Portrait Drawing Process Video ~ Sunray Sister YouTube

Hello! I have just released my first ever drawing process video on my YouTube channel! It’s less than 5 minutes, and shows the sped-up process of creating a portrait with pencils, from start to finish. I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if you would like to see more creative process videos in […]

Opening Pen Pal Letters ~ Sunray Sister YouTube

Hello! Yes, I made it to three videos in three weeks! I’m back on track and feeling good. Check out my latest YouTube video below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkW5AgG5OpQ This week I am sharing a few glimpses of what I received from two of my pen pals. Hope you enjoy!   Peace and love, Rachel x

Pen Pal Letter Ideas // Sunray Sister Shows You How

Hello! On this lovely blue-skied Wednesday I bring you a brand new YouTube video! Recently I found a couple of new pen pals, and decided to share the process of making a pen pal letter. This video includes five simple steps for putting together a cute letter, with lots of sweet crafty ideas for you to […]

escape the city // a walk into the woods and far away

Hello! Sometimes we all need a little break, which is why I took two weeks offline recently. If you can’t take that long off work/life, why not escape for just a few hours and get lost in nature! That’s what I did last month, and I wanted to share this mini-adventure with you today. Join […]

Sketchbook Flip-through #1 // Sunray Sister Show and Tell

Hello sisters! Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog and another lovely YouTube video. This week I’m doing something new: a sketchbook flip-through! In the video you will find three sketchbooks for the price of one, featuring travel journaling, observational sketches, collage and random illustrations. This type of video has been done by many, but every person’s sketchbook is […]

How to Make a Notebook in 10 Easy Steps // Sunray Sister Shows You How

Hello sisters! How are you? Today I have a new YouTube video for you! This took quite a bit of work, and I was close to giving up, so I’m glad I stuck with it and got it done for you all 🙂 Follow the 10 easy steps to create your own simple notebook. Then […]

YouTube: The Spiralling 002 Exhibition Tour // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Welcome back to the Sunray Sister blog! As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently taking part in my first ever exhibition as Sunray Sister! It is called The Spiralling Exhibition 002 and has been organised by Spin of The Spiralling. The exhibition is on all week from 6th-12th of March, 12-7pm every day […]

YouTube: A Walk in the Park // Sunray Sister Ventures Out

Hello sisters, how are you? Today I would like to share my third YouTube video with you all! This week’s video is the start of a new mini-series on my channel, called ‘Sunray Sister Ventures Out’. In this series you can expect beautiful outdoors adventures, at home and further afield, as well as trips to inspiring museums and galleries; a celebration […]

Day 14: LAST DAY! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! // Sunray Sister’s 14 Days of Self-Love

How are you sisters? I hope you are feeling super loved right now! Because you are brilliant and you deserve to be loved. On this final day of 14 days of posts, I would like to share something SUPER special with you… MY VERY FIRST SUNRAY SISTER YOUTUBE VIDEO! It’s here! Sunray Sister is all […]

Personal Goals for 2017 // Sunray Sister

Hello sisters! How is your week going so far? Today I want to share a few personal things with you, because this business is a huge journey for me, and I want you to know what’s going on behind it. I want you to know what matters to me. Last month I shared my business […]