing times.

I also want to add a YouTube channel to my repertoire. As with blog content, I have endless ideas for videos. I want to create craft videos, drawing videos, artist date videos, lifestyle videos, and look-book videos, and lots more in between. As long as they extend my positivity via creativity message! Plus a little feature I already have a name for: ‘Sunray Sister Sings a Song’, since I haven’t given up on music, it just has a slightly different place in my life now.

Social media is a huge part of my business, but my use of it could be more effective. In 2017 I aim to set social media schedules using spreadsheets. Right now Instagram is my most popular platform, with around 100 followers (the number seems to fluctuate each day between 100 and 120). By the end of 2017 I aim to have 300 followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

All of these different channels may seem like extra distraction for me, but I think, if I use them properly, each website will compliment the next. My blog posts will lead to my Etsy shop, and my Etsy will link to social media, my social media accounts will take people to my YouTube channel, and from there people will find my blog.

As long as my message and image is consistent across all platforms, and I am regularly sharing good quality content, which is strategically planned, I will be successful.


Conclusion – what have I achieved and what are my goals?

In 2016 I have:

In 2017 I will:

  • Focus brand on spreading positivity through creativity
  • Write business plan
  • Stick to products which are sewn/made of fabric
  • Use reduced and sustainable packaging
  • Create YouTube videos
  • Have 60+ items in Etsy shop at one time
  • Have 50+ Etsy sales
  • Get public liability insurance
  • Have a stall at 20+ craft fairs
  • Get products in at least one local shop
  • Attend 5+ Etsy seller monthly meet-ups
  • Increase social media following to 300+ on each platform
  • Use a social media strategy
  • Write blog posts at least one week in advance
  • Gain 20+ WordPress followers

Of course, I have some personal resolutions, alongside these goals for Sunray Sister. They include minimising my possessions/de-cluttering our home, eating differently and getting outside more, all of which I might discuss in future blog posts.

What have you achieved this year? What are your resolutions for 2017? What big dreams do you need to transform into attainable goals? Let me know in the comments or on social media, and we can cheer each other on!

In case you missed any of my recent posts, catch up now!

This evening I will be finishing off some handmade gifts! I also plan to upload two final blog posts in 2016, this Tuesday and Friday. If they don’t show up, just assume I got sidetracked with wrapping and Christmas films, and I’ll see you in 2017 with a December happy highlights post on the 6th of January!

Peace and love

Rachel x