March Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Hello happy smiley people! How was your day? And your week? And your month?! April is just around the corner, so let’s pause for an evening. My Happy Highlights posts are a monthly reflection of what’s happened, what I’ve learnt, how I’ve changed, what I’m grateful for and what made me smile. Most months I like to […]

‘No Words’ Instrumental Playlist // Playtime 8

Welcome back sisters! For today’s blog post I have put together a playlist of some of my favourite instrumental songs especially for you! From beautiful piano classics and film music, to jazz and trip-hop. Find my typewriter-written list of songs and artists below, and a YouTube playlist of all 10 songs. Perfect for a chilled Sunday […]

Day 3: Music Playlist Celebrating Love // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love

Welcome to day three of Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Love! Music is a big love of mine, and I’ve already been sharing this with you in my playlist feature, Playtime. So today in episode 7 of Playtime, let’s take a moment for some damn fine tunes all about love. Find the songs in a YouTube […]

January Happy Highlights // Sunray Sister

Good morning sisters! How was January for you? Have you made more progress than ever before? Or have you thrown your goals in the bin? Don’t worry! Remember above all to forgive yourself, smile, review what you’ve achieved, work out where you need to go, and then move forward. So today, I want to share the […]