November Happy Highlights ~ Sunray Sister Monthly Favourites

Hello! It’s that time again, the end of one month, and the start of another! At this time I like to share all the little things and moments that brought me joy in the past few weeks, and I call this list my Happy Highlights. (I’ve been using a ‘5 year diary’ to record how […]

Reflect & Refocus // Return from my digital detox!

Hello! Today I return from a two-week internet break and digital detox. It’s been lovely! So what did I get up to? And what’s coming next for Sunray Sister? In my time off I went to a musical with my wonderful Fraz for a birthday present (from December!); I put a face mask on and painted my […]

Time to Retreat // Digital Detox

Hello! As promised, today I will be explaining my upcoming digital detox. From this Sunday evening I will be going (almost) offline for two whole weeks! I have given myself the following guidelines: No browsing on social media No posting or engaging with content on social media, including WordPress and YouTube Social media accounts I usually use are: […]

Slowing Down with Meditation // Love Lessons

Welcome back to class sisters! In case you missed the first class, ‘The Wonderful World of Tea’, catch up here. What’s this all about? Find out in detail here. Love Lessons is my new series of blog posts all about a love of learning, and learning about things to help you love yourself, or just […]

Creative Mother’s Day Ideas! // Sunray Sister

Good evening sisters! How has your weekend been? I have been busy at my part-time job, but I’ve also had fun, and now I’ve got a few days off to focus on some Sunray Sister goals and personal projects too. What are your plans? Next Sunday it is Mother’s Day! In my opinion celebrations like these […]

Exhibition Reflection and Moving Forward // Sunray Sister

Good evening sisters! How are you? Have you had a beautiful weekend? Today was the final day of my first exhibition! The work has been taken down, holes filled and marks painted over. And lots of hugs have been given and friends made! As I wheeled my suitcase of creations home, I was treated to these […]

Day 12: How to Love Others // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Happy Sunday sisters! Now that you feel more at peace with yourself, you will be more able to connect with and respect other living beings. So today’s post is about how to love others… “You cannot love others unless you love yourself first; how can you give away what you don’t have?” – Swami Prem Priyadha […]

Day 11: How to Love Yourself // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back! We’re into the home straight of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love, and today I have the first of a trio of posts all about how to love. The first step is to love yourself sisters! This can mean many different things for different people. Whatever is healthy, peaceful, simple yet significant… whatever is true to […]

Day 9: Top Love and Learning Resources // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Hello sisters, and welcome to day 9 of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love! Today I have brought together all of the resources that are guiding me on my journey of self-love and learning. From meditation to zero waste, the people I have been following have various beliefs and messages. They have books, blogs, images, social media, podcasts, videos, speeches […]

Day 8: When Love is Misused // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome back sisters! Wednesday is here, and it is day 8 of my fortnight of blogging about love. So far I have covered mainly positive and fun stuff, but today I want to look at love from another angle. This is most likely going to be a topic to return to in the near future, as it […]